Boston, MA, USA
Sep 30, 2019   |  By CloudZero
If your company uses AWS, chances are you’ve considered developing a cloud optimization strategy. Since AWS resources can infinitely scale, many organizations find themselves in a conundrum where they’re not using these resources efficiently. However, a good cloud optimization strategy could potentially save an organization thousands, if not millions of dollars per year. Rather than be surprised by one more AWS bill, now is the time to think about your strategy.
Sep 30, 2019   |  By CloudZero
If you’re anything like our customers, you’re running the majority of your business on the cloud. After headcount, it’s not uncommon that your cloud bill is one of your highest business expenses. So, it’s important to make sure you are getting maximum returns on that investment. Done right, cloud computing offers major financial and operational benefits for companies.
Sep 27, 2019   |  By CloudZero
Cloud computing optimization is a growing priority, as engineering becomes more accountable for justifying growing AWS spend. Companies that are rapidly growing can be particularly vulnerable to large fluctuations in cloud spending, which often seem to strike without rhyme or reason. Getting a handle on cloud cost is a critical first step toward cloud computing optimization, and can result in more efficient and effective systems across the board.
Sep 17, 2019   |  By CloudZero
Cloud infrastructure refers to both hardware and software components—ranging from servers to storage to networking and virtualization software—that are required to support cloud computing. Thus, cloud infrastructure optimization refers to optimizing these components for: efficiency, performance, and cost.
Sep 16, 2019   |  By Erik
Cloud spend optimization is a challenging endeavor for most companies. The major reason for this is that most don’t have sufficient visibility into their live cloud costs, so they can’t tie day-to-day decision-making to those staggering AWS bills that arrive at the end of each month (way too late to make meaningful changes).
Oct 29, 2018   |  By CloudZero
Erik Peterson talks to the audience at DevOpsDays Boston about serverless, reliability, controlling cost, and the future.