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DevOps KPIs as a Service: Daimler's Solution

Daimler supports its developers with a centrally curated DevOps toolchain, including a cloud native platform based on Cloud Foundry. The idea is to free hundreds of dev teams from operations scaffolding and allow them to instead focus on delivering their products. “Platform-as-a-product” is the strategy to keep up with the demand and the continuous feature evolution. KPIs are part of the platform. Some are consumed by the platform team to measure the success of the platform itself. Others are provided as “KPIs-as-a-service” to the platform customers.

How (Not) to Develop a Modern Product Management Practice at Speed

Tesco Bank has embarked on a digital transformation journey, and at the heart of it lies a shift of culture and the adoption of modern product development practices. What could go wrong? Everything! Culture, leadership, bureaucracy, route to production, you name it. Yet, with the help of VMware Pivotal Labs, we delivered an amazing product during a time of great need for our customers.