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8 Best File Transfer Services in 2022

You have a file and you need to send it. Email is the obvious choice, but it's sensitive and you know nothing sent via email is 100% secure. What are your options? You could load the file to a password-protected USB and mail it physically, fax it perhaps, or, the best choice, find an encrypted file sending service. There are several great, private file sending services on the market today, all with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Monitor Azure Functions with the Datadog extension for Azure App Service

Azure Functions is an on-demand serverless compute offering built on top of Azure App Service that enables you to deploy event-driven code without the need to provision and manage infrastructure. Because applications rely on Azure Functions to handle business-critical tasks such as processing orders or logging in users, it’s important to ensure that your functions respond quickly when they’re invoked.

More support for structured logs in new version of Go logging library

The new version of the Google logging client library for Go has been released. Version 1.5 adds new features and bug fixes including new structured logging capabilities that complete last year's effort to enrich structured logging support in Google logging client libraries. Here are few of the new features in v1.5: Let's look into each closer.

What Is Replatforming? Everything You Need To Know

Depending on your business reason for migrating to the cloud, you can either move in one go or incrementally. If, however, you prefer to retain some of your operations, app design, or workflows on-premise, you can still do so based on the cloud migration strategies you use. Sometimes, it makes more sense to modify your existing system rather than make too many changes all at once.

Sematext Cloud | Full Stack Visibility in One Place | A Cloud Monitoring solution

Sematext Cloud is a comprehensive cloud monitoring platform that provides all the tools you need to ensure your systems are running at peak performance, through a single pane of glass. Get end-to-end visibility, drill down on what really matters, and receive alerts when anomalies occur. Whether you work in the front-end or the back-end, Sematext has you fully covered.

Dropbox Pricing and Benefits: Everything You Need To Know

Your company is growing, and so is your data. That’s a very good thing! But you don’t want to become completely overwhelmed with all your positive growth. As your business expands, thrives, and grows, you’re quickly going to find that you need one centralized and secure location to keep all of your company's files and important documents. Sure you have a large hard drive that supports all you need now, but will it hold up to future demands and all your data is really safe inside it.

Cloud Monitoring metrics, now in Managed Service for Prometheus

According to a recent CNCF survey, 86% of the cloud native community reports that they use Prometheus for observability. As Prometheus becomes more of a standard, an increasing number of developers are becoming fluent in PromQL, Prometheus’ built-in query language. While it is a powerful, flexible, and expressive query language, PromQL is typically only able to query Prometheus time series data.

BYOCNI: Introducing Calico CNI for Azure AKS

Cloud-native applications running on Kubernetes rely on container network plugins to establish workload communication. While Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) provides several supported networking options (kubenet and Azure CNI) that address the needs of most deployments, Microsoft recently introduced the ability to bring your own networking solution, called BYOCNI, to help users address more advanced networking requirements. This new feature enables AKS customers to run Calico networking on AKS.