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Securing cloud native applications: ActiveCampaign's VP, Information Security provides perspective

Cloud native has been a growing trend as organizations shift away from on-premise infrastructure and longer software release cycles towards a more iterative development approach using cloud-based tooling and infrastructure. While cloud native applications enable rapid deployments and greater scalability, this emerging software approach also introduces security challenges.


AWS Reserved Instances 101: The Complete Guide

Choosing the right service plan is crucial when you are using Amazon Web Services (AWS). With 170 distinct services, ranging from compute to storage to networking and content delivery — each offered at different price points — the process requires careful consideration to make the right choice for your business. By default, AWS services are available on-demand and you pay a monthly bill for services used.


The great serverless cost debate (Serverless = Costless)

If you’re worried that switching to serverless infrastructure is too expensive for your business, you’re not alone. Total spending on cloud services will top $284 billion by 2024. The good news is there are many ways to track and lower your serverless operation costs without slowing down your business. Lambda and how can it help your business? Find out more by reading these Lambda frequently asked questions.


Log Fatigue, True Story

Developers love their logging. Virtually every programming language lets you create additional output for your application in the form of logs. It’s an easy way to debug code and it’s understood even by junior developers. Logs tell you if a call to a certain method has failed if a specific line of code has been reached during execution, or when to get a local variable’s value. And who could blame them?

#NeotysPAC - Shammy Narayanan - Cononudrum of Cloud Testing

When cloud simplifies infra & development, it’s yet to normalise testing process Pandemic has accelerated the exodus to cloud its imperative that cloud is focus of every IT strategy , however during this transition is Testing world prepared to face this challenge interms of people readiness, toolkits & process . It’s not a direct “lift and shift “rather it spins a paradigm of new age challenges which needs to be carefully subdued.

HAProxy Forwards Over 2 Million HTTP Requests per Second on a Single Arm-based AWS Graviton2 Instance

For the first time, a software load balancer exceeds 2-million RPS on a single Arm instance. A few weeks ago, while I was working on an HAProxy issue related to thread locking contention, I found myself running some tests on a server with an 8-core, 16-thread Intel Xeon W2145 processor that we have in our lab. Although my intention wasn’t to benchmark the proxy, I observed HAProxy reach 1.03 million HTTP requests per second.


Understanding Crime-as-a-Service and How Organizations Can Best Protect Themselves

As of late, cyber threats have only grown in velocity and volume, with cybercriminals taking advantage of every new capability to grow and prosper. Couple that with a global pandemic and a sudden increase in remote working in the cloud, and you open the door to countless new vulnerabilities.


Teleport in 2021: Security Audit Results

We now live in an era where the security of all layers of the software stack is immensely important, and simply open-sourcing a code base is not enough to ensure that security vulnerabilities surface and are addressed. At Teleport, we see it as a necessity to engage a third party that specializes in acting as an adversary, and provide an independent analysis of our sources.


How Long Does It Take To Get Started With CloudZero?

There’s no question that engineering teams at innovative tech companies are busy. No matter how successful your company is, there’s always a long backlog of feature enhancements that can make it challenging to focus on other priorities. So, it’s no surprise that one of the most common questions we get from companies that engage with us is “How much of an effort will this be for my engineering team?” The short answer is that you can get value within minutes.