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Real World Software Development: Finding, Reproducing, and Fixing Bugs

Veteran developers and staff engineers at InfluxData, Nga Tran and Andrew Lamb, have an honest conversation about dealing with software bugs. Bugs can be frustrating, but they can also be thrilling. They are a sign that people are actually using your software - and that's a good thing! Andrew and Nga talk through a recent bug their team encountered, how they approached resolving the issue, and what considerations go into building a permanent fix.

AI Hazards for Product Teams Five problems you'll have to solve

How might we realize the value of AI without blowing up any businesses? Artificial intelligence can bring transformative potential. The AI/ML promise comes with risks, challenges and unknowns. This talk focuses on the potential blockers in privacy, accuracy, ethics, costs, and stability, and provides a framework to evaluate and mitigate these risks.

Ep. 23 Balancing the Scales Cost, Technology, and FinOps

In this episode of Cloud Control podcast, hosts Sean Harris and Danal Burke are joined by special guest Dvir Mizrahi, Head of Financial Engineering and FinOps at Wix.com. They discuss the transition from DevOps to FinOps and the challenges that come with it. Dvir explains how they took a ground-up approach at Wix, involving the Engineering teams in the FinOps process and aligning it with their existing processes. They also talk about the importance of tools in managing and monitoring cloud costs, and how Wix developed their own in-house tool to suit their specific needs.

Web Performance Monitoring Recorder Migration

Upgrade Your Web Performance Monitoring with SolarWinds 2024.2! Join Crystal Taylor, SolarWinds evangelist, as she shares exciting news about the latest enhancements in web performance monitoring! If you've been using our WPM transaction recorder, it's time to embrace the future with our updated Chromium-based recorder. What's Inside: Overview of the transition from Internet Explorer to Chromium.

SolarWinds Platform 2024 2 Update

In this video, join Sasha as we dive into the seamless update process from version 2024.1 to 2024.2. Whether you're a tech newbie or a seasoned IT pro, see how easy and efficient it is to perform online updates without the hassle of visiting the server room! Key Highlights: Step-by-step walkthrough of the update process Tips for handling lab environments vs. production systems Essential security recommendations you need to know.

Rancher Live: Building for the edge

The rise of Edge deployments has changed the landscape of problems that enterprises face. The growing importance of zero-touch provisioning at the edge has caused a shift in how downstream workloads are deployed and configured. Low bandwidth and air-gapped scenarios have complicated the existing provisioning workflows, shifting the configuration burden from a post-deployment solution to the base image.