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What is Real User Monitoring (RUM)? A Comprehensive Guide

Today, more than 90% of businesses use digital platforms to sell their services and products online. But what if despite getting high traffic from different sources your sales count is below your expectations? What if customers are visiting your product page but exit before making any purchase? Well! To get more insights into the performance issues and user experience, many businesses have started investing in a real user monitoring tool that captures all details related to user behavior and experience.

Sentry vs Coralogix: Comparison of RUM capabilities, pricing & more

As Coralogix is a full-stack observability platform with log analytics, RUM, APM, SIEM and more, it’s hard to really compare it to Sentry’s very limited offering of error tracking and some other real user monitoring functionality. Sentry is also insanely expensive in comparison to Coralogix. Nonetheless, we shall attempt to assess how Sentry’s RUM offering stacks up.

Real User Monitoring With a Splash of OpenTelemetry

You're probably familiar with the concept of real user monitoring (RUM) and how it's used to monitor websites or mobile applications. If not, here's the short version: RUM requires telemetry data, which is generated by an SDK that you import into your web or mobile application. These SDKs then hook into the JS runtime, the browser itself, or various system APIs in order to measure performance.
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Maximizing ROI with Synthetic and Real-User Monitoring

Today's dynamic business landscape challenges organizations to find ways to optimize their investment and streamline their budgets. With the increasing prominence of remote work and user experience playing a pivotal role in productivity, obtaining a high return on investment (ROI) has become more critical than ever. This article explores how Exoprise's synthetic sensors (Cloudready) and Real User Monitoring (RUM via Service Watch) offer valuable insights that can help drive ROI and enhance digital experience monitoring for businesses.

RIP Xamarin: Adding .NET MAUI to Real User Monitoring

We’re constantly seeing frameworks evolving and churning, and in May 2024 we’ll see the end of Xamarin after 12 years. The deprecation of Xamarin means we need to ensure that MAUI is equipped with the tools and functionalities that developers have come to rely on Xamarin for. At Raygun, that’s Real User Monitoring (RUM).
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How to improve INP (the newest Core Web Vital)

From the first introduction of Core Web Vitals, Google has maintained that these user experience metrics will keep evolving. Since 2022, the Google team has been testing Interaction to Next Paint (INP), a new interactivity metric, and asking for feedback from the development community. Late in 2023, they announced that INP would replace FID as a Core Web Vital. The transition to INP is effective from March 2024.

Achieve a positive digital end user experience with proactive website monitoring

In the modern era of technology, customers have high expectations for websites to be quick, dependable, and user-friendly. As the virtual representation of a company, a website plays a vital role in its success, making it essential for businesses to prioritize its efficient operation and top-notch performance. Any instances of downtime or sluggish loading speeds can result in end user frustration and a negative impression of the company. To guarantee a seamless and satisfactory experience for users visiting your site, it is crucial to have a strong website monitoring solution in place.

Real User Monitoring Demystified: Elevating User Experiences and Web Performance

With constantly decreasing user attention spans, ensuring a seamless user experience has become a priority for all digital businesses. Users who encounter minimal application disruptions and responsive interactions will likely stay engaged and loyal to your product. And that’s exactly what RUM or Real User Monitoring tools such as Coralogix’s RUM solution offer.