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A Day in the Life: Intelligent Observability at Work with an ITOps Hero

This is the second in a series of blog posts exploring the role that intelligent observability plays in the day-to-day life of smart teams. In this post, meet our clever ITOps engineer, James, as he reduces noise and distraction using intelligent observability.


Observability and Monitoring for Modern Applications

I drive a 2005 Ford diesel pickup truck. Most of the time my truck runs great. But occasionally an orange light on the dashboard will flicker on to alert me that something is wrong. Unfortunately, there’s no information about what is wrong and why. My truck has a monitoring solution, but not an observability solution. In many cases, IT has the same problem as my truck.


What Is Observability?

Much has been said and written recently about observability. Sometimes the term is used interchangeably (and incorrectly) with visibility. Many software vendors are using the term observability, but there is little consensus on the definition. Let’s review exactly what observability means. Observability is a term from control theory that has been borrowed by vendors selling software for IT Ops.

Cloud Native Goes Native with Charity Majors and David McKay

Cloud-native and serverless technologies are gaining traction as organizations increasingly recognize the value of containers and Kubernetes in application development environments. As a result, the cloud-native ecosystem is growing at a healthy pace. In this topic spotlight, we take a look at the cloud-native landscape and discuss its impact on DevOps, application security and more. Some of the issues discussed during the webinar include.

Observability vs. Monitoring: What's the Difference?

One of the more delicate debates in the DevOps world is what observability has to do with monitoring. Is observability just a trendy buzzword that means the same thing as monitoring? Is observability an improved version of monitoring? Are monitoring and observability different types of processes that solve different problems? The answer to those questions depends in part on your perspective.

Going Beyond Observability for Spark Applications & Databricks Environments

Join Chris Santiago, Solutions Engineer Director at Unravel Data, as he takes you through Unravel’s approach to getting better and finer grain visibility with Spark applications and how to tune and optimize them for resource efficiency. An overview of out of the box tools like Ganglia and their overall lack of visibility on Databricks jobs How Unravel helps you gain finer grain visibility, observability, monitoring into Spark data pipelines How Unravel can recommend better configurations and tuning of Spark applications.

How to Monitor API Usage and Performance with Tyk API Gateway on EC2 with Moesif

This article provides an introduction to API Observability and how it fits within the overall APIOps Cycles. Then, we will walk through an example of how to successfully deploy and leverage Tyk Gateway and Moesif API Observability on Amazon EC2.

A CIO's View of Observability: The Key to Balancing Strategic and Operational Needs

IT executives are being invited to play critical, strategic roles in the enterprise. The combination of disruptive threats, transformational momentum, and the pandemic that accelerated both have thrust you into the limelight. But these same drivers have also made your job exponentially more challenging. The need for technology to play a strategic role in every nook and cranny of the enterprise has resulted in a far-flung, ever-more-complex, and dynamic technology stack - that you must operate flawlessly to deliver competitive advantage.