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Helm-Dashboard Crosses 3K Stars As v. 1.0.0 Released

Our latest open-source project, Helm-Dashboard, just crossed 3K stars on GitHub (and hundreds of daily active users), only three months since it was released! We thought this milestone was a good chance to take a look back at our journey, announce the release of v. 1.0.0, discuss future plans, and, most importantly, give our utmost thanks to the amazing contributors and Kommunity members that made it all possible! What capabilities would you like to see next in Helm-Dashbaord?


Enterprise Alert 9.4.1 comes with fixes and the revised version of the sentinel connector app

In this release, we have addressed a number of bugs that were impacting the performance and functionality of the system. In the Kernel, we have resolved an issue where the broadcast was not being stopped after the first user acknowledged it. Additionally, we have fixed a crash that was occurring when loading component infos and an error log that was being generated when the Kernel started in suspended mode.


Announcing: Blameless + OpsGenie Integration

In the opening moments of an engineering incident, the most important aspect of a response plan is speed. Getting out of the gate quickly by leveraging automation to assemble the team can save precious moments during a critical engineering incident and make the difference between happy and unhappy customers downstream. This is why we’re excited to announce the integration of Blameless with OpsGenie.


New in Grafana Tempo 2.0: Apache Parquet as the default storage format, support for TraceQL

Grafana Tempo 2.0 is finally here, and it’s being released with two new important features. It took us longer than we would have liked to get this release going, but it turns out that rewriting your backend AND building a new query language is quite difficult. Thanks to a massive team effort, we are proud to release Tempo with support for TraceQL and with Apache Parquet as the default backend storage format. Read on to get a quick overview of this huge release.


Grafana Agent v0.31 release: new Helm chart, Flow support for Grafana Phlare, and more

Here at Grafana Labs, we aim to create products which integrate well with open standards and are easy to install everywhere. Today, we’re excited to announce Grafana Agent v0.31, which allows you to connect to even more types of observability signals for both scraping and remote writes. And to help you install the Agent more easily, there is now an official Windows Docker image and an official Helm Chart. Here’s a breakdown of the latest features and upgrades in Grafana Agent v0.31.


Multipass 1.11 brings enhanced performance for Linux on Mac and Windows

This release has some particularly interesting features that we’ve been wanting to ship for a while now. We’re excited to share them with you! For those who aren’t familiar with Multipass, it’s software that streamlines every aspect of managing and working with virtual machines. We’ve found that development, particularly for cloud applications, can often involve a huge amount of tedious work setting up development and testing environments.


Announcing the General Availability of Our New High-Performance Time Series Engine in InfluxDB Cloud

Back in October 2022, our Founder and CTO Paul Dix announced the limited release of InfluxDB IOx, our new database engine. After several months of beta testing, we’re excited to announce the next phase of our database engine: general availability. As of today, InfluxDB IOx releases to the rest of the world as the new and improved InfluxDB Cloud.


Ubuntu Pro enters general availability

Ubuntu Pro, Canonical’s comprehensive subscription for secure open source and compliance, is now generally available. Ubuntu Pro, released in beta in October last year, helps teams get timely CVE patches, harden their systems at scale and remain compliant with regimes such as FedRAMP, HIPAA and PCI-DSS. The subscription expands Canonical’s ten-year security coverage and optional technical support to an additional 23,000 packages beyond the main operating system.