Case Study


Sentry Integration Platform: Project Management with Clubhouse

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — teamwork makes the dream work. Nothing quite says teamwork like a software development project management tool that focuses heavily on enabling every person on every team to work collaboratively. In this case, that tool is Clubhouse, who also just happens to be an early adopter for the Sentry Integration Platform.

Nationwide on the Customer’s Side: Modernizing Legacy Systems with APIs

Nationwide Mutual Insurance, a 93-year-old Fortune 100 company, has embraced digital transformation, setting out on a mission to modernize legacy systems. Tune into this conversation with Rick Schnierer, AVP at Nationwide, and John Rethans, Head of Digital Transformation Strategy at Google Cloud’s Apigee team, to learn about the role APIs play in accelerating IT services and streamlining development and integration.

Increasing Business Intelligence User Adoption with Looker at Adore Me

Achieving user adoption is a challenge that is as unique as the people that make up an organization. There is no exact recipe for it, and no bulleted list you can follow to get there. The reality is, whether you’re switching over to a shiny new tool or revamping an entire process, human beings have a tendency to be resistant to change. This can make addressing user adoption quite tricky.

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User Story: Epic Hospital Reduces Logon Times by 80%

The below screen shots were provided by a large non-profit healthcare organization that includes 4 acute care hospitals, over 20 clinics and 5,000 Citrix users. The Healthcare IT team received reports from clinicians about slow logon times. This document describes how the Citrix engineer used Goliath Performance Monitor to pinpoint and troubleshoot the “Citrix is Slow” complaint and implement a fix action that permanently resolved the issue while reducing logon times by more than 80%.


PsyInnovations Achieves Serverless Governance with PureSec

wayForward, the flagship product of PsyInnovations, is a mental and emotional wellness service that was built using AWS Lambda serverless platform. PsyInnovations wanted to add security controls and get visibility to the security posture of their serverless applications. However, application layer protection solutions designed for traditional applications did not meet the needs and could not be deployed on serverless architecture.