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Key Observability Scaling Requirements for Your Next Game Launch: Part II

In Part I in our series outlining best practices for scaling observability, we reviewed the data analysis capabilities that can help engineers troubleshoot faster during high pressure situations during a game launch. Nobody wants lag time or crashes in their game launch. Similarly, no one wants terminated sessions or for your gamer customers to log off and play a competitor’s game.


Key Observability Scaling Requirements for Your Next Game Launch: Part I

After months–or potentially, years–of hard work by teams across a gaming enterprise, when the day arrives for a game launch, the last thing your enterprise needs is slowdowns, glitches, outages or poor performance. It’s the death knell for any game, because for your avid gaming customers, there’s always something else (read: a game that isn’t yours) to check out.

8 Tech Must-Haves for Video Gamers

Are you a gamer? Do you currently like to play video games on your phone, computer, or console? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you need to read this blog post. If you're actually a proper gamer, then you know that having the right technology is essential for an enjoyable gaming experience. These are gadgets that no gamer should be without. So, whether you're a PC Gamer or a Console Gamer, keep reading for some great recommendations.

Stack Trace Line Numbers for Unity Events

In 2018 we launched the Sentry Unity SDK, but at the time, we couldn’t crack how to display stack trace line numbers for C# exceptions with IL2CPP scripting backend. And until a recent release of Unity, we thought it wasn’t possible. But here at Sentry we often do the impossible… or at least the improbable. Like adding features to our JavaScript SDK while making it smaller at the same time.

Is It Possible To Create and Develop Your Own Minecraft Server?

If you're a fan of Minecraft, you may have wondered if it's possible to create your own server. You're not alone - many people want to know how they can set up their own server and invite friends over to play. In this blog post, we'll explain the basics of how to create your own Minecraft server and walk you through the process step by step. So, whether you're just getting started with Minecraft or are looking for a new way to enjoy the game with friends, read on for all the information you need!

Earn Money Playing Blockchain Games? What Are They and 5 Fun Recommendations for Beginners

Playing online games is not only a mere leisure activity, but a main job for some people. Working as a game player is not something odd or unheard of anymore. Some gamers generate more income than corporate workers. It’s true. For example, Johan Sundstein earns more than $7 million per month just for playing games. What a life! The most recent trend in the online gaming industry is blockchain games.