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Startup CTO: How to Screen Software Engineers

Once you’ve got software engineers applying for your job opening, you’ll need to determine who is good enough to interview, and who is not. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure the time investment made by you and your team has a high return on investment. In this part of our series on hiring software engineers as the CTO of a startup, we’ll talk about Blue Matador’s approach to the screening process and the insights I’ve gained in this part of this CTO experience.

Kubernetes Master Class Day 2 with Stateful Applications - Implementing a Data Management Strategy

As teams start to onboard mission-critical applications such as databases and NoSQL systems into production, there’s a need to address critical Day 2 concerns. Dealing with regulatory requirements, user error, ransomware and cluster upgrades - requires safeguarding of both data and state. In this master class, we'll describe the challenges associated with implementing a robust data management strategy with Kasten's K10 platform and Rancher's RKE.

Challenges of Monitoring and Troubleshooting in Kubernetes Environments

Kubernetes is great but complex! Whether to enable hybrid and multi-cloud, promote deeper specialization among development teams, enhance reliability, or simply stay ahead of the curve, organizations are reaping the varied benefits of this technology investment— but it comes at a cost. With each optimization, there are tradeoffs. With each layer of abstraction comes less visibility, resulting in more complexity when something goes wrong.


Easy Ingress Management on the Edge with K3s lightweight Kubernetes and Traefik

K3s and Traefik are partnering to speed up cloud native applications deployment. K3s, by Rancher, is the best way to have a lightweight, fully CNCF conformant Kubernetes cluster running on diverse infrastructures, including possible IoT appliances such as Raspberry Pis. K3s starts in seconds thanks to its light weight nature. As it adds some components to the cluster automatically, k3s is very easy to use and therefore very accessible for new users.


IAM Role Pod Delegation Checks on AWS Kubernetes Clusters

You can never be too safe when it comes to securing your applications. It’s essential that security is a part of the application framework and not just a protective outer layer. Enterprises are swiftly adopting the microservices architecture because of its numerous benefits. However, security still remains a concern. Kubernetes has emerged as the de-facto container orchestration tool. And, on its own, Kubernetes seems to be decent for managing secrets.


Why Mattermost built a Kubernetes Operator

Mattermost is a state-of-the-art, highly scalable open source messaging platform for secure team collaboration. Kubernetes is a robust open source container management platform that runs on any land-based or cloud infrastructure and automates the installation, configuration, and maintenance of diverse, highly distributed systems. It sounds like Mattermost and Kubernetes are made for each other. And it’s getting even better.


Docker Security 101: challenges, risks, and 33 best practices

Containers, along with orchestrators such as Kubernetes, have ushered in a new era of application development methodology, enabling microservices architectures as well as continuous development and delivery. Docker is by far the most dominant container runtime engine, with a 91% penetration according to our latest State of the Container and Kubernetes Security Report.


Istio Routing Basics

When learning a new technology like Istio, it’s always a good idea to take a look at sample apps. Istio repo has a few sample apps but they fall short in various ways. BookInfo is covered in the docs and it is a good first step. However, it is too verbose with too many services for me and the docs seem to focus on managing the BookInfo app, rather than building it from ground up. There’s a smaller helloworld sample but it’s more about autoscaling than anything else.