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How Can A Rephrase App Helps Professional Writers To Attain More Productivity?

Rephrasing apps on mobile phones are becoming increasingly popular. And, since professional content writers require things that allow them to work on the go, these apps are their ideal companions. So, how exactly does it help improve productivity? Let's find out.

Why is Mobile Device Management (MDM) Important?

Today, almost every IT department or MSP uses some form of mobile technology. Even though smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other mobile endpoints are incredibly useful for an organization, they can be difficult to manage. TechFunnel’s article on mobile devices in the workplace announces that one laptop is stolen every 53 seconds, while 7 million smartphones are lost every year.


What's New: PagerDuty Mobile Home Screen Experience

Hybrid and remote work is now the status quo. Companies campaigning for workers to return to the office are facing resistance, with some employers finding that they’re losing employees to jobs that give prospective hires the flexibility they want. Flexible work models have become a competitive advantage in a strained labor market. According to the latest Future of Work report from Accenture, 63% of high-growth companies have adopted a “productivity anywhere” workforce model.


Replaying flows and troubleshooting issues in mobile app development using OpenTelemetry

iOS and Android apps are often a common component of distributed applications, forming a key part of the software architecture. These mobile apps provide another way to access data and perform actions on various services, requiring tight integration between the apps and the components which serve the data and control it.


Auto-scaling of Intel FlexRAN components based on MicroK8s and Ubuntu real-time kernel support

RAN has incrementally evolved with every generation of mobile telecommunications, thus enabling faster data transfers between user devices and core networks. The amount of data has increased more than ever with an increase in the number of interlinked devices. With existing network architectures, challenges lie in handling increasing workloads with the ability to process, analyse and transfer data faster. The 5G ecosystem requires virtual implementations of RAN.


Mobile Cloud Computing: Overview, Challenges and Scope

The process of delivering mobile apps utilizing cloud technology is known as mobile cloud computing (MCC). Complex mobile apps today carry out activities including authentication, location-aware features and providing users with customized communication and content. As long as your device is online, mobile cloud computing enables you to store and access data anywhere. This makes it possible for data to be sent without difficulty anytime required.

Cloud-Based Email Security - Managing Your Email Security from Anywhere

There's a lot of talk about cloud-based email security. Many companies are using it, and many people are interested in it. But not many understand how it works or why they should consider switching from their current solution. That's why it's necessary to know why you should consider cloud-based email security for your business and how it works.

Securing Productivity in Supply Chains

Mobile device management – it’s been part of your operational technology portfolio for a long time. You’ve been using it for years – or maybe decades – to stage device configurations, push software updates and more. You might be using our Ivanti Avalanche MDM solution to manage your rugged mobile deployments. The device, OS and app management capabilities remain at the center of your mobility management program, and that isn’t going to change.

FutureNet Asia Fireside Chat: The Journey to Cloud-Native

What does the future of networks look like? The Keynote Fireside chat at Future Net Asia 2022 with Rakuten SVP & Global Head of Telco Cloud Vivek Chadha demystifies the cloud-native paradigm, with discussions on pertinent topics, such as the increased adoption of 5G cloud-native networks; the brand new possibilities that Edge opens up for AI/ML use cases beyond 5G and Open RAN; optimizing control vs costs in public and private cloud set-ups, and more. Featuring moderator Aaron Boasman-Patel, Vice President AI, TM Forum.