Case Study


The challenges of monitoring a highly complex database estate at the University of the Sunshine Coast

As the manager for enterprise applications and data at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, I face a lot of unique challenges. The university itself has around 25,000 students, 1,000 permanent staff and another 1,000 seasonal staff who assist with key academic sessions. They’re spread out across the flagship campus at Sippy Downs and a number of satellite campuses and research and teaching facilities in other locations.


The Key to Unlocking IT Modernization's Power? Enterprise level Transformation

The United States Veterans Administration (VA) over the last decade underwent a massive enterprise-wide IT transformation, eliminating its fragmented shadow IT and adopting a centralized system capable of supporting the agency’s 400,000 employees and more effectively utilizing its $240 billion-plus annual budget. The result: A more reliable and modern IT environment that improves access, availability, and user experience -ultimately supporting the VA mission more effectively.

Appian & Ignyte: Mental Health Case Management

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an increased need for mental health assistance, and the ability to gain said assistance in a virtual setting. Learn about Ignyte's mental health case management application that connects mental health professionals to their patients wherever and whenever they need them, for reliable, secure access on the Appian HIPAA Compliant cloud.

Fintech startup, Branch makes data analytics easy with BigQuery

As a startup in the fintech sector, Branch helps redefine the future of work by building innovative, simple-to-use tech solutions. We’re an employer payments platform, helping businesses provide faster pay and fee-free digital banking to their employees. As head of the Behavioral and Data Science team, I was tapped last year to build out Branch’s team and data platform. I brought my enthusiasm for Google Cloud and its easy-to-use solutions to the first day on the job.


5 workflow automations for Mattermost that we love at n8n

n8n is a fair-code licensed tool that helps you automate tasks, sync data between various sources, and react to events — all via a visual workflow editor. Our team has been using Mattermost for internal communication since the very beginning, and in time we have developed a ChatOps practice by integrating Mattermost with our workflows. In this article, we present five of our favorite use cases of n8n with Mattermost, for both work productivity and team engagement.


Qventus helps hospitals plan through COVID-19 with data applications

Qventus applies innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, behavioral science, and operations management to hospital operations. Our products include the first patient-flow automation solution for healthcare, and new tools developed in response to COVID-19 that help hospitals forecast and plan for their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needs and post-acute planning.

Nuxeo: Developing resilient services and delivering outstanding customer experiences with Datadog

Joe Quinto and Stephen Bouzan, of Nuxeo, a content services platform, talk about how Datadog helps them stay one or two steps ahead of their customers in identifying and responding to issues–so their customers can focus on building smarter content applications and getting to market faster.

Snyk chats with Shutterstock about building a DevSecOps culture

While it’s relatively easy to buy modern security tools, the culture of a company can have an enormous impact on the successful rollout of new security processes. In fact, one of the greatest hurdles for implementing a DevSecOps approach to application security is company-wide adoption. During a recent webinar, Simon Maple, VP of Developer Relations & Community at Snyk spoke with Christian Bobadilla, Director of Product and Application Security at Shutterstock about building a DevSecOps culture.


How BrewDog Successfully Delivered a Customer-Centric Approach During Uncertain Times

The global pandemic has changed the face of e-commerce and customer journeys. As expectations shifted overnight, customer teams found themselves rapidly re-evaluating their customer care process. BrewDog, the best-selling craft beer brewery in the UK, found itself in this situation.