Zero Trust


Network Security: The Journey from Chewiness to Zero Trust Networking

Network security has changed a lot over the years, it had to. From wide open infrastructures to tightly controlled environments, the standard practices of network security have grown more and more sophisticated. This post will take us back in time to look at the journey that a typical network has been on over the past 15+ years. From a wide open, “chewy” network, all the way to zero trust networking. Let’s get started.


Extending the Zero-Trust Security Framework to Your Home

Mixing your personal and work devices while connected to your home network and accessing the Internet is a risky proposition from a security and privacy standpoint. Why? I frequently monitor my firewall logs. What I observe on my WAN interface are blocked IP addresses sourced from adversarial nation states which makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.


Zero Trust Digest | January 2021

Unsurprisingly, December is a quiet month for Zero Trust news with everyone wrapping up for the festive period, but there were a few insights and stories of note, particularly the Solarwinds hack. Q4 of any year is prediction season, where organizations of all sizes look into their crystal balls and pre-empt the year ahead. In this month’s Zero Trust Digest, we’ve rounded up the industry analysts key forecasts for the future.


The Importance of Zero-Trust Security When Making the Microservices Move

Transitioning to microservices has many advantages for teams building large applications that must accelerate the pace of innovation, deployments and time to market. It also provides them the opportunity to secure their applications and services better than they did with monolithic codebases.


5G and the Journey to the Edge

Recently, AT&T Cybersecuritypublished important findings in the tenth edition of their Insights report entitled, “ 5G and the Journey to the Edge.” Ivanti was thrilled to contribute to the report, which outlines the most pressing security concerns organizations face in a world embracing the revolutionary transformation to 5G and edge technology.


COVID-19's lasting effect on cybersecurity and what to expect in the new year

As 2020 comes to an end, it’s normal to reflect upon the year’s challenges, innovations, and achievements. When we look back on 2020, the hardships we all endured collectively across the globe seem to stack higher than other recent years. A pandemic swept across the world, rapidly shifting the ways we communicate, work, and connect with others. And hacks, scams, and ransomware attacks were at an all-time high.


SolarWinds Hack: The implications for a Zero Trust approach to security

Last week the Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency (CISA), a division of the Department of Homeland Security, advised that there was an advanced persistent threat compromise of government agencies, critical infrastructure, and private sector organizations.

How to Achieve Zero-Trust Security With Service Mesh | Kong Summit 2020

Are you an enterprise architect who is currently facing the challenge to secure and observe service connectivity across every cloud and every cluster? Kong Mesh, built on top of CNCF’s Kuma and Envoy, is a universal service mesh tailored to the enterprise architect that must provide modern and secure connectivity to the applications that the teams are building.

Ivanti Accelerates on its Vision to deliver "Self-Healing Autonomous Edge with Zero-Trust Access and Contextualized, Personalized Experience for Remote Workers"

Earlier this week, we closed the acquisitions of MobileIron, a leading provider of mobile-centric unified endpoint management solutions, and Pulse Secure LLC, a leading provider of Zero Trust Secure Access and mobile security solutions. I’m personally super excited to join forces with MobileIron and Pulse Secure and combine our strengths to deliver unparalleled coverage across all device types in the Everywhere Enterprise.