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How Geotab Drives Smart City Innovation, Using BigQuery (Next Rewind '18)

Geotab is one of the world's leading asset tracking companies, with more than 1M vehicles under service every day. They use BigQuery as their enterprise data warehouse to derive new insights from their location data – opening up new possibilities of value for their customers and entirely new lines of business.

How SDX breaks down data silos

Share and persist the context of your data between workloads with Cloudera SDX (Shared Data Experience). In this video Product Marketing Manager Wim Stoop whiteboards the challenges the technology addresses and how SDX provides maximum cloud flexibility, enabling enterprise IT to control workloads anywhere, managed anyway, and deliver a shared data experience business and data professionals demand.

API Fortress - Explainer Video

API Fortress is an API testing suite as a platform. A versatile platform for any company that relies on APIs. Create and automate functional tests, virtualize APIs, and perform load tests. Save time with automated test generation, collaborate with an intuitive interface, and validate deployments to catch problems before your customers or partners.

Logs for Dogs: Automating Infrastructure, Scaling, Deployment, Logging and Alerting at Wag!

Looking for best practices to keep on top of the availability of your application in the cloud and keep your customers happy? Come and listen to Dave Bullock, Software Engineer and Architect at Wag!, as he recounts his team’s journey. Wag has radically improved their infrastructure and visibility into their systems and application with a combination of Terraform and Sumo Logic.