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Hector's Asset Tracking Software - How to subscribe ?

Do you have asset tracking issues? Do you spend hours updating your inventory on an Excel file? Introducing Hector, your ultimate asset manager. This short video will give you an overview on how you can subscribe to our solution. Our software is regularly updated with feedback from our users. Choose a solution that fits your needs! Hector is a SaaS solution that can be customized to your needs. Free yourself from the constraints of inventory management and choose a solution that suits you.

Create Alerts on Cloud Monitoring

Are you interested to know about alerts in Cloud Monitoring? Would you like to know how to create metric based alerts for Google cloud products through cloud monitoring? In this video we introduce you to Alerts in Cloud Monitoring, how it works, the different types of alerting policies. Watch this video to learn how to create metric based alerts for Google cloud products.

SBOMs The New Standard in Supply Chain Security - DevOpsCon NY 2022

Software supply chain attacks using software vulnerabilities remain a key avenue of initial access for attackers Organizations had to scramble to find out if critical vulnerabilities like Log4J were running on their systems. In response, Software Bill of Materials or SBOMs are being quickly adopted by enterprises around the globe, so what are they all about? The Linux Foundation research team revealed that 78% of organizations expect to produce or consume the Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs) in 2022.

How to De-Risk Product Launches with Device Reliability Engineering

You're expected to deliver your IoT and edge devices on time. Once shipped, your customers expect the devices to work perfectly 100% of the time with regular updates that deliver new features. How can your product and engineering teams meet your deadlines and the growing demands of your customers? In this recorded webinar, Memfault CEO François Baldassari discusses how to utilize reliability engineering techniques to de-risk product launches and ship on time.