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5 Security Logging and Monitoring Mistakes to Avoid

As cybersecurity attack vectors evolve, security logging and monitoring are becoming even more important. Effective logging and monitoring enables organizations to detect and investigate security incidents quickly. Cloud-based attackers are getting more sophisticated, and often rely on stolen credentials to escalate privileges and move laterally within corporate IT networks. Many do so undetected, which is why modern IT systems require a watchful eye on log data to detect suspicious activity and inform incident response efforts.

Modernizing the Data Pipeline with Cribl - Aaron Wilson, iHerb & Jon Rust, Cribl

In the quest to turn our outdated and disorderly SIEM into a modern, streamlined and manageable solution, we turned to Cribl. Together we develop a centrally managed environment that empowered our teams to manage multiple data sources and destinations with improved time-to-value, reducing data flow steps, and increasing sustainability. Join this session to learn how we used Cribl to modernize and streamline our SIEM operations into a single point of management solution.
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EventSentry Security, Security, Security!

Everybody wants to have a more secure network – and everybody has various tools at their disposal to at least improve the security of their network. But which tool is the best for the job, and where do you start? The answer to this question is somewhat easier (and more structured) for organizations that have to adhere to compliance frameworks (ISO, CMMC, PCI, SOC, …), but a little harder for business that have no such requirements.

Announcement: New Integration With Panther Labs SIEM

Observo.ai is excited to share that we now integrate with Panther Labs, a modern SIEM built for the cloud. This enables Panther users to leverage Observo.ai’s powerful telemetry data pipeline features. Observo.ai was created to help Security and DevOps teams solve their biggest telemetry problems. Using Artificial Intelligence, Observo.ai optimizes and transforms data from any source and routes it to the destinations where it has the most value.

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Network Detection and Response Solutions

Endpoint protection has long been fundamental to cybersecurity. But in today’s evolving and expanding digital landscape, with endpoints spanning a wide variety of devices, is traditional endpoint security enough? The ongoing frequency of successful cyberattacks suggests not. Cloud proliferation, remote work and expanding system access add to the challenge. Can you truly trust users to keep their devices secure amidst this shifting landscape?
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It's Not Black Magic: Malware & Ransomware in Plain English

It was almost exactly 10 years ago in December 2013 that we wrote our first blog post about detecting CryptoLocker, which was the first sophisticated Ransomware attack of its kind back then. BTW, 2013 was the year of the Boston Marathon bombing, Edward Snowden leaking secret NSA information, Syrians fleeing their home country and Nelson Mandela passing away.

Aggregate Data in Cribl Stream to Optimize Your SIEM Data and Its Performance

Cribl Stream offers different ways to optimize data, such as: In this blog, I will focus on the Aggregation use case using the Aggregations function and how you can practically use the Aggregations function to format the output in different ways.

Major Hospital System Cuts Azure Sentinel Costs by Over 50% with Observo.ai

A large North American hospital system saw rapid increases in its Microsoft Azure Sentinel SIEM expenses primarily due to the escalating growth of security telemetry data. Their primary data sources were Fortinet Firewall logs, Windows Event Logs, Active Directory, Domain Controller, and DNS logs.