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Getting Started with Correlation

Correlation is a method of grouping related monitoring alerts into a single high-level incident. In this video, we'll explain how BigPanda utilizes pattern recognition to automatically detect which alerts are likely related; correlates them into high-level, actionable incidents; and allows you to see, edit and test the correlation patterns before going into production.

Getting Started with Normalization and Enrichment

In BigPanda, normalization is the translation of payloads from different systems into a consistent taxonomy. Enrichment is the process of adding context to the alerts by associating them with relevant information such as topology maps, runbook links, metadata and more. In this video we are going to walk you through a powerful technique for normalizing & enriching alerts called Custom Tags.

Getting Started with BigPanda - Overview

Welcome to the first installment of the Getting Started with BigPanda video series. BigPanda’s "No Experts Required" setup can be broken down into six steps: Out of the box integrations (outbound and inbound), normalization and enrichment, correlation, environments, collaboration & sharing and user management. In this video we will provide an overview of each, and subsequent videos will provide more in-depth information into each area.

Auvik Road Map Webinar - Q4 2020

Since our last roadmap update in May, we’ve released syslog, integrations with multiple new apps like ServiceNow, a new and improved application classifier in TrafficInsights to better identify your traffic mix, and a whole lot more. Now, we invite you to a sneak peek into what’s ahead for the rest of 2020 and early ‘21. Auvik VP of Product Management Patrick Albert will walk you through what’s on the Auvik development calendar and what features and functionalities you can expect to see on your dashboard in the coming months.