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Ensure First Come First Server using Azure Service Bus

One of the patterns easily supported by the Azure Service Bus is the first-in-first-out (FIFO) pattern, which isn’t supported in the other queue service – Azure Storage Queues. To realise FIFO with the Azure Service Bus is to use sessions. Any service can create a session when sending a message to a queue or topic by setting the SessionId property. Subsequently, the session comes into existence when the queue or topic is session aware, which means you have specified ‘Enable session’ when creating the queue or topic.

The Complete Cloud Financial Management Guide

As companies migrate to the cloud, they often overlook costs, instead focusing on innovation, speed, and flexibility. They assume the cloud is inherently cost-effective and less costly than on-premise infrastructure. As they expand their cloud operations, though, organizations soon realize that the same things that make the cloud alluring and extensively flexible, can also potentially push usage bills way beyond budget.


observIQ Cloud and the OpenTelemetry Collector

Our log agent is powerful, efficient, and highly adaptable. Now, with OpenTelemetry setting new standards in the observability space, we wanted to incorporate that collaboration into our log agent and offer our users the ability to take advantage of the OpenTelemetry ecosystem. Starting today, you can upgrade the log agents in your observIQ account to the new Open Telemetry-based observIQ log agent with a single click.


The Complete Cloud Operations Guide: 5 Best Practices For Success

As cloud adoption continues to increase, organizations are recognizing the need for cloud operations. CloudOps, as it’s often called, has become the industry standard for cloud-powered enterprises that intend to get the most out of their cloud services. Previously, it was common for organizations to rush into cloud adoption, with IT operations handling cloud installation, management, and maintenance tasks.


The Appian Cloud Security Advantage

Appian has been a recognized leader in cloud-based enterprise software platforms since delivering Appian Cloud in 2007. From the outset, we built our software to integrate with and complement the cloud’s unique advantages, and to protect it from vulnerabilities. We did so with a unique design philosophy, employing cloud-native and globally recognized frameworks like NIST for optimal security protection, business continuity, and enhanced support.

FinOps Tools: Supercharge Your Investment with Optimization

Cost analysis and allocation tools like CloudHealth, CloudCheckr, and Cloudability play an important role in many organizations’ FinOps journeys by assisting with keeping Finance informed, enabling forecasting, and driving accountability. These tools may also help provide visibility and direction around long-term purchases like Savings Plans and RIs. But, slicing and dicing your cloud costs is only the tip of the FinOps iceberg: 85%+ of your cloud savings potential lies beyond refining how you buy cloud services. You also need to optimize what you’re actually purchasing.

Introduction to Traefik v2 Ingress Controller in Jelastic Kubernetes Service

Jelastic Kubernetes cluster can be installed with NGINX, Traefik, or HAProxy ingress controllers. In this post, we will take a closer look at Traefik and its evolution in Jelastic Kubernetes Service (Jelastic KS). At the moment all issued Jelastic Kubernetes versions support Traefik v1, but commencing from K8s version 1.21.2, Traefik v2 will be used instead. A number of internal components of Traefik were conceptually redesigned moving from v1 to v2.


Why you need to build globally distributed applications

Today's users of web and mobile applications and services expect fast and outstanding experiences. Delivering successful web services and applications means meeting these baseline expectations: In this blog post, we dive into why these three goals are vital to modern web applications and services. Then, we will look at how building global and distributed architectures achieve these goals.

What is Power Apps and It's Business Value?

Microsoft’s Power Apps is a platform that combines innovation, automation and intelligence. Power Apps not only helps businesses to pick up performance improvements and productivity but also enable them to be innovative by developing custom business solutions. In this video, we will explore how #powerapps drive business value.

How to Debug Cloudflare Workers with AppSignal

In this article, you’ll learn how to capture error logs in your Cloudflare Workers application using AppSignal. We’ll build a simple workers project and integrate AppSignal’s code to collect the necessary metrics. We’ll also learn how to utilize AppSignal’s dashboard to analyze and track errors. Let’s get stuck in!