Status Page


Status Page Webhooks: New and Improved!

Since 2015, StatusGator has offered a unique solution for monitoring the status of hundreds of cloud services. By aggregating each service’s status page into a unified API, StatusGator provides the status of all your dependencies in a single place. Our status page webhooks solution was previously quite basic and limited in its capabilities. But we recently launched StatusGator webhooks v2 and invite you to try it now.


Introducing Organization Accounts

Several times throughout the last five years of StatusGator, we have received requests for organizational accounts. As more and larger teams have joined, there’s been a steady increase in requests for multi-user accounts. We are proud to announce that StatusGator Organization accounts are now available on our Start Up plan and above. Our first implementation of this is quite simple: separate user accounts are joined together by linking them to a parent Organization record.


Your Status Page Deserves Its Own Domain

Public status pages have risen to become an essential requirement for all publicly facing web services. A well-constructed status page is a hallmark of a customer-centric organization. Status pages provide transparency and help reduce customer support requests during an inevitable outage. With sufficient component details, they can serve as useful information hubs for customers experiencing issues. There are numerous services to make setting up a status page simple and inexpensive.


Remote Monitoring Third Party Status Pages

The debate around allowing employees to work from home is now moot. Due to these unusual times, businesses must have the ability to handle the majority of their primary functions remotely. The implications of this are pretty broad in scope and have IT shops scrambling to address the concerns of how to monitor the applications that enable efficient work from home strategies.


Status Page Monitoring in Microsoft Teams

Exactly two years ago, Microsoft announced Teams at an elaborate launch event in New York City. Hailed by many as a “Slack killer“, Teams was positioned by Microsoft as a group messaging platform. It was clear from the start that they took aim directly at Slack and its numerous competitors. Slack even acknowledged the encroachment of Microsoft in a full page ad in the New York Times.


How Do I Ask For A Status Page?

Has this scenario happened to you? You found a service. A SaaS product or hosted service: it could be anything. Maybe it’s a continuous integration service or perhaps it’s a service for capturing comments on your web site. Let’s call it Useful Service. You sign up, and you’re happy with it. Now you depend on it and your fortunes are tied to it. But day in and day out, it’s there for you, working reliably. Then all of the sudden: it’s not.