Case Study


How A Metal Manufacturer Used Trello To Digitize A 'Rusty' Process

With almost a century of experience, McCorvey Sheet Metal Works has their industry craft nailed down to a fine science. From its start as a mom-and-pop shop to an impressive corporation spanning across multiple states, they surely are doing plenty right. McCorvey Sheet Metal Works specializes in HVAC sheet metal detailing, fabricating, and installing, and is a perfect example of how to successfully scale a business from the ground up.


Context is Everything - How SPS Commerce uses context to embrace complexity

If there is one thing that all Software as a Service (SaaS) companies understand, it is the pressure of “being fired”, as SPS Commerce’s Andy Domeier puts it. SPS Commerce is a cloud-based supply chain management software company and Andy is a Senior Director of Technology there - so he knows what he is talking about. Part of the core value of buying SaaS solutions is that you are typically buying a subscription, which means that you can also cancel that subscription at some point.


How LAIKA uses Mattermost to create award-winning animated films

Making award-winning stop-motion animated films is a complex, time-consuming process. To illustrate, LAIKA—an animation studio based in Hillsboro, Oregon—has released several feature-length films since its 2005 inception, including Coraline, The Boxtrolls, and Missing Link. During peak production periods, the company has more than 550 employees working out of its headquarters and also employs a team of contractors that is spread out across the world.


Large Diamond Mining Organization Adopts OnPage

Diamond mining is recognized as a dangerous occupation, causing serious accidents for mineworkers across the globe. Often times, these incidents turn out to be fatal because the victim didn’t receive immediate care from first responders. However, significant strides are being made to minimize the impact of these accidents by large, international organizations.


Customer Spotlight: Mobile Club

Mobile Club has automated and personalised their customer interactions by using Zenaton to build and run customer processes in their application and trigger communications - while freeing up the tech team to work on core features. Zenaton workflows make it easy to iterate on the custom rules within their processes and to react quickly to customer needs and trends to optimize their product.


Kudos: Empowering researchers with time series data and the Elastic Stack

Kudos provides a free platform that helps researchers take a more structured, evidence-based approach to communications. For research to have an impact, the people using it need to find it and understand it. This requires effective communication and reach beyond traditional academic activities such as publishing in journals and giving talks at specialist conferences. But researchers have limited time and expertise to reach these broader audiences or to provide evidence of their reach and engagement.


How Worldline puts APIs at the heart of payments services

Editor’s note: Today we hear from Worldline, a financial services organization that creates and operates digital platforms handling billions of critical transactions between companies, partners, and customers every year. In this post, Wordline head of alliances and partnerships Michaël Petiot and head of API platform support Tanja Foing explain how APIs and API management enable this €2.3 billion enterprise to offer its services to partners in a wide variety of industries.


With Elasticsearch, NowPow connects the 'caring ecosystem' to people in need

NowPow is short for "Knowledge is Power," and the Chicago-based startup is clearly living up to its name. The company’s mission is partnering with health systems, health plans, and community-based groups to facilitate patient referrals to hyperlocal organizations that help people stay well, address social risk, manage illness, and care for others.


Aquicore Seeks to Enhance Their Customers' Competitive Advantage by Improving LEED and ENERGY STAR Recognitions

Aquicore provides their commercial real estate (CRE) customers with a platform that allows them to track, analyze and predict building and energy data. Through their cloud-based solution, Aquicore’s clients have access to their IoT-driven smart asset platform. It’s easy to get started with the product and it helps improve communication between executives, property managers and building engineers.


SolveBio enlists the Elastic Stack to help scientists fight cancer

SolveBio finds itself at the junction of technology and genomics — working primarily in the precision medicine space to help pharmaceutical companies in research and development, specifically in the realm of oncology. At the core of its mission, this New York-based startup delivers solutions to large pharma companies, enabling them to leverage sizable amounts of complex molecular data for exploratory research and clinical drug development.