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5 Serverless AWS Core Services Everyone Should Have in Their Starter Toolkit

When first looking into serverless migration and its architecture, it can feel like you’re staring down an endless shopping aisle of critical serverless tools that all need to be put into your basket straight away. Some services seem to offer the same function, while others can feel wildly different - both, as a result, can instill some doubts as to what is really necessary for your business and serverless application.


Monitoring Your Dynamic Cloud Infrastructure

Fully taking advantage of cloud infrastructure includes the ability to scale up and down dynamically, taking the need and load off your services. The compute services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2, Azure Virtual Machines (VM), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Compute Engine allow Auto Scaling of the instances of the service. This helps manage the responsiveness and costs of your cloud services by ensuring that the instance counts go up and down depending on demand.


Introducing Teleport 4.3 - Modern Replacement for OpenSSH

We’re excited to announce the release of Teleport 4.3 - new UI, API driven, expanded audit capabilities, and still open source. This version is so significant, we nearly called it 5.0! In this post, we’ll cover the major new features and you’ll see why we called it ‘Teleport’.


Troubleshooting a problem with Thundra at 3 am

We have all been at a point where you get stuck with a serverless application issue and can see no possible solutions because the problem isn’t clearly presenting itself. The distributed and asynchronous nature of serverless systems present a unique set of problems due to its inherent complexity, so one must adopt a different troubleshooting approach when it comes to serverless applications compared to traditional monolithic systems.


AWS Mistakes You're Making That are Costing You

Making the shift to AWS can bring myriad benefits including improved application performance and reduced costs. However, moving to AWS does not guarantee that your application will run efficiently by default. There is a tendency for companies that are migrating from more traditional data center operations to bring their traditional manner of operations with them to a cloud and end up missing some of the benefits their migration could provide.

[Webinar] Best practices to manage AWS cloud

Site24x7 offers unified cloud monitoring for DevOps and IT operations. Monitor the experience of real users accessing websites and applications from desktop and mobile devices. In-depth monitoring capabilities enable DevOps teams to monitor and troubleshoot applications, servers and network infrastructure including private and public clouds. End user experience monitoring is done from 90+ locations across the world and various wireless carriers.

Teleport 4.3 Product Release Notes: A New UI & Approval Workflow Plugins

This is a major Teleport release with a focus on new features, functionality, and bug fixes. It’s a substantial release and users can review 4.3 closed issues on Github for details of all items. We would love your feedback - please pick a time slot for a remote UX feedback session if you’re interested. Teleport 4.3 includes a completely redesigned Web UI.


Eliminate the pitfalls on your path to public cloud

As organizations look to get smarter and more agile in how they gain value and insight from their data, they are now able to take advantage of a fundamental shift in architecture. In the last decade, as an industry, we have gone from monolithic machines with direct-attached storage to VMs to cloud. The main attraction of cloud is due to its separation of compute and storage – a major architectural shift in the infrastructure layer that changes the way data can be stored and processed.