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Digital Experience Monitoring

The latest News and Information on Digital Experience Monitoring for End Users, Employees and Remote Working.


Transform Data into Actionable Insights to Empower Digital Experiences

Today we are living and working in a world that is digital-first and hybrid by design, with cloud, SaaS and legacy technologies working together, and employees working from everywhere. In this world, a click is everything. That action comes with intent and expectation—of a flawless digital experience. These experiences are the heartbeat of the fierce and competitive landscape we all work in.

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Digital Experience Management (DEM) and Your Salesforce.com: Everything You Need To Know

The post-pandemic world is more digital. Covid-19 fundamentally impacted how we live, work, interact, and shop. And while some of the structural trends (such as the rise in remote work or shifting consumer preferences) were already underway, the pandemic accelerated them by a significant number of years. The competitive landscape is digital, and the winners and losers are defined through the customer experience they provide.


Microsoft Teams Monitoring Use Cases

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based software within the Microsoft 365 application suite. The tool creates a highly collaborative and engaging environment with multiple organizational business units. As a modern unified collaboration (UC) platform, Microsoft Teams uses cloud-based calling, video meetings, messaging, chat, screen sharing, and third-party app integration. However, to ensure a great employee experience, IT must develop and execute Microsoft Teams monitoring use cases.


Introducing Nexthink Infinity

Today is one of the most special days in Nexthink history. I personally believe that founding and growing a tech company is mainly about developing amazing technologies which have the potential to change how people work. With the launch of our new Infinity platform, I feel we are truly transforming how digital workplace teams get their jobs done—not only for themselves but for all the employees in their companies.


Introducing WebPageTest by Catchpoint's First Free Web Performance Course

This week over at WebPageTest, we’re excited to be taking our first steps into the performance education space with our new completely free online course, Lightning-Fast Web Performance by WPT Senior Experience Engineer, Scott Jehl. This course is for you, whether you’re a DevOps engineer curious to learn more about WebPerf or you’re part of a front-end and QA team responsible for website optimization and lowering latency.


Catchpoint's New Node to Node Feature Removes Corporate Blind Spots

At Catchpoint, we release new features approximately seven times annually. Catchpoint’s previous release, Andante, includes a variety of updates and new features, including a powerful new smartboard redesigned to be more intuitive and help our users find solutions faster, additional metrics to strengthen our unique RUM solution, and the ability to generate alerts for workforce experience based on issues your Digital Experience Score identifies.

Exoprise Customers Achieve Significant ROI With SaaS and Digital Experience Monitoring

Exoprise end-user experience management solutions for Microsoft 365, SaaS, and collaboration apps deliver cost savings, increased productivity, and elevated employee experience in times of growing hybrid/mobile work.

Microsoft 365 Monitoring Use Cases

Enterprises moving to Office 365 cloud-based applications require a new approach to ensuring deployment success. Of course, your end-users should receive a fantastic application experience, whether with Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, etc. But when problems surface with slowness or call quality, the Microsoft Service Health Dashboard provides no visibility beyond their network – leaving IT admins in the dark.

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How to Get Real-Time Network Insight into Microsoft Teams Call Quality

A recent Exoprise customer survey found that 60-70% of application problems occur within the enterprise environment or home network/ISP. So, if you need to resolve Teams call quality problems, it's best to investigate your network before you try and finger point to Microsoft. In today's article, we see how this applies to Exoprise when team members work from home or in a hybrid work setting. Last Friday, at about 10:00 am EST, I jumped on an impromptu video call with one of my sales colleagues to discuss an ongoing marketing project. Although I am based in the Northern Virginia area, my comrade (as they say in British English!) is from Boston.


Digital Dexterity Enhances Remote and Hybrid Work

The leap to remote work happened nearly overnight with the pandemic, and it’s clear that hybrid work and digital dexterity is the way of the future. As a result of this shift in the way we work, companies have invested in new technologies to adapt to the growing remote world, with 69% of companies planning to increase their investment in digital tools even more in 2022. Additionally, over 90% of businesses strive to implement hybrid work environments.