Why Yellowfin built our own CRM analytics solution

Like most organizations, Yellowfin has a CRM tool. The data in your CRM should be able to help you understand how you’re selling and how you win. But everyone I speak to is frustrated by the analytics they get from their CRM. We realized very quickly that the reporting in our CRM tool wasn't meeting our needs, so we built our own solution.


Salesforce Data Enrichment: What You Need to Know

Your CRM (customer relationship management) software might just be the most valuable component of your IT environment. By storing data about all of your interactions with existing customers and potential customers—from the first point of contact to the last purchase—CRM software makes it dramatically easier for your sales reps and marketing teams to do their jobs. Salesforce is the world's most popular CRM software, with nearly 20 percent market share.


What Is Microsoft Dynamics CRM And Dynamics CRM Modules?

In the arena of Customer Relationship Management, Microsoft Dynamics CRM was a major buzzword, but known as Microsoft dynamics 365 today (Microsoft rebranded Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365 and offered a comprehensive solution for better customer engagement). It was one of the best CRM platforms available in the market and is both intelligent as well as comprehensive.


What Does Customer 360 Mean?

Collecting and analyzing data on your customers’ preferences and behavior is one of the best ways to improve your products and customer service. As your business grows, you need enterprise-class customer relationship management (CRM) software that can store and manage all of your customer data. Salesforce is a software as a service (SaaS) company that provides the Salesforce CRM software to more than 100,000 organizations worldwide.

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What are the relevant Integration Tools to Boost Salesforce and SF DevOps Efficiency?

Salesforce is no one of the top-line Customer Relationship Management tools that you can implement to support your business in sales, marketing, lead management, and customer support. However, not just limited to these, but Salesforce had grown a lot over the last decade now to be complete business management and DevOps tool to handle end-to-end enterprise operations. Salesforce now plays a crucial role in increasing productivity and optimizing ROI.

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7 Best Software Options for Managing Customers

All businesses have some key goals in common: they must be able to help their clients and to generate profits by helping them. However, even if you do your best to focus on your customers’ needs and wishes, it can be easy to prioritize your business goals instead. The thing is that tracking your communication with customers can be very difficult. This is one of the main reasons why organizations need to have effective client management.