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The Business Case for Observability and Site Reliability Engineering

Unlike traditional IT Ops, the role of the SRE isn’t simply focused on finding and solving technical problems. The big win for today’s SREs is supporting the organization’s strategic innovation initiatives. With the appropriate observability capabilities, it’s possible to quantify the value that software infrastructure contributes to this innovation effort.

Ask Miss O11y: Long-Running Requests

You need not fear a long-lived streaming workload. A few simple tricks can transform a request that may not ever terminate for hours or days into something you can get regular health and status updates on. We in fact have one of those continuous processing services—Beagle, our Service Level Objective stream processor—which we’ve instrumented in this fashion.

Wisdom of the Crowds: The Value of User Sentiment Observability

What’s the first thing most people do when they’re unhappy with a business? Take to social media to complain about it. Observing those comments – otherwise known as “user sentiment observability” – gives you a head’s up as to when problems become big enough to impact user experience. How can you monitor that voice of the customer? And why is it important to do so? Let’s take a deeper look at the issues.

ICYMI: Honeycomb Developer Week: The Partner Ecosystem

We know that you value collaboration. That’s why we share incident reviews and learnings—because we believe the entire community benefits by working together transparently. In the spirit of working better together, we invited ecosystem partners from ApolloGraph, Cloudflare, LaunchDarkly, and PagerDuty to present at Honeycomb Developer Week, a three-day event filled with snackable, time-efficient learning sessions to help you uplevel your observability skills.

Operations Analytics - The Next Big Thing

Cloud Data Warehouses (CDW) were designed to support business intelligence use cases focused on historical data analysis, but less so on “what is happening now?” class of queries. We think operational analytics are the next big focus and we want to discuss the space and how enterprises will connect their operational data to these new tools to get results right now instead of next week.

The Importance of Network Insights in Achieving Full End-To-End Observability

When we talk about observability, we tend to focus first and foremost on the metrics, logs, and traces that you can collect from applications – such as request rates, error rates, and request duration. Infrastructure-level metrics, like CPU and memory utilization, might factor into the discussion as well. Here’s a third category of critical observability insights that teams tend to overlook: the network.

Why cloud native requires a holistic approach to security and observability

Like any great technology, the interest in and adoption of Kubernetes (an excellent way to orchestrate your workloads, by the way) took off as cloud native and containerization grew in popularity. With that came a lot of confusion. Everyone was using Kubernetes to move their workloads, but as they went through their journey to deployment, they weren’t thinking about security until they got to production.