How to Stay on Google's Good Side

For the first 6 months of 2020, Google has continued its monopoly on search engine use with an average net market share of 69.24%. Google’s continued favoritism puts it in a position to funnel the bulk of interested organic web traffic to your business making its blacklist a costly place to be. So, how do you stay on this giant’s good side?


Google Blacklisting: What It Is & How to Avoid It

Nothing devastates website traffic more than getting on Google’s bad side. While SEO teams worry about changing algorithms and penalties, there’s another aspect of Google that tech teams should be aware of: the Google Blacklist. Even if your site is available, Google Blacklisting prevents visitors from reaching it. And the results are catastrophic. Sites on the Google blacklist can lose up to 95% of organic traffic. Google blacklists about 10,000 sites a day.


Domain Blacklists: How to Check and Remove Your Site

Are website visitors experiencing problems with accessing your website or email? Your domain may be blacklisted. If your website isn’t available, blacklists can wreak havoc on your web traffic potentially resulting in lost revenue. It’s crucial to remedy the problem immediately. includes a Domain Blacklist Check to continually monitor your site for issues.

super monitoring

Monitor your domain, SSL certificate, blacklists and robots.txt

Super Monitoring introduced a new type of check: “Daily Health”, which checks once a day the domain and SSL certificate’s expiration dates, the validity of the certificate, presence of the site on blacklists and detects whether the website is blocking search engine robots.


Feature Spotlight: Domain Blacklist Check

Domain Blacklist checks from will check your site once each day against approximately 100 of the most well-known spam blacklists to determine if your mail server appears on them. Your domain may be flagged as a spam website for sending too many emails, for sending spam emails, or due to repeated reports by email recipients that the site is spam.

host tracker

Blacklisted again? Why does this keep happening to me?!

Previously, we have introduced one of the “Check site instantly ” board functions - DNSBL - which helps you find out whether your server is blacklisted before it gets out of control. We’re happy to announce that this tool has just got even more awesome! Now you can use our DNSBL check tool as a one-time job or on a regular basis. It means you can keep your IP address in a continuous check against dozens of popular blacklists.

host tracker

Perhaps your IP-address is already blacklisted but you don't even know...

Are you sure that your domain isn’t currently listed with some anti SPAM-database? We recommend you to check this out! As you can be one of those who accidentally fall into being blocked due to spreading spam, malware, viruses or just having dangerous, illegal or prohibited content (links to such content) hosted on their pages.