The Rise of the Multi-Cloud Data Platform

Cloud infrastructure is now mainstream, with more than 80% of all enterprise workloads expected to be cloud-based in 2020. But it’s not just cloud that’s the new norm: businesses are now using more than one cloud provider, often deploying several solutions at once. Businesses are rapidly embracing multi-cloud for their business intelligence systems.


Monitoring Usage and Maintaining Effectiveness

In 2018, AWS pulled in $25.7 billion. Amazons serverless cloud-computing platform keeps growing every year, and with that growth comes the same types of problems every massive effort faces: the limits and deterioration of performance as time goes on. With the rise of serverless technology, developing application and new services has never been easier.

api fortress

API Fortress Announces a New Test Creation Application for Engineers

New York City — June 20, 2019 — API Fortress announces the release of Forge, a lightweight downloadable test editor that increases flexibility in how you choose to write API tests. With Forge, a user can write a test with API Fortress on their own computer, outside of the platform. In addition, API Fortress is releasing apif-local, an application that contains the core of the API Fortress platform.


Break It Down Now: How To Delegate Complex Tasks To Your Team

Learning to delegate is an essential skill for many different situations, both personally and professionally. Harvard Business Review found that workers spend 41% of their time, on average, focusing on discretionary tasks that could easily be delegated to others. But the ultimate business case for delegation? According to ScaleTime, CEOs who delegate generate 33% more revenue than those who don’t.


[OpsComm June] Driving Real Business Value with the OpsRamp Cost Savings Calculator

June 2019 saw the launch of The OpsRamp Cost Savings Calculator, a simple and powerful tool which helps IT experts quantify how much they can save with OpsRamp's service-centric AIOps platform. Our field marketing team had a blitz with two major events - HPE Discover and CloudExpo Santa Clara where we showcased our AIOps and hybrid IT monitoring capabilities. June also saw our resident experts making several contributions across different media outlets and events.


Docker Build: A Beginner's Guide to Building Docker Images

Docker has changed the way we build, package, and deploy applications. But this concept of packaging apps in containers isn’t new—it was in existence long before Docker. Docker just made container technology easy for people to use. This is why Docker is a must-have in most development workflows today. Most likely, your dream company is using Docker right now. Docker’s official documentation has a lot of moving parts. Honestly, it can be overwhelming at first.

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5 Most Common Web Application Attacks and How to Defend Against Them

Globally, cybercrime was the second most reported crime in 2016, and cybercrime damages are anticipated to cost businesses and organizations $6 trillion annually by 2021. One of the ways that cybercriminals attack businesses is through the use of web application vulnerabilities. A web application vulnerability is a flaw or loophole in an application’s code that can be exploited by attackers to facilitate cybercrime. Imperva reports that web application vulnerabilities are on the rise.