Case Study

How Gluu Managed To Win Large Enterprise Customers With Rocket.Chat

Managing users and passwords for different applications can be a real challenge. especially if you are an enterprise admin. The stakes are high–get it wrong and hackers may compromise your organization. That’s why Gluu has been helping different organizations to centralize digital authentication since 2009. The Gluu Server is the most comprehensive open-source identity platform on the market.


Through the crisis: Nexthink customer stories (AXA IM)

For a lot of Nexthink’s technical professionals, 2020 has been one of the most challenging and rewarding periods of their professional lives. Our customer base was impacted globally by COVID-19, and we were honored to be able to support them whenever and however we could, working closely to leverage their existing investment, as well as developing and distributing tailored services for those that needed them.


Reciprocal Value

In rotating their tech support tasks, Reciprocity is finding a better way to monitor their code — and a better feel for their process. Joe Alfaro, VP of Engineering at Reciprocity, shares how Sentry helps his team resolve problems before customers can report them. Like most companies, Reciprocity constantly iterates on the best ways to support our product.


Delivering Inspiring Retail Experiences with Rancher

When it comes to deciding where and how to shop for food, consumers have a choice. And it may only take one negative experience with a retailer for a consumer to take their business elsewhere. For food retail leader Albert Heijn, customer satisfaction and innovation at its 950+ retail stores and e-commerce site are driving forces.


Helicopter Services Company Improves Incident Response by 90 Percent With OnPage BlastIT

Efficient team communication requires the proper set of tools and processes, ensuring that the right persons receive timely messages. This way, recipients are well-informed of a critical issue, while having time to address the incident. Unfortunately, a large helicopter services company relied on time-wasting procedures to communicate with stakeholders, resulting in delayed incident response and resolution.


Zebra Technologies Improves Multi-Cloud Monitoring with OpsRamp

Zebra Technologies makes mobile computers, barcode and RFID devices, printers and communications software for healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, retail and other sectors. Despite or maybe even because of Covid-19, the company has a strong outlook; its stock rose 25% in April and is up 16% over the last 52 weeks, according to The Motley Fool. The analyst noted that Zebra’s business process automation technologies help “grease the wheels” of companies during difficult times.

How Vonage Reduces Troubleshooting Time and Deploys Features 2x Faster with Epsagon

As microservices-based applications become more and more complex, the lack of end-to-end visibility can make it difficult to discover and solve issues quickly. Vonage, after modernizing their applications on the cloud, had a hard time detecting and troubleshooting problems in their new hybrid architecture. The company turned to Epsagon and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to gain full observability into their containers and serverless workloads. The results? Vonage saw an immediate 90% reduction in troubleshooting time and 50% faster time to market within their development teams.

Saving Development Resources & Delivering Value With Embedded Analytics: Lessons from SupporTrend's Customer Story

At SupporTrends, hearing and acting on customer feedback is the cornerstone of their mission, and we’re amazed to see how they use Looker to harness this feedback. Recently, Oliver Rowen, SupporTrends Founder, sat down with our team to share why he believes customer feedback is a critical — yet underutilized — resource.


Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service: Fighting cybersecurity fires with Splunk

Everyone at Splunk is very proud of the amazing things that our customers and partners do with their data. It is always extra special when one of those organisations is really doing good and looking after us all in our daily lives. I’m delighted to share one of those stories from the Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service (DFRS) who is using Splunk as its data-driven SIEM.