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What's the real cost of Office 365 performance issues?

GSX keeps your employees on the path to optimal productivity. Our solution provides greater visibility into Office 365 performance with precise insights and a holistic view to manage your end-user experience. We monitor ever-changing conditions and expose any obstacles in the Cloud, on-premises, or anywhere in between.

Office 365 Outage Report & End User Monitoring

Experts Live is one of the largest community conferences with a focus on a broad range of Microsoft technologies including Azure, Office 365, Intune, System Center, Automation, Virtualization (Azure Stack, Docker), and Enterprise Mobility + Security, just to name a few. Top experts from around the world present discussion panels, ask-the-experts sessions and breakout sessions, and cover the latest products, technologies and solutions.


Office 365 Role-Based Monitoring to See Through the Clouds

The chief revenue officer walks into your office and says " I am off to a board meeting in 60 seconds. Numbers are down, and I hear it’s because the SaaS we have no longer works like it should. I need to know, is everything ok with the apps used by my sales team? Are you able to provide an accurate answer in 60 seconds? "


NiCE Active O365 Management Pack 2.0 for Microsoft SCOM released

Gain insight into what happens in the Cloud. Using the NiCE Active O365 Management Pack for Microsoft SCOM, advanced monitoring has never been easier. The NiCE Active O365 Management Pack smart algorithm determines problems and their severity way upfront. Even the specter of global service outages has to confess. Leverage your existing investment, reduce costs, save time and build efficiencies that will last beyond your expectations.


Office 365 Suffers Multiple Outages for Start of 2019

Unfortunately, Microsoft and Office 365 suffered their second major outage of the year and this one was even bigger than the first. We say “unfortunately” because even though our business is to help monitor cloud and SaaS services and our business goes up when there are problems, we don’t wish an outage on any cloud provider. Operating a SaaS business at the scale of Microsoft Office 365 is a herculean task and that’s why they get paid the big bucks.

Two Geeks and a Goddess II: Azure® the Easy Way - SolarWinds Lab Episode #72

If there’s one customer takeaway in 2018, it’s that most of you are now running at least some production workloads in somebody else’s data center, especially Azure®. The great news is you can monitor cloud resources with the tools you already have, and we’ll show you how.
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Top 8 Metrics for SharePoint Performance Monitoring

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most business-critical services in enterprise IT. SharePoint is widely used by organizations to create websites where information is centrally stored, shared, organized and accessed by users from anywhere, any time and any device. Major use cases of SharePoint include knowledge and content management, intranet, file hosting and collaboration, and so on.