Interview with AI Specialist Dhonam Pemba

For our latest expert interview on our blog, we’ve welcomed Dhonam Pemba to share his thoughts on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and his journey behind founding KidX AI. Dhonam is a neural engineer by PhD, a former rocket scientist and a serial AI entrepreneur with one exit. He was CTO of the exited company, Kadho which was acquired by Roybi for its Voice AI technology. At Kadho Sports he was their Chief Scientist which had clients in MLB, USA Volleyball, NFL, NHL, NBA, and NCAA.

Decoding the power of enterprise AI - ManageEngine Insights Fireside Chat

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly powerful and ubiquitous. This coupled with the rapid pace of AI adoption has many organizations scrambling to adopt some form of enterprise AI. However, many experts also believe that while AI adoption has accelerated in recent times, it may be moving too fast. In a bid not to get left behind, many organizations jump onto the AI bandwagon without fully understanding how it fits in with their organizational strategy. Many business leaders also believe that some level of control and regulations is required to ensure AI solutions achieve their full potential.

What is a decision support system in artificial intelligence (AI)?

Most companies today have no trouble gathering data, but knowing what to do with that data is the tricky—and time-consuming—part. Even brilliant organizations are challenged with making smart business decisions after thorough data analysis. Bridging the gap between data analytics and decisions is where a decision support system (DSS) is incredibly useful.


Increase approval rates with AI-based payment transaction monitoring

The financial world is being increasingly digitized and decentralized with many more networks, data sources and movements that need to be reconciled and monitored — not to mention satisfy compliance requirements with various regulatory bodies. The digital transformation and decentralization of the Fintech segment has resulted in increasing channel complexities, more third party applications and a higher volume and velocity of payments data that need to be monitored in real-time.

Empower Your Network Operations Team With AI

Voice networks are become increasing complex. Unfortunately, most businesses do not have the luxury of having vast multi-domain expertise within their voice network teams to address the all of new operational challenges that comes with SIP, Cloud Architectures, Multi-Access Networks, Policy and Routing, and so on. That overwhelming complexity inherently is driving the need for different types solutions to ensure efficient operations.

An In-Depth Guide to Data Labeling - Tools, Best Practices & More

Artificial intelligence (AI) drives innovations across all facets of our lives, from self-driving cars to email spam filtering to personalized shopping to smart homes and automated investing. There's no denying that these critical innovations wouldn’t have been possible without today’s businesses’ impressive data gathering capabilities. But perhaps more important is the ability to train AI tools using the data.


Transforming the Gaming Industry with AI Analytics

In 2020, the gaming market generated over 177 billion dollars, marking an astounding 23% growth from 2019. While it may be incredible how much revenue the industry develops, what’s more impressive is the massive amount of data generated by today’s games. There are more than 2 billion gamers globally, generating over 50 terabytes of data each day.