7 reasons your website needs a chatbot

C hatbots are essentially programs built to simulate human conversations. You can create automated chat scripts that will follow a defined conversation flow with the users. Hence, the bots act as virtual assistants that can be configured to pose as human customer support agents. Bots are being used to provide information to customers, take orders from them, or guide users to relevant sections of the website.

squared up

SquaredUp 4.4 Is here

We are delighted to announce the availability of SquaredUp for SCOM version 4.4. We have been rather busy at SquaredUp recently having just launched our new SquaredUp for Azure product. But we haven’t forgotten SCOM, far from it! And so SquaredUp for SCOM version 4.4 is now ready for prime time (note that we are calling it SquaredUp for SCOM to distinguish it from its new younger sibling).


Birth of the Angry Bear Ringtone

Did you know ringtones in the PagerDuty mobile app are one of the most-requested features customers contact us about? And have you ever wondered what makes a good ringtone and how we come up with them? Imagine the following: You’re on an on-call rotation with no end in sight. There might be a trusted responder you can page in for help, but they’re already burnt out. The Incident Commander won’t be any assistance, because you are the Incident Commander.


Securing Google Cloud Run serverless workloads

Google Cloud Run is a serverless compute platform that automatically scales your stateless containers. In this post we are going to showcase how to secure the entire lifecycle of your Cloud Run services. Sysdig provides a secure DevOps workflow for Cloud Run Platforms that embeds security, maximizes availability and validates compliance across the serverless lifecycle. Sysdig Secure Devops Platform is open by design, with the scale, performance and usability enterprises demand.


Third-Party Script Audit Checklist

The average website makes 20 JavaScript requests that transfer 410kb of data with each page load. This is according to HTTPArchive. Scripts are behind everything from analytics to advertising, so they affect everything. And now it’s easier than ever for non-technical users to insert these scripts – thanks to to Google Tag Manager and similar tools – without regard for the performance impact. It kills website speed.


Only after running out of hard disk space did firm realise hacker had stolen one million users' details

Yet another company has been found lacking when it comes to securing its consumers’ data. Utah-based InfoTrax Systems provides back-end services to multi-level marketing companies (MLMs) such as dōTERRA, ZanGo, and LifeVantage, providing website portals where individuals can register as a distributor, sign-up new distributors, and place orders for themselves and end consumers.


Visa Security Alert for New Self-Cleaning Skimmer - Pipka

Visa have reported a new security alert for an advanced, self-cleaning, JavaScript skimmer named Pipka. The security researchers at Visa’s Payment Fraud Disruptions (PFD) discovered the skimmer in September earlier this year. The skimmer was first seen on a North American ecommerce website which had previously been infected with a different skimmer, Inter. Visa have now identified another 16 additional sites with hosting the Pipka code.


5 Ways to Get Your Company to Buy Grafana Enterprise

In my role at Grafana Labs, I speak with a lot of engineers who feel the pain of their organizations’ lack of consolidated observability – so much so they set out to solve the problem themselves. Often, that search leads to Grafana, and after a quick exploration of what an enterprise feature or cloud solution can provide, they’ll get in touch. We work with them on data collection and help them start a trial.


Using parallel Logstash pipelines to improve persistent queue throughput

By default, Logstash uses in-memory bounded queues between pipeline stages (inputs → pipeline workers) to buffer events. However, in order to protect against data loss during abnormal termination, Logstash has a persistent queue feature which can be enabled to store the message queue on disk.