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Civo: The story so far and our vision for the future - Mark Boost

Our CEO Mark Boost looks back at the Civo story so far, and our vision beyond the KUBE100 beta. Taken from our Online Meetup #6 session where we discussed our plans for ending the KUBE100 beta in the coming months, plus some of the exciting recent developments and future features we have in the works. Get free credit to try the world’s first K3s-powered, managed Kubernetes service.

Going Beyond Observability for Spark Applications & Databricks Environments

Join Chris Santiago, Solutions Engineer Director at Unravel Data, as he takes you through Unravel’s approach to getting better and finer grain visibility with Spark applications and how to tune and optimize them for resource efficiency. An overview of out of the box tools like Ganglia and their overall lack of visibility on Databricks jobs How Unravel helps you gain finer grain visibility, observability, monitoring into Spark data pipelines How Unravel can recommend better configurations and tuning of Spark applications.