SOC Prime and Humio Integration

Humio and SOC Prime have built a deep set of platform integrations that simplify security operations for our joint customers. The SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace contains over 5,700 detection rules for Humio and with a single click customers can now push these rules to their Humio service. With SOC Prime’s Continuous Content Management feature customers can have new detection rules that match a defined criteria automatically pushed to their Humio service.

Cloud SIEM: Modernize Security Operations and your Cyber Defense

Scott Crawford, Research Director of Information Security at 451 Research, a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, joined by Greg Market, Vice President and General Manager of Security at Sumo Logic, discuss the increased adoption of cloud as a deployment model for SIEM. Cloud SIEM and various forms of deployment has become a significant factor for enterprises according to survey-based research at 451 Research.

How To Select A SIEM Solution For Your Business?

What is SIEM? SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management that collects, aggregates, and analyses activity from different resources across the entire IT infrastructure of the organization. It collects security data from network devices, servers, domain controllers and more. It provides organizations with next-generation detection, analytics, and response. It provides information of utmost importance but the critical decision lies in how to choose the right SIEM solution for you.


Enabling Faster and More Efficient Cyber Security Incident Response With SIEM & SOAR

While bad actors have become more organized and sophisticated by refining their craft, they are not the only attackers a security professional needs to be concerned with in 2020. There are still opportunistic, less skilled hackers that utilize commoditized exploits. These attack strategies are made possible by leveraging resources that are highly profitable and simple to use, such as simple phishing kits or even ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) tactics.


Why Is SOAR A Good Bet For Fighting Mega Cyber Security Breaches?

Not many things keep company executives and heads of federal agencies up at night like mega cyber breaches do. Mega cyber breaches are not only on the rise, but are also becoming increasingly costly to treat. IBM found that a mega-breach can cost an organization anywhere between $40 to a whopping $350 million. There are two variables contributing to mega breaches, and these variables are spread among most organizations.


Three Reasons Why CCPA Compliance May Require SIEM

CCPA, the recent legal privacy innovation in the US, has introduced a lot of requirements for online businesses. We have previously covered the principle of accountability in both CCPA and GDPR, and how an audit log of all data-related activities as well as handling user rights’ requests is important for CCPA compliance. But we sometimes get the question “Is your SIEM going to help us with CCPA compliance?” or even “Is SIEM required for CCPA compliance?”.

How to evaluate & select the right SIEM

In this webinar, we discuss how we evaluated and selected LogPoint SIEM. Cygilant is uniquely positioned to present this webinar as we select best-of-breed technology not just for us but for our customers. How we selected SIEMs to evaluate for our customers What criteria and considerations we use Why we decided to partnered with LogPoint Detection capabilities of LogPoint Real world customer use cases (Fitchburg State University) Benefits of best-of-breed tech combined with best-in-class service

SIEM and XDR: The Same Thing Under The Hood

XDR (Extended Detection and Response) is a new trend by large security vendors, and too often people find themselves asking “okay, what’s the difference with SIEM?”. According to Gartner, the main difference is that it is natively integrated with products, typically from the same vendor, which helps in providing better detection and response capabilities. But let’s take a look into what this means in practice.