Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Jan 21, 2020   |  By Tej Redkar
Curious about AIOps these days? You’re not alone. AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) is all about analyzing and automating your IT operations using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. These operations include end-to-end workflows that bring monitoring, analytics, incident management, and automation systems together with a common goal of optimizing and automating operational tasks.
Jan 17, 2020   |  By Michael Rodrigues
Ever walk into a corner market, push on the door and find it won’t open? You look down at the handle and are reminded by a sign on the door that you have to “pull” to open it? The LogicMonitor platform uses an agentless collector to pull metrics from thousands of devices and resources into a unified monitoring view (no agents required). We currently offer more than 2,000 LogicModules out-of-the-box that gather metrics from all kinds of systems using many different protocols.
Jan 13, 2020   |  By Kevin McGibben
Happy New Year! We’re starting 2020 by sharing some exciting news. Today we announced that LogicMonitor has acquired Unomaly, an AIOps-centric logs analytics company headquartered in Stockholm! Unomaly’s technology focuses on the automatic detection of log anomalies to support fast, accurate root cause analysis in complex IT environments.
Jan 10, 2020   |  By Estela Muller
Network devices underpin every modern infrastructure environment with the switches and routers of your environment representing the roads information needs to travel on to reach its intended destination. And if switches and routers are the roads, picture configuration files as the traffic lights, they direct, protect and support the flow of information.
Dec 31, 2019   |  By Tej Redkar
As 2019 comes to a close we would like to take a moment to pause and reflect on the various achievements LogicMonitor accomplished over the last year. All 16 product releases in 2019 are aligned to LogicMonitor's mission to become the most comprehensive, extensible, and intelligent monitoring platform in the industry. To guide our mission we have organized our product features into three distinct pillars - monitor, analyze, automate.
Oct 23, 2018   |  By LogicMonitor
The new book, “Preparing for Your Migration to the Cloud,” written by LogicMonitor founder, Steve Francis, and published by O’Reilly Media, is the first comprehensive guide for businesses preparing for migration to the cloud.
Oct 23, 2018   |  By LogicMonitor
Monitoring solutions need to do more than just provide visibility. They need to extract and deliver powerful business insight to drive results. The LogicMonitor solution does that. And it is fast, easy, SaaS-based and hybrid-capable!
Oct 1, 2018   |  By LogicMonitor
Until recently, Hadoop deployments existed on hardware owned and run by organizations. Now, of course, you can acquire the computing resources and network connectivity to run Hadoop clusters in the cloud. But there’s a lot more to deploying Hadoop to the public cloud than simply renting machines.
Oct 1, 2018   |  By LogicMonitor
Helping to protect the confidentiality of our customers' systems and data is of utmost importance to LogicMonitor, as is maintaining the trust and confidence of our customers.
Sep 1, 2018   |  By LogicMonitor
Worldwide, enterprises are racing to digitally reinvent themselves. In fact, 85 percent of enterprise decision makers believe they have a timeframe of two years to make significant inroads on their digital transformation before suffering financially and/or falling behind their competitors.
Jan 24, 2020   |  By LogicMonitor
http://bit.ly/31nR2R9 Bupa's IT organization found themselves using too many monitoring tools to easily share performance across teams. To help transform the fragmented view of their infrastructure, they implemented LogicMonitor. Read more about how our comprehensive monitoring solution helps Bupa realize their mission to help people live longer, healthier, happier lives.
Dec 11, 2019   |  By LogicMonitor
IT leaders agree that performance monitoring is absolutely critical to their success, yet the design and execution of a monitoring strategy can often be an afterthought. During this webinar, LogicMonitor and AWS will present the key components of a world-class performance monitoring strategy, along with a framework to improve monitoring effectiveness.
Nov 27, 2019   |  By LogicMonitor
KAYAK was looking for a monitoring solution to increase visibility into their infrastructure. LogicMonitor is a comprehensive system that is agile enough to reveal issues before users are impacted.
Sep 27, 2019   |  By LogicMonitor
Tadhg Cashman, Services Director at international IT services provider Logicalis Ireland, shares how Logicalis uses LogicMonitoring to simplify the digital transformation of their customers. It provides Logicalis a straightforward, simple view into their customers' systems and environments.
Sep 5, 2019   |  By LogicMonitor
Serenova provides contact center solutions for the cloud. When they needed help scaling in a hybrid environment and fielding alerts quickly, LogicMonitor was the answer. The ability to communicate the status of your company down to the most finite detail has increased efficiency of their teams and helped free up more time for them to innovate.