Part 2: How Artificial Intelligence Is Affecting the B2B Customer Support Sector

The main focus of B2B companies is to offer unmatched support to their customers. Failing to do so will increase the likeliness of customer churn and also damage their reputation.That’s why an increasing number of businesses are leveraging AI every year to enhance their brand and provide a level of support required to stay competitive. In Part 1 of this series we introduced the first two of five ways AI is impacting the B2B customer support sector. Here are next three ways.

Building versus buying an ML management platform

According to Gartner, 85 percent of all AI projects fail, and the majority of organizations actively developing a machine learning capability are struggling to extract a return on their AI investment. Therefore it is crucial to know up front what to expect in terms of infrastructural requirements, developer workloads, time, and costs associated with building an in-house machine learning management platform so you can prepare to meet your goals.

Algorithmia integration: how to deploy your models from SageMaker to production

Algorithmia enables data science teams to deploy models from many different model training platforms, including Amazon SageMaker. SageMaker provides different components such as notebooks and training jobs that enable developers and data scientists to build and train machine learning models. The ability to deploy from many different training environments to Algorithmia lets data scientists use their preferred development tools and existing model training platforms.

allegro AI

How Neural Guard Built its X-Ray & CT Scanning AI Production Pipeline - Customer Story

Neural Guard produces automated threat detection solutions powered by AI for the security screening market. With the expansion of global trends like urbanization, aviation, mass transportation, and global trade, the associated security and commercial challenges have become ever more crucial.


Improve conversion and retention for OTT platform with AI-enabled anomaly detection

The data revolution in India in the recent past resulted in high bandwidth internet, low mobile data tariffs, and access to the best smartphones and upcoming technologies. It paved the path for rapid digitization and rapid adoption. One of the most noticeable and significant changes was the way Indians consumed video content. The likes of Youtube have millions of daily active users from India alone.


Using Machine Learning for Root Cause Analysis

From a security breach to a complete system outage, when an incident occurs and your network or service is impacted, it’s typically the result of a chain of events. A problem with one service has impacted another service, and so on until finally, you’re facing a problem that’s compromising availability and damaging your customer experience. In the event of a serious incident, your team’s immediate response is to focus on identifying the root cause and restoring service.