How Basware took their customer service to a new level

Basware is known for delivering leading edge financial software that cuts costs, increases efficiencies, and reduces risks to an enterprise’s global operations. They help customers simplify operations and spend smarter by automating procurement and finance processes. What makes their offerings world-class is both the capabilities they provide and the way they provide them.


Customer service is digitally transforming-Are you ready?

Everywhere you look, digital transformation initiatives are taking hold across the enterprise. Customer service is no exception. Today, new digital technology options mean customers expect choice, flexibility, speed, transparency, and personalization from the companies they do business with—expectations that are only increasing.


Android Banking Trojans: History, Types, Modus Operandi

One sunny morning, my breakfast was interrupted by a phone call from a friend who is an entrepreneur engaged in the transportation of various goods. He said that $11,000 disappeared from his bank account during the night. The bank support service could not help. They advised my friend to report this incident to the police. The money transfers were made using the mobile application and confirmed via SMS. Everything looked like completely legal financial transactions.

January Online Meetup - Kong for Kubernetes 0.7

We announced the latest release of Kong for Kubernetes! Features include encrypted credentials, mutual authentication using TLS, native gRPC routing, performance improvements among other things. With this release, Kong for K8s now has 100% coverage of Kong Gateway’s administrative API functions. This means that all the features of the Kong Gateway can now be used natively on Kong for K8s through Kubernetes resources.

Strategies to Tackle Crisis Communication in Medical Practices

Crisis situations in the healthcare industry have a greater magnitude than crisis in other industries, owing to the nature of the customers and the stakeholders that get churned up in the middle of it. For hospitals and medical practices, the pressure can be overwhelming, especially because their clients – the patients – trust them to provide high-quality care.


Understanding the Apache Access Log: View, Locate and Analyze

As any developer or system administrator will tell you, log files are an extremely useful tool for debugging issues within a web application. In fact, log files are typically utilized as the primary source of information when a website is malfunctioning. One specific log file that can be used in debugging applications (or simply gaining insight into visitor activity) is the access log produced by an Apache HTTP server.


OpsComm December 2019: Gartner IOCS, AWS re:Invent and Industry Recognition

In December, OpsRamp was at two major industry events: Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies and AWS re:Invent. The team demonstrated how hybrid cloud management, multi-cloud monitoring, and machine learning can proactively maintain business services, reduce alert floods, and consolidate point tools across a fragmented enterprise IT environment. Here’s a quick snapshot of the other news milestones from December.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Java Garbage Collection Tuning

Working with Java applications has a lot of benefits. Especially when compared to languages like C/C++. In the majority of cases, you get interoperability between operating systems and various environments. You can move your applications from server to server, from operating system to operating system, without major effort or in rare cases with minor changes.


Introducing ServiceDesk Plus MSP version 10.5 with Time Sheet, field service management, and more!

Start the new year, and the new decade, off right with a new service desk! The latest version of ServiceDesk Plus MSP comes loaded with features designed to boost the overall business and service desk productivity of managed service providers (MSPs). With a refreshing new UI, ServiceDesk Plus MSP is bringing some exciting new features like the MSP Business Dashboard, Time Sheet, and field service management in the latest version.


Image Scanning with Github Actions

In this blog post, you will learn how to setup image scanning with Github Actions using Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform. We will create a basic workflow to perform a local scan to detect vulnerabilities and bad practices before the image is pushed to any registry. We will also customize scanning policies to stop the build according to a set of defined rules.

Observability Trends in 2020 and Beyond: Announcing the DevOps Pulse 2019 Results

2020 is here and it looks like it’ll be a truly exciting and impactful year for the DevOps community. As you know, the landscape is changing rapidly, and as a result, new technologies and methodologies are emerging to solve challenges you’re experiencing on the job. Observability is one such concept–and achieving it is a huge challenge for software engineers across the globe.


Improve Your MSP's Employee Utilization Rates to Boost Your Bottom Line

For MSP business owners, figuring out how to improve your bottom line is like an ongoing game of tug of war. Do you raise your rates or do you make your service staff more productive? Raising rates may seem like the easier option, but at the risk of upsetting existing clients and losing prospects to competitors with better rates, it may not be your best bet. Instead, you should focus on improving service efficiency and productivity within your MSP.