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How Automation and AI are Transforming Service Desks in 2022?

To modernize how organizations do business worldwide, they are adopting AI along with digital technologies. By doing so, companies strive to enhance productivity and efficiency and innovate new customer and employee experiences that will improve competitiveness. Organizations and their leaders must adopt a transformational and holistic mindset to succeed. They need a digital transformation that solves customer experience for multiple service queries.

Getting started with Azimuth - a tool to help understand datasets and models in text classification

In our previous video, you were introduced to AZIMUTH, an open-source software project from ServiceNow. Azimuth is an application that helps AI practitioners better understand their dataset and model predictions by performing thorough dataset and error analyses. The application leverages different tools, including robustness tests, semantic similarity analysis, and saliency maps, unified by concepts such as smart tags and proposed actions.

Fly Wisely with AI on Kubernetes in the Cloud

While organizations have been moving to modernize their IT infrastructures by adopting cloud-native Kubernetes technologies, the pandemic helped accelerate this movement. The surge in cloud services adoption during the lockdowns emphasized the need for organizations to make their business and technology models more agile.

Going faster with intelligent automation

Avantra is an AI powered solution that turns your complex SAP landscape into accelerated hyperautomation. By providing an automation platform it helps SAP ops teams better manage complex mission-critical legacy environments so they can release capacity from the drag of managing complex legacy systems and redirect resources to power hyperautomation success. Shifting the focus from just managing and ‘keeping the lights on’ to creating value.

What Makes the Automated Testing Process More Reliable Than Manual Testing?

Manual software testing processes have been around for decades and have proved reliable all these years. However, when benchmarked with automated testing processes, it seems to be lacking in this regard. It is a known fact that test automation speeds up delivery for software testers, but at first glance, this methodology of testing systems and apps seems unreliable. A deeper dive into both automated and manual testing processes reveals a shocking truth.

Top 5 AI Writing Tools for Students

In some majors, students do so much writing that they can't possibly do without writing assistance. Otherwise, never-ending homework is almost guaranteed to lead to burnout and loss of interest in one's degree. One of the ways to lessen the burden is to get professional help from writing services. But to buy a subscription for an AI-driven AI writing tool or two is also a great idea. Here are the top few to look out for if you're looking for writing help (in this exact order).

The Future Is Smart: Cloud Native + AI

Leading organizations around the world are adopting cloud-native technologies to build next-generation products because cloud native gives them the agility that they need to stay ahead of their competition. Although cloud native and Kubernetes are very disruptive technologies, there is another technology that is probably the most disruptive technology of our generation, and that is artificial intelligence (AI) and its subset, machine learning (ML).