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Customize Your Public Dashboard

Many customers have asked us how they can customize the look and feel of their public status dashboard. These pages have become a popular feature of StatusGator. In addition to notifications about the services you depend on, StatusGator provides you single page that you can publish to your users or team aggregating the status of all your services.

New in StatusGator: See component statuses

A small but useful new feature is now available in StatusGator: You can see the status of all the components of a given service from your filter configuration page. As a reminder, component filters are a feature of all StatusGator paid plans. They allow you to filter your notifications and dashboard service statuses to specific components of a given service. Services such as large cloud providers often have dozens or even hundreds of individual regions or products.

Historical status data now available

StatusGator customers on our Venture plan have long had access to historical cloud status data. In the past, a simple support request was all it took to get a CSV or JSON feed of any cloud service status data. Now, we’ve brought that data into the StatusGator app itself. A new menu item is now available: Reports & Data. From there, you can choose a data range and download the complete history of all the services in your dashboard: We’d love to know what you think of this feature.

All About Incident Communication: What it Is, How to Do It, and Why It's Crucial for Business

No matter how much you try to avoid it, incidents are bound to happen. And while your first instinct is to resolve the issue, it shouldn’t be your only priority. By solely focusing on solving the problem and not communicating it to affected stakeholders, like team members and customers, you’re actively making the situation worse. In this article, we’ll discuss what’s incident communication and how to create a strong incident communication plan.

How to improve the customer service experience through status pages

With the 2021 holiday season right around the corner and the COVID-19 pandemic still prevalent, businesses are being conducted online now more than ever. The holiday rush also comes with incidents like websites going down, slow load times, and even possible hacking attempts. While planning to tackle the sudden increase in website traffic during the festive season, businesses must have an incident response plan in place to handle unexpected outages and the consequent surge in customer inquiries.

The Nightmare Before Business: Stay Safe with Status Pages

We’re nearing Halloween and mischief night has stolen tricks from the holiday season. With online sales alone expected to creep up toward $3 billion before the next crescent moon, we’re offering you a solution to keep the angry mobs with pitchforks at bay by giving them a crystal ball into your real-time incident response with Status Pages.

Europe Based Status Page Servers Now Available

Germany has been called The Land of Data Protection and Security and we as a German company have been asked from the start, do you have EU based servers? And we can finally say YES we do. Our Europe based servers are now generally available, they are specifically located in Frankfurt Germany, so if you’re a European company you can enjoy keeping your (and your customer’s) status page data in the most privacy minded state.