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The latest News and Information on Observabilty for complex systems and related technologies.

What is observability? Best practices, key metrics, methodologies, and more

Sometimes the simplest questions prompt the most spirited discussion. Questions like: What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? What should we have for dinner tonight? Or, as we find out in this episode of “Grafana’s Big Tent" what even is observability?

Application Snapshots: A Valuable Observability Signal for Developers

Monitoring is often not the first thing on the mind of the modern developer. Yet, it’s necessary at many points of the software development lifecycle, including: before deprecating an API, before launching a new feature, after launching the feature, and more. In fact, monitoring needs can vary much more than the classic Ops monitoring.

How to Save on Monitoring Costs by Using Honeycomb

Are you overspending on monitoring and APM tools? Forrester’s Total Economic Impact analysis of Honeycomb identified significant ROI in customers using us to reduce spend on less efficient APM workflows. But this isn’t about budget reallocation to a newly branded set of similar but shinier tools.

Getting started with OpenTelemetry visualization

OpenTelemetry is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation(CNCF) project aimed at standardizing the way we instrument applications for generating telemetry data(logs, metrics, and traces). However, OpenTelemetry does not provide storage and visualization for the collected telemetry data. An APM that can ingest telemetry data collected by OpenTelemetry can help you set up a robust observability stack.

Authors' Cut-How Observability Differs from Traditional Monitoring

Remember the old days where if you had an uptime of 99.9 you could be fairly confident everyone was having a good experience with your application? That’s not really how it works anymore. Modern, distributed systems are so complex they typically fail unpredictably, making it much harder to diagnose issues. Traditional monitoring grew out of those early days, allowing you to check the health of simpler systems.

Exploring AWS Costs Beyond the Service Level

Honeycomb uses AWS Lambda as a core part of our query execution architecture; Lambda’s ability to quickly allocate lots of resources and charge us only for use is invaluable to keeping Honeycomb fast and affordable. Our total Lambda bill is easily accessible in the AWS Console, but how do we know which customers or application areas dominate this bill? How do we judge the cost of changes we make to our own software?

Elastic Observability 8.3: Broader observability for cloud, SaaS, and big data

Note 8.3.0 has an issue that could cause creating and accessing snapshots against Azure snapshot repositories to fail authenticating when using SAS tokens. This impacts self-managed customers who have deployed 8.3.0. Elastic Cloud Azure deployments are not currently being upgraded to 8.3.0 and are not impacted as a result. Visibility is crucial for ensuring application performance but it can be difficult to efficiently scale monitoring across all your critical infrastructures, platforms, and services.