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Protect your StatusGator Account with Two-Factor Auth

StatusGator now supports Two-Factor Authentication, often called 2FA, a more secure way of signing into your account. Using an authenticator app such Google Authenticator, Authy, or a password manager like 1Password, you can now protect your StatusGator account with a second authentication factor, a one-time password (OTP) that you enter after signing in.


StatusCast Top Picks: 10 More Awesome Customer IT Status Pages

IT services are a critical backbone to the operations and functioning of most every business and organization. As more and more IT departments have embraced the need for good governance, this has driven greater transparency. From the perspective of IT service management, this has manifested itself as much greater openness when communicating about IT service availability.


Status Pages: The Ultimate Guide

Status pages have become the end-users window into your team’s operations. Companies with status pages are doing the right thing for their users — building in some transparency while mitigating frustration and support contact. For the benefits of status pages to pay off, organizations need to treat them as something more than active wiki-pages run by support.


5 Downdetector Alternatives: Is There a Better Way to Know if a Service Is Down?

Downdetector is a platform that displays the current status of internet services, websites, mobile apps, and providers. The information is crowdsourced from users who report issues as they come across them. Downdetector is a popular service. Nowadays, organizations depend on a huge variety of services and so need to have the most reliable and detailed view of everything that’s going on.


DNS Incidents Like Cloudflare's Could Turn your Status Page Useless; Here is How to Prevent It

How do I prevent DNS related Issues from affecting my status page? This is a very common question we receive from customers at Statuspal. That is what we decided to write an article with suggestions that answer this question.


Status page aggregation: How to aggregate status pages?

If you’re managing IT or infrastructure these days, you almost certainly depend on dozens of hosted services or cloud applications. From major cloud services like Amazon, Azure, or Google, to customer service tools and marketing platforms, your business depends on the uptime of others. Each of these services publishes a status page where they warn about maintenance, outages, and performance issues but can you keep track of all of those at the same time?


How Status Pages can help you build better relationships with your customers

Uptime monitoring. You keep hearing us talking about it and you know why it’s important, hey, you might even have a StatusCake account. But do you know what to do if you do experience website downtime? Let’s do a little quiz. Your website has suffered two hours of downtime. Do you: If you answered a, you might be a lost cause (I’m only joking, you should just definitely read to the end of this post), and if you answered d, crack out the sales bell and start dinging!


StatusCast expands product offering with Incident Management for IT Platform

May 31, 2022 – Columbia, MD – StatusCast today announced the release of its IT Incident Management service, expanding its flagship offering from best-of-breed Status Page services to include the full incident management life-cycle. The new offering goes beyond standard status updates, allowing IT teams to respond faster and with more effectiveness when systems fail or go offline.