Monitor Salesforce's Real-Time Events with Splunk

In 2019 Salesforce announced the general availability of Real-Time Event Monitoring (RTEM) which includes 19 different events that help monitor & secure your Salesforce data. Real-Time Event Monitoring stores events for 6 months as Salesforce Big Objects and streams events via Salesforce’s Streaming API in near real-time.

Manage Financial Risk & Fraud with Dynamics 365

If you have a business, security risks, particularly risks regarding privacy and data protection are unavoidable. Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions provide vital functions to allow the creation and maintenance of a risk management plan effectively. Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection is designed to effectively protect against fraud to improve the transactional experience of both merchants and customers. It offers agility and gives capabilities to businesses to apply adaptive artificial intelligence and operational research to millions of required assessments.

Common Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an excellent fit for financial services organizations because of its in-depth client insights, reporting capabilities, and integrated compliance. It is critical to select the appropriate partner in order to reap the advantages of these key features and to guarantee that they are successfully implemented.

Salesforce Application Performance Monitoring

Can you imagine trying to keep track of all your prospect- and customer-related activities on a spreadsheet? What about ye olde days of rolodexes (do people still remember what those are?!)? Thank goodness for Salesforce, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that revolutionized sales, marketing, and customer care - and how we interact with customers in general. Salesforce is a critical component for many businesses.

With the Salesforce plugin for Grafana, easily visualize your SFDC data and correlate it with other data sources

Good news for Salesforce users: With the new Salesforce plugin for Grafana, available now with an Enterprise license, you can instantly visualize your SFDC data in Grafana dashboards. Plus, Grafana allows you to visualize the Salesforce data alongside all sorts of other data. One interesting use case is correlating sales data to system metrics and logs, which would be valuable if your company uses any software systems at all to help generate revenue.

How Dynamics 365 Business Central Accelerates Business Transformation?

Growing organizations often outgrow their basic finance/accounting software or legacy #ERP #systems that are unable to handle increased inventory and transactions, lack integration with other line-of-business systems, and have reporting limitations. Customers also feel pain around scalability, mobility, and cloud. Here are signs that your current solutions won’t be ready to handle additional growth.

Splunk Delivers Real-Time Salesforce Visibility with New Streaming API Integration

You might already be using Splunk to manage your Salesforce environment with the help of the Splunk App for Salesforce and the Splunk Add-on for Salesforce that allows a Splunk administrator to collect different types of data from Salesforce using REST APIs. This solution is great and the events give you an idea of how users interact with Salesforce. These events can range from Apex executions to page views.

ServiceNow a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Engagement Center

I’m thrilled to announce that Gartner has named ServiceNow a Leader in its 2021 Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center for the second year in a row.1 We believe this is external validation of our strategy and vision to improve the end-to-end customer experience through our Customer Service Management solution. Our mission in Customer Workflows is to transform the customer service and support market for the better.

What Is Microsoft Dynamics CRM And Dynamics CRM Modules?

In the arena of Customer Relationship Management, Microsoft Dynamics CRM was a major buzzword, but known as Microsoft dynamics 365 today (Microsoft rebranded Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365 and offered a comprehensive solution for better customer engagement). It was one of the best CRM platforms available in the market and is both intelligent as well as comprehensive.

What are the relevant Integration Tools to Boost Salesforce and SF DevOps Efficiency?

Salesforce is no one of the top-line Customer Relationship Management tools that you can implement to support your business in sales, marketing, lead management, and customer support. However, not just limited to these, but Salesforce had grown a lot over the last decade now to be complete business management and DevOps tool to handle end-to-end enterprise operations. Salesforce now plays a crucial role in increasing productivity and optimizing ROI.