Use AI to fight AI-powered cyber-attacks

Cyber-attacks are commonly viewed as one of the most severe risks to worldwide security. Cyber-attacks are not the same as they were five years back in aspects of availability and efficiency. Improved technology and more efficient offensive techniques provide the opportunity for cybercriminals to initiate attacks on a vast scale with a higher effect. Intruders employ new methods and launch more comprehensive strategies based on AI to compromise systems.


Use AI in Customer Service To Transform Your Customer Experience in 2021

We often hear that Artificial Intelligence is the future. The truth is that it’s already here, and if you’re not already using AI for customer service, you’re missing out. Integrating AI into customer service can drastically improve CX. It helps identify customer pain points, automates processes, speeds up decision-making, and optimises service delivery.

Algorithmia and MLflow: Integrating open-source tooling with enterprise MLOps

We’re excited to share our new integration with MLflow, a popular open-source platform for managing various stages of the ML lifecycle. With this new integration, you can build and train your models using MLflow, then deploy them to production with Algorithmia where you can use our advanced features for enterprise ML operations and governance.

The Real World AI Experiment

Few people can understand the difference between theory and practice more clearly than a chess Grandmaster. Our little 64-square laboratory has space for centuries of ideas. With more moves than atoms in the solar system, my ancient boardgame has limitless complexity for the human mind—and was even enough to stump the world’s fastest computers for decades.


Conversational AI Chatbots- The Best Solution for Your Customer Engagement

Conversational AI chatbots are a new vector of artificial intelligence use case that makes the user experience satisfactory, providing immediate response. This technology enables users to converse with applications through various means, such as via text, voice, touch, or gesture, which are closely the same as humans. Users find it much more impressive as they can communicate with their vocabulary and terminologies.


AI on premise: benefits and a predictive-modeling use case

Running an Artificial Intelligence (AI) infrastructure on premise has major challenges like high capex and requires internal expertise. It can provide a lot of benefits for organisations that want to establish an AI strategy. The solution outlined in this post illustrates the power and the utility of the universal Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM) using Juju, a universal OLM, to create and manage on premise AI infrastructure.