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Monitoring is a powerful tool that can unlock new pathways to growth. At LogicMonitor, we expand what’s possible for businesses by advancing the technology behind them. We seamlessly monitor infrastructures, empowering companies to focus less on problem solving and more on evolution. We turn on a complete view in minutes, turn the dial from maintenance to innovation and turn the corner from sight to vision. Join us in shaping the information revolution.

Kick-Starting a Culture of Observability and Data-Driven DevOps - SignalFx at Velocity 2019

Rajesh Raman, chief architect at SignalFx, dives into the practice of observability, demonstrating how a more analytics-driven approach to metrics, traces, and other monitoring signals can improve observability. Presentation from O’Reilly Velocity Conference 2019.

Advances in Deep Learning for Image Analysis

Cloudera Fast Forward Labs’ latest applied machine learning research report focuses on advancements in Deep Learning for Image Analysis. Research and commercial interest in deep learning has exploded in the last five years, driving remarkable advancements across applications including medical imaging, autonomous vehicles, news and media (including manipulation), and art.

Transfer Learning for Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Cloudera Fast Forward Labs’ latest applied machine learning research report is about boosting natural language processing (NLP) with transfer learning. Organizations large and small have volumes of valuable data stored as free-form text yet the scale of data combined with the complexities of language processing makes using it to drive insight and automation a challenge.

Kubernetes Master Class: Using Persistent Storage in Kubernetes and Project Longhorn

It’s often considered hard to use persistent storage correctly with Kubernetes. The concepts of Volume, PV, PVC, Storage Class; the implication of read-write-once vs read-write-many; the difference between Deployment vs StatefulSet are each obstacles for users to fully understand Kubernetes’s persistent storage.

Creating a successful API Program: Gateway vs API Management

In this video, Google's Irfan Baqui discusses how to have a well thought strategy driving your API program, what a successful API program looks like and how Walgreens, a hundred year old enterprise has been thinking innovatively about their API strategy and their iterative journey through multiple years transforming their business with a successful in the API program.