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How Icinga helps Retail Giant Magazine Luiza digitalize Brazil

We are proud of our many customers and users around the globe that trust Icinga for critical IT infrastructure monitoring. That´s why we´re now showcasing some of these enterprises with their Success stories. It´s stories from companies or organizations just like yours, of any size and different kinds of industries. Some of them are our long-standing customers, others have just recently profited from migrating from another solution to Icinga.

How One Company's IT Service Desk Used Automation to Reduce Incident Tickets

How a Northern-European car manufacturer dramatically reduced incoming tickets related to low disk space using 4 key automations. Incident tickets are an unavoidable, routine aspect of working in IT. But failing to identify and solve the root cause of the issue behind repeated tickets will cause unresolved tickets to pile up, creating a huge disruption for IT and employees.

Better Data for Public Health: How Nexleaf and PagerDuty are Monitoring Healthcare

Having a reliable power source is something many of us take for granted. It is particularly important for healthcare facilities to have a consistent, reliable power source to ensure that vulnerable patients – specifically those who rely on electricity to sustain their lives – are not disrupted. In rural Sub-Saharan Africa, however, it’s estimated that only about 28% of hospitals have reliable electricity.

Monitoring Moodle Applications to Deliver High Quality Educational Services

In this article, we will cover a case study of one of our higher education customers using eG Enterprise to proactively monitor and troubleshoot their Moodle applications to ensure service availability and performance for their staff and students.

South East Asia-based company reduces its MTTR using Applications Manager

Founded in 1983, KFin Technologies is a leading transaction processing platform based in South East Asia. The organization serves the mission-critical needs of asset managers with clients in mutual funds, AIFs, pension, wealth management, and corporations in India and abroad.

Agents of Transformation: Helping IT teams achieve greatness at The University of Texas at San Antonio

With a broad, cross-functional mindset and a boost from AppDynamics, The University of Texas at San Antonio’s (UTSA) IT team has morphed from an error-resolving group into an innovation machine. Here's how they did it.

How The Washington Post uses Datadog to detect and respond to traffic spikes early

Stephen Erickson, Director of Engineering at The Washington Post, discusses how Datadog's alerting and unified visibility into their entire architecture are instrumental in managing dynamic traffic cycles caused by breaking news. An early Datadog alert on the day of the Capitol riots notified the team of a spike in traffic so they were able to respond and scale their systems immediately.

The Path to Continuous Cloud Optimization

Implementing change in an organization always has its challenges, and for it to be successful it requires support from executive management. For one of our large Managed Service Provider (MSP) clients, their new CIO was focused on making their customer’s cloud consumption more efficient, with the outcome being cost savings.