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How to Improve Your Digital Workplace

Over the past couple of years, the workplace has gone digital. Yep, that's right: millions of employees now work from home through their computers and other devices. In addition to this, employees that have remained in the office are also highly reliant on digital tools. Unless there's a giant earthquake that wipes out the world's internet servers, it's safe to safe that the digital workplace is here to stay - and it's something you should be very excited about (especially if you're a business owner).

Best Practices for IT to Support Hybrid Work in 2022

I hate to say this, but #Omicron is at the doorstep. According to the CDC website, there have been over 60M cases in the US so far. As a result, companies like Google and Apple are delaying returning to the office while some call the return date as now ‘history’. Although we cannot predict the nature of the virus, we have some best practices to help our customers and IT manage their employee experience in a hybrid distributed environment.

How to Troubleshoot Networks with Employees Working from Home

Since the start of the pandemic, many employees have been working from home, which has changed the way that companies manage their IT services. In this article, we’re running you through how you can use Obkio Network Monitoring to help IT Teams troubleshoot and solve a variety of network problems affecting users working from home.

Building an effective remote-first team during the pandemic

I’m an engineering manager at Grafana Labs serving on the Grafana Enterprise Operations team. I joined Grafana Labs in December 2020 and I just celebrated my first year at the company. The last 12+ months have been filled with the most exciting and rewarding experiences in my career, full of new opportunities and learnings. More importantly, I am lucky enough to meet and work with the wonderful people at Grafana Labs.

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Growth of Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM FTW)

Application Performance Management (APM) measures how a SaaS or Web application performs on the backend (for Devops). End-User Experience Management (EUEM) focuses on user behavior within those applications. Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) collects network telemetry to facilitate performance degradation. DEM combines all these tools to holistically look at the entire digital journey and see how each dependency drives successful experiences for customers and employees.

2021: The new working model is hybrid

As the world is trying to regain its usual pace, we at Site24x7 have been engrossed in churning out new features to help organizations enhance the health of their IT resources and meet their evolving monitoring needs. We've drafted a summary of notable features to look back on our achievements this year. We extended our monitoring capabilities for Kubernetes, network traffic, ISP latency, VMware ESXi hardware, and Mobile APM for React Native apps.

Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Remote Workers with SPI Health and Safety

With many businesses having switched to part-time or even full-time remote work, the challenge for IT teams becomes how to provide quick and efficient support for network problems remotely. In this article, we’re running you through how SPI Health and Safety is using Obkio to monitor network performance and troubleshoot performance issues for all their remote call center employees.

Why you Need WiFi Observability in the Era of Work From Anywhere

“Work from anywhere” is now a common occurrence. With so many companies now dependent on a distributed workforce, IT teams need to be able to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot WiFi problems. Moreover, they, themselves, are often working remotely. In order to successfully do their jobs, consistent WiFi is obviously essential for remote workers.