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Digital Experience Monitoring

The latest News and Information on Digital Experience Monitoring for End Users, Employees and Remote Working.

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How to Choose the Right IT Ops Metrics

Traditionally, we consider IT to be managing and monitoring on-premises network infrastructure, including hardware and software. However, the reality is that most enterprises have accepted and migrated much of their infrastructure to the cloud already. They recognize the benefits of the cloud and that it is here for the long haul. According to the latest study from Deloitte, 90% of organizations have been using cloud services for the last three years, and 79% are hosting workloads with multiple cloud providers. In addition, adopting cloud computing platforms has accelerated significantly in the remote work era.


4 Ways DEM Improves the Digital Employee Experience

If you have been following the news over the last few months, you will agree that the buzzwords for this year are – inflation and recession. Yet, even in these turbulent times, delivering an excellent digital employee experience (DEX) remains an essential aspect of IT. As organizations continue to add various collaboration, communication, and end-user technologies to the mix, new problems will surface.

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What's Using Your Bandwidth? Here's a Monitoring Tool

Bandwidth monitoring provides IT administrators with the assurance that the network has sufficient capacity to run business-critical applications. In addition, network ops team have end-to-end visibility to identify network hogs that cause the congestion. Typically, when a single component overloads in any network, it can bring the entire operation to its knees and impact the employee digital experience. For example, even if you may have a dedicated service plan from your ISP, employees will end up complaining about issues like large file transfer time and slower applications.

Exoprise Survey Finds 90% of Remote Workers Face Productivity Challenges Due to Ongoing IT issues

In a post-COVID world, the best performing enterprises need to take an innovative approach to guarantee IT service reliability and optimize home networking stack for troubleshooting visibility.
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Microsoft SCOM for Office 365 Monitoring? There Is a Better Alternative.

Gartner predicts that spending on public cloud services will rise to 21% in 2023. Most organizations today support fully remote operations and use SaaS services from the cloud. But is your Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM) tool suitable for monitoring mission-critical services like Microsoft 365? Don't get us wrong - SCOM is a comprehensive monitoring tool for servers, infrastructure, and apps such as Exchange and SQL. However, the recently released Microsoft SCOM Management Pack for monitoring Microsoft 365 lacks clout.

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What CIOs Need to Know About Digital Experience Monitoring

Many enterprises are taking a customer-centric approach to meet customer demands more efficiently and upscale their businesses. However, several siloed communication and workflows within these organisations often make it challenging to achieve the desired experiences for customers. Additionally, the initiatives adopted by the enterprises usually don't provide an extensive understanding of the end users' experiences. The market's answer to this problem is monitoring software. Enter digital experience monitoring.

Diagnose Any Microsoft Teams Problem in 3 Clicks or Less!

In this video, we demonstrate how to diagnose Microsoft Teams problems with hop-by-hop analysis and insights in real time - All in three clicks or less. Whether your users work from home, the office, or anywhere in between, a superb call-quality experience is a must. How can IT operations staff ensure that? Using a combination of synthetics and real user monitoring (RUM), support teams can now get comprehensive visibility into Teams performance and use those insights for optimization.

Digital Immunity and Internet Resilience: On Point in Orlando

The world is getting back to normal… I attended my first conference after three years of almost no travel and Gartner did not disappoint. The Gartner IT Symposium//Xpo™* drew thousands of attendees to Orlando, Florida from around the globe and I think everyone was as excited (and - a bit - nervous) as I was to be back together again. As Gartner does annually, they identified Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2023.