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THG Ingenuity investment in Civo

I’m hugely excited to announce that THG Ingenuity, the technology division of ecommerce giant THG, has invested $2 million to take a minority stake in Civo. We’re proud to be THG Ingenuity’s first strategic investment since it announced earlier this year that Softbank Group had invested $730 million in THG with an option for a further $1.6 billion investment in the THG Ingenuity platform.


Introduction to Traefik v2 Ingress Controller in Jelastic Kubernetes Service

Jelastic Kubernetes cluster can be installed with NGINX, Traefik, or HAProxy ingress controllers. In this post, we will take a closer look at Traefik and its evolution in Jelastic Kubernetes Service (Jelastic KS). At the moment all issued Jelastic Kubernetes versions support Traefik v1, but commencing from K8s version 1.21.2, Traefik v2 will be used instead. A number of internal components of Traefik were conceptually redesigned moving from v1 to v2.


A simplified stack monitoring experience in Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes

To monitor your Elastic Stack with Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK), you can deploy Metricbeat and Filebeat to collect metrics and logs and send them to the monitoring cluster, as mentioned in this blog. However, this requires understanding and managing the complexity of Beats configuration and Kubernetes role-based access control (RBAC). Now, in ECK 1.7, the Elasticsearch and Kibana resources have been enhanced to let us specify a reference to a monitoring cluster.

Scale for fully automated Kubernetes monitoring in minutes

Monitoring your Kubernetes clusters within Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring has never been easier. Just click data setup and select Kubernetes to begin learning more about your Kubernetes environment and workloads. Test drive your free trial of Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring today to seamlessly get your data in to navigate effortlessly and pinpoint problems in real time.

The importance of Calico's pluggable data plane

This post will highlight and explain the importance of a pluggable data plane. But in order to do so, we first need an analogy. It’s time to talk about a brick garden wall! Imagine you have been asked to repair a brick garden wall, because one brick has cracked through in the summer sun. You have the equipment you need, so the size of the job will depend to a great extent on how easily the brick can be removed from the wall without interfering with all the ones around it. Good luck.