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Case Study

How Complyt used Datadog's Cloud Cost Management to reduce their cloud spend

Learn how the team at Complyt was able to integrate Cloud Cost Managament in a matter of hours and quickly pinpoint underutilized services to cut their cloud spend in half. CCM delivers cost data where engineers work and with resource-level context like CPU, memory, and requests — easily scoped to their services and applications — so that they can take action and spend effectively.

How SOCAR is driving visibility using Sumo Logic

SOCAR needed an observability solution that could parse logs, monitor ephemeral infrastructure in Kubernetes and ensure high visibility into their application, all at a price that fit their budget. Sumo Logic checked all those boxes and has already boosted team collaboration. Learn more about their purchase decision and how they're already making unexpected discoveries.

Photowatt, a French EDF group subsidiary trusts Icinga

We take pride in our diverse range of customers and users worldwide who trust Icinga for their monitoring needs. That’s why we’re showcasing some of these enterprises with their Success stories. It’s stories from companies or organizations just like yours, of any size and different kinds of industries.

Flight to Success: Birdie's DevOps Evolution Fueled by Observability Insights

Birdie wanted to uplevel observability to a platform that would provide meaningful insights for application performance and debugging. Ensuring customers can provide seamless and timely care to in-home patients stands as a top priority for Birdie, and the development team takes pride in building and maintaining a high-quality platform distinguished by its reliability and responsiveness.

Internet VPN Performance Troubleshooting For Multi-Site SMBs with Obkio's Basic Plan

At Obkio, we frequently get asked the question by potential customers: "Which plan do I need?". So we decided to share the perfect use case to provide clarity. What better way to illustrate the capabilities of our Basic Plan than by showcasing a real-life scenario of a multi-site SMB taking advantage of it?

Datadog Conversations: Toyota's Shift to Software-First Mobility

As the world’s largest automotive manufacturer and the leading software-first mobility company, Toyota leans on Datadog to achieve its goals of delivering value to customers and uplifting employees with new technologies and processes. Jason Ballard, IT Executive and General Manager, shares his top priorities for the enterprise in North America and offers his advice for how other leaders in the industry can transform their business.

The revolution in critical incident response at Dock: efficient integration and service improvement

In this article, we will explore how Dock is working to significantly enhance its response time to critical incidents, emphasizing effective integration between tools as key to success. We will address how we challenge the conventional approach by shifting the focus from Mean Time to Acknowledge (MTTA) to Mean Time to Combat (MTTC), a customized metric that measures the time between incident detection and effective communication involving professionals capable of resolving it.

Home Shopping Europe (HSE) increases customer satisfaction using Elasticsearch on AWS

Home Shopping Europe (HSE), a prominent player in the European live commerce sector, has revolutionized its customer experience by leveraging Elastic on AWS. Elastic's AI and ML features in Elasticsearch deliver accurate and relevant search results. This enhancement has not only elevated click-through rates by 4% but has also significantly reduced maintenance time by 42%, marking a pivotal shift for HSE's e-commerce business.

Honeycomb CCP Games Case Study

Imagine a universe in which a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) sets Guinness World Records for the size of its online space battles—and that game is built on 20-year-old code. Well, imagine no more. Welcome to the world of EVE Online, where hundreds of thousands of players interact across 7,800+ star systems and participate in more than one million daily market transactions. As you might guess, updating and maintaining this codebase without interrupting game play could pose quite a challenge.