AI-driven Recharge Monitoring for Telecom Operators

In Telecom, maintaining the loyalty of customers is difficult, as there are alternatives available with customers and the switching cost is low. In Telecom, the nature of the business is designed to be self-serve for the Customers. Therefore, each touchpoint where the Customer needs a service from the operator should be seamless. Prepaid customers contribute a significant part of revenue for telecom operators.


Introduction to Machine Learning Models

Over the last 100 years alone, artificial intelligence has achieved what was once believed to be science fiction: cars that drive themselves, machine learning models that diagnose heart disease better than doctors can, and predictive customer analytics that lead to companies knowing their customers better than their parents do. This machine learning revolution was sparked by a simple question: can a computer learn without explicitly being told how?

Allegro AI

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Open source holds the key to autonomous vehicles

A growing number of car companies have made their autonomous vehicle (AV) datasets public in recent years. Daimler fueled the trend by making its Cityscapes dataset freely available in 2016. Baidu and Aptiv respectively shared the ApolloScapes and nuScenes datasets in 2018. Lyft, Waymo and Argo followed suit in 2019. And more recently, automotive juggernauts Ford and Audi released datasets from their AV research programs to the public.


Machine learning in cybersecurity: Training supervised models to detect DGA activity

How annoying is it when you get a telemarketing call from a random phone number? Even if you block it, it won’t make a difference because the next one will be from a brand new number. Cyber attackers employ the same dirty tricks. Using domain generated algorithms (DGAs), malware creators change the source of their command and control infrastructure, evading detection and frustrating security analysts trying to block their activity.


How to Introduce Yourself to Machine Learning

Most IT and business leaders know that despite the economic and human disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation will ultimately speed up, not slow down. The immediate challenges of the pandemic have led companies to find innovative ways to get things done, relying on data-driven decisions and technologies.


Conversational AI: Focus on user experience

Conversational AI technology is going to be transformational as the possibilities seem to be growing with the spurt in the reach of digital devices, soon augmented with AI-enabled conversational interfaces. From fetching data to answering questions, conversational AI can mimic all that a human agent does but in quicker time, giving users immediate access to information or providing immediate responses.