End-User Monitoring: How it Can Impact Your Business

After the global pandemic and lockdowns, most businesses look onward to online solutions for their applications. They want to take their business online by creating mobile or web applications. Companies are looking to monitor every aspect of the application, including deployment, bugs, API failures, etc. But the most important thing is how the application behaves when it goes into the hands of the end-users.

Exoprise 2021 Year in Review

Happy New Year 2022! In 2021, Exoprise’s critical focus was on improving its product for monitoring digital experiences and mobilizing internal teams to improve customer adoption and SaaS/network experiences everywhere. As Covid continues to dominate the world, IT and business teams are increasingly looking for solutions like Exoprise Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) to ensure end-users are productive with a seamless work-from-home experience.

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Growth of Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM FTW)

Application Performance Management (APM) measures how a SaaS or Web application performs on the backend (for Devops). End-User Experience Management (EUEM) focuses on user behavior within those applications. Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) collects network telemetry to facilitate performance degradation. DEM combines all these tools to holistically look at the entire digital journey and see how each dependency drives successful experiences for customers and employees.

Splunk RUM Frontend Error Monitoring is Now Generally Available!

Debugging errors is an essential component to SRE and developer workflows. “How do we prioritize and isolate JavaScript errors more effectively?” is a top challenge we hear from engineering teams looking to improve end-user experience. Therefore, we are excited to announce the general availability of Splunk RUM frontend error monitoring.

A first look at Amazon CloudWatch Real User Monitoring

Real User Monitoring (RUM) has been providing valuable insights into real user experiences for many years. It’s not every day that we see a new player enter the market, but last week we did, and a very powerful player at that – Amazon. Real User Monitoring for Amazon CloudWatch was announced at AWS re:Invent 2021, adding to their existing suite of over 200 products and services. As you can imagine, our ears perked up at this announcement and we’re eager to take a look.

The 9 best Real User Monitoring tools for 2021: A comparison report

Real User Monitoring (RUM) provides visibility into the performance experience of live users interacting with your web, mobile, or single-page apps. RUM tools emerged to bridge the gap between application performance metrics and the impact on real people. These days, user experience is increasingly factored into the development process, but that still doesn’t stop slowdowns.

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Observability for Microsoft Teams; How, What, and Why?

As one of the leading enterprise collaboration software globally, Microsoft Teams helps remote workers come together and stay productive. But while IT already has tools to monitor Teams call quality metrics, the pandemic shifted the organizational landscape with all of us working remotely from home. Or at least work in a hybrid way! So what does that mean for Teams monitoring now? The shift necessitates a newer Microsoft Teams monitoring strategy approach that combines synthetics with real user monitoring (RUM) to get a complete seamless digital experience.

Real User Monitoring: How to Improve Your Target Audience Reach

In the first post of this two-part series, we talked about the need to fully understand how users experience your website. Without understanding how your end users interact with your site’s pages—what’s working for them and what’s not—you’d be optimizing on a hunch without solid data to guide you.

User experience is a focus of Sumo Logic Observability innovations

Technology environments are rapidly evolving as organizations look to remain competitive, accelerate innovation and make themselves more agile. But in the process, many of the observers, i.e., stakeholders who track infrastructure and application metrics, are falling behind, unable to monitor and manage modern, cloud-native apps and multi-cloud environments due to the complexity that comes with them.

Announcing the General Availability of Splunk RUM Custom Events

With a 70% increase in internet usage, and digital teams adopting cloud-native technologies at a rapid rate, the importance of measuring customer experience on digital properties is not just a technical problem, but a business imperative. Frontend developers and SREs use Real User Monitoring (RUM) to understand critical components of their end-user experience, like how quickly users see content, when a page becomes interactive, and a page's visual stability.