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Discover the Power of AI-Powered Knowledge Bases! - Infraon

Enhancing Customer Service with AI-Powered Knowledge Bases Discover the cutting-edge world of AI-powered knowledge bases in this informative video. We explore how integrating generative AI in customer service marks a significant step forward in the field of artificial intelligence. By combining knowledge with intelligence, businesses achieve unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in customer support processes.

Knowledge Base in Alloy Navigator Mobile

Knowledge is power. Especially when it’s a collection of knowledge about challenges in your specific IT organization. To streamline knowledge access for technicians, we’re adding Knowledge Base to our Alloy Navigator mobile app. IT specialists can now access the knowledge base on the go through the same mobile interface that they use to respond to and collaborate on tickets.

How to Use Generative AI for Knowledge Management

In the blog “How Generative AI Can Benefit Knowledge Management”, we looked at the benefits of AI to knowledge management to enhance the quality, automating the creation of content and enabling more engaging content. In enabling generative AI to become part of the knowledge management framework introduces concerns about accuracy, data bias, privacy and security. Now, it’s time to look at how we can make it work well together...

How Generative AI Can Benefit Your Knowledge Management

There has been growing interest in the capabilities of generative AI since the release of tools like ChatGPT, Google Bard, Amazon Large Language Models and Microsoft Bing. With the hype comes concerns about privacy, PII, security and, even more importantly, accuracy. And rightly so. Organizations are treading cautiously with their acceptance of generative AI tools, despite seeing them as a game changer.

How to Start a Knowledge Base: Simple Yet Surefire Approach

Early in my career, I made the jump from defense contractor to customer support agent for an up-and-coming IT Service Management solution provider. Being new to the team and industry, I felt completely out of place. After the initial product training, I was pointed to a lab computer and told to start diagnosing a set of customer issues. I felt completely lost. Over time, with significant amounts of studying and leaning on my peers, I figured things out and eventually became one of the go-to analysts.

What Are Service Knowledge Management Systems (SKMS) in ITIL?

The Knowledge Management practice is at the core of ITIL 4 processes; and the Service Knowledge Management System (SKMS) is a fundamental tenet of it. SKMS is an essential system for all service-oriented organizations. Implemented correctly, it centralizes service information and shares important knowledge, as well as reducing incidents, outstanding problems, performance issues, and downtime.

The evolving role of AI in knowledge management

Recent advances in AI-powered chatbot technology will change the way humans interact with applications and machines. AI will likely boost current IT Service Management (ITSM) chatbot capabilities and directly affect how knowledge management will be provided in the future. Let’s look at how AI in knowledge management is affecting content creation, management, and access.

Building a Cohesive Workforce Through Shared Knowledge: A Brief Guide

Ensuring that all of your staff are working toward the same goals and sharing the same vision is key to building a cohesive workforce. One of the best ways to do this is through a universal training programme that allows you, as an employer, to ensure that all of your staff are on the same page and that they have the same knowledge base. Let's take a closer look.

How to Use Knowledge Management to Enhance IT Support

Knowledge Management for IT Support Do your IT support initiatives use up a ton of your business’ resources? You are not alone. In fact, HDI found that a single tech support instance can cost your company anywhere from $2.93 to a whopping $49.69. Worse yet, escalated support tickets can cause this cost to triple. Of course, you cannot exactly go without a dedicated IT department and tech support staff.