Lessons Learned From Dockerizing Our Application

A universal truth we’ve experienced as both an IT software vendor and as an application delivery team is that application owners are constantly trying to deliver better software faster. We all try different things to help make that happen, and when appropriate, share our findings with others. As we set out to Dockerize our self-hosted application components, we found out some great lessons for dockerizing applications.


Mitigate Attack Vectors with Alcide Kubernetes Security Platform

Last month, the Microsoft Azure Security Center published a fully detailed Threat Matrix for Kubernetes. This article identifies attack vectors unique to a Kubernetes environment. This important contribution is derived from the more generalized MITRE ATT&CK® framework that offers a complex matrix of common attack vectors.


Kong for Kubernetes 0.9 Released With Encrypted Plugin Configuration and More!

Kong for Kubernetes is a Kubernetes Ingress Controller and a full-fledged edge-router which can route traffic to any destination of your choice. In addition to Ingress management, it provides enhanced security and management capabilities. With Kong, you can use Kubernetes not just for running your workloads but also for securing and monitoring connectivity between your workloads – all managed via Kubernetes manifests and CI/CD processes.


Expanding the IBM & Sysdig Relationship to Manage Cloud Security Risk

Today, we are pleased to announce the expansion of Sysdig’s relationship with IBM to extend cloud security governance with IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management. Through a new OEM agreement, Sysdig Secure and the Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform are now available through IBM and IBM Business Partners. The combined IBM and Sysdig offering delivers centralized cloud visibility, governance and automation with in-depth container security intelligence for Red Hat OpenShift.


Delivering Inspiring Retail Experiences with Rancher

When it comes to deciding where and how to shop for food, consumers have a choice. And it may only take one negative experience with a retailer for a consumer to take their business elsewhere. For food retail leader Albert Heijn, customer satisfaction and innovation at its 950+ retail stores and e-commerce site are driving forces.


Kubernetes for Data Science: meet Kubeflow

Data science has exploded as a practice in the past decade and has become an undisputed driver of innovation. The forcing factors behind the rising interest in Machine Learning, a not so new concept, have consolidated and created an unparalleled capacity for Deep Learning, a subset of Artificial Neural Networks with many “hidden layers”, to thrive in the years to come.


Schedule Security Scans in Rancher 2.4

Rancher 2.4, the latest release of Rancher’s Kubernetes management platform, includes a new CIS security scanning feature. The Center for Internet Security publishes more than 100 benchmarks for Kubernetes, which are considered the default standard benchmark for defining security of Kubernetes clusters. With Rancher 2.4, CIS scanning is an integrated part of the Rancher UI itself for RKE clusters. If you create or import any RKE cluster via Rancher, CIS Scan will work flawlessly.

How To Monitor Containers in Real-Time with Datadog Live Containers | Datadog Tips & Tricks

In this video, you’ll learn how to utilize Datadog’s Live Container View to monitor and troubleshoot container performance underlying your applications. Datadog makes it easy to monitor ephemeral, containerized infrastructure. In this video you’ll learn how to leverage Datadog’s Live Container View to effectively dive into your container health. Using this view, you can sort and group your containers by tags or labels imported from Kubernetes, such as container name.