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Stories from the SOC - Cloud and On-site Protection

One of the benefits of having your managed detection and response (MDR) service managed by AT&T Cybersecurity is the visibility into threats from a large number of customers of all sizes and across different industries. This allows the team to take what they learn from one customer and apply it to another. Our security operation center (SOC) analysts were able to use an OTX alarm and an AWS correlation rule to discover open ports on public facing servers for two different customers in 24 hours.


Amazon S3 Folders Demystified

Amazon S3 is a highly-scalable object storage system. Amazon S3 can contain any number of objects (files), and those objects can be organized into “folders”. However, to S3, folders don’t really exist. huh? That’s right. “Folders” are a human concept, applied to S3 keys for organizational purposes. But they’re nothing special to S3 itself. Before we begin, forget everything you know about the S3 Management Console.


Easily view your old queries with Cloud Logging recent queries

As you analyze your logs for application performance, infrastructure errors, system events, and more, sometimes you may need to look back to logs you were previously analyzing to help correlate events and identify the root cause of a problem. To help, we are excited to introduce Google Cloud Logging recent queries, to make it easy to track and run your past searches as you deep dive on your log data.

iDevNews Application Architecture Summit 2020 | RBAC for SSH and Kubernetes Access with Teleport

Enterprises are best served by leveraging an RBAC system to manage access to their SSH and Kubernetes resources. With Teleport, an open source software, employers are able to provide granular access controls to developers based on the access they need and when they need it. This makes it possible for employers to maintain secure access without getting in the way of their developers’ daily operations. Join Steven Martin, Solution Engineer at Gravitational, as he demonstrates how to assign access to developers and SRE’s across environments with Teleport through roles mapped from enterprises’ identity providers or SSOs.

Flexible control over instance storage

Ocean by Spot provides continuous optimization for the underlying infrastructure of containerized workloads. Launch specifications is a key feature that enables users to manage different types of workloads on the same Ocean cluster. With launch specs, cluster administrators can granularly set specific configurations per application, as needed.


Startup: get the Heroku experience on your AWS account

Heroku meets the needs of individual developers who want to deploy their applications seamlessly. The only requirement is to use a git repository and link your git repository to your Heroku account. However, for startups, Heroku has limitations. Those arguments make most of the startups moving away from Heroku to a more flexible place like AWS - which has 31% market share in Q2 2020.

Demo | Access Workflow Integration Using Teleport | Gravitational | Privileged Access Management

Teleport allows you to implement industry-best practices for SSH and Kubernetes access, meet compliance requirements, and have complete visibility into access and behavior. But invariably, change happens. Teleport allows users to request elevated privileges in the middle of their command-line sessions and create fully auditable dynamic authorizations . These requests can be approved or denied in PagerDuty or anywhere else via a flexible Authorization Workflow API.

Best practices for monitoring AWS CloudTrail logs

Engineering teams that build, scale, and manage cloud-based applications on AWS know that at some point in time, their applications and infrastructure will be under attack. But as applications expand and new features are added, securing the full scope of an AWS environment becomes an increasingly complex task. To add visibility and auditability, AWS CloudTrail tracks the who, what, where, and when of activity that occurs in your AWS environment and records this activity in the form of audit logs.


Incident Review - Google Outage

When something as ubiquitous as Google goes down, there is a lot of online frenzy with users tweeting and searching for updates on the issue. That’s exactly what we witnessed today between 9/24/2020 17:59:44 PST to 9/24/2020 18:23:20 PST. Multiple Google services like Mail, Drive, Meet, Hangouts experienced downtime. Frustrated users took to Twitter to report the outage and the tweets were captured by Websee. Users trying to access Google services got a 502 error screen.

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10 Common Issues You Could Experience When Using Citrix Cloud

There are an increasing number of organizations, who are moving their Virtual Apps and Desktops deployments to Citrix Cloud by using the Virtual Apps and Desktops service. Citrix Cloud allows you to host components such as your core management layer for a Virtual Apps and Desktops deployment in the cloud, managed and kept up to date by Citrix.