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How Snyk Gains End-to-end Observability using

Snyk is a developer-centric organization focused on open source and container security for modern engineering teams. In our latest customer perspective, Anton Drukh, VP of Engineering, sat down with our team to discuss how the organization gains full production visibility and end-to-end observability with the help of

January Online Meetup - Kong for Kubernetes 0.7

We announced the latest release of Kong for Kubernetes! Features include encrypted credentials, mutual authentication using TLS, native gRPC routing, performance improvements among other things. With this release, Kong for K8s now has 100% coverage of Kong Gateway’s administrative API functions. This means that all the features of the Kong Gateway can now be used natively on Kong for K8s through Kubernetes resources.

Single and cohesive view into your healthcare IT environment

Join Blue Medora experts, Chuck Petrie & Peter Haagenson, as they discuss the benefits of building a single view for end-to-end monitoring of your healthcare environment. Learn how monitoring Epic alongside the rest of your IT environment can increase reliability, improve productivity and lower cost of ownership.

3rd party Database Visibility in GCP with Deep Telemetry in Stackdriver

Persistent data management is challenging, especially for companies experiencing fast growth or volatility in data proliferation. Performance telemetry is vital for operating databases like PostgreSQL, Oracle, and SAP HANA. Viewing third-party database telemetry in the context of a full Google Cloud environment allows you to understand impact and relationships.