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Status Dashboards: Now with dark mode!

Since we first launched our customizable, brandable, public status dashboards, customers have been asking us for a dark mode version. We’re excited to announce dark mode has arrived! StatusGator is the premier status page aggregator that collects the status of all the services you depend on and organizes them into a handy public dashboard you can send to your team, users, or stakeholders. And now it won’t blind you with it’s bright white background!


Status Dashboards now automatically refresh!

Many customers have requested that StatusGator’s customizable, brandable, aggregated status dashboards automatically refresh. Well your auto refreshing dreams have just come true because StatusGator status dashboards now update every 5 minutes automatically! Each dashboard will now refresh every 300 seconds, otherwise known as 5 minutes, automatically. And, of course, you can still refresh your browser yourself to get the latest content.


You can now customize the names of services in StatusGator

StatusGator is the easiest way to publish a unified status page featuring the status of all the services you depend on. Our public status dashboards have become a favorite feature allowing schools, startups, and enterprises alike to publish a quick and easy page showing the status of all their cloud services. One commonly requested feature has been the ability to customize the name of each status page listed in your dashboard.


How Status Pages Can Help You Retain Customers in This Digital Age

The impact of 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic collectively upended customer behavior with sweeping and immediate changes that we are still feeling the effects of now. As a result people have been forced to live and work differently, which has had a direct impact on consumption patterns and shopping habits. Consumers have for example been displaced from their traditional in-person experiences.


5 features you must have in your status page for effective incident communication

Have you been a frustrated customer at the end of the service line waiting to achieve a resolution for your problem? After all the waiting, you'll hear a voice giving you a standard response: your request will be addressed and resolved soon. An incident need not be a harrowing experience, but can be turned into a positive customer experience using customizable and publicly accessible status pages for timely incident communication.


StatusGator Has A New Look - Monitoring Statuses Just Got Better

Hi! 👋 Colin, the creator of StatusGator, here with big news. TL;DR We just rolled out a massive update (with 7+ new features) and redesigned the entire website. One thing we often heard from people seeing StatusGator for the first time is that it had a rather outdated look. Landing on our website, many people got the impression StatusGator was created 10 years ago and forgotten about.


7 Ways Your Status Page Can Save You

Having a Status Page is like having a dog. A dog alerts you to an incident; sudden noise, approaching neighbor, squirrel… A dog sounds the alarm on an intruder. A dog even alerts you to maintenance by barking at every handyman, garbage truck, and gardener within sight. As a dog fetches the same stick over and over, so does a status page fetch the attention of your users – especially during a live incident – with each browser refresh they wait for the status to change.