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Building, Tracing, and Monitoring Event-Driven Architectures on Google PubSub and BigQuery

The use of distributed systems is increasing day by day. This makes communication between systems important more than ever. In this article, we examine event-based communication between these systems. And we present a basic event-driven architecture (EDA) for basic use cases.

Monitoring Django application performance with OpenTelemetry

Django is a popular open-source python web framework that enables rapid development while taking out much of the hassle from routine web development. It also helps developers to avoid common security mistakes. As such, many applications are built with Django. Django is very popular among web developers and has a huge community behind it. It gives web developers ready-to-use components for common things that you will need to accomplish for a web application.

Configuring Grafana Tempo and Linkerd for distributed tracing

Anders Østhus is a DevOps Engineer on the Digital Tools team at Proactima AS, a consulting firm based in Norway that offers services and expertise in risk management, cybersecurity, healthcare, environmental solutions, and more. It can be difficult to orient yourself in the distributed tracing space, and getting all the parts of a tracing setup to play well with each other can be a bit tricky. But the benefits of tracing are undeniable.

Profiled Tracing for AWS Lambda Invocations

Imagine a complex distributed system with lots of API calls, messaging transactions, and database operations. Having a complex system brings its own complex problems on observing the overall performance of resources used by the system. Resource usage monitoring is a challenge in serverless applications. Unexpected time-consuming resources may affect your application’s performance, and time has never been so important on a single function call as ever.

Gain the upper hand over adversaries with Osquery and Elastic

With the Elastic 7.16 release, Osquery Manager is now generally available for Elastic Agent, making it easier than ever to deploy and run Osquery across your environments. By collecting Osquery data and combining it with the power of the Elastic Stack, you can greatly expand your endpoint telemetry, enabling enhanced detection and investigation, and improved hunting for vulnerabilities and anomalous activities.

Grafana Tempo 2021: Year in review

Grafana Tempo has had quite a year. Just eight months after it was announced at ObservabilityCON 2020, the open source tracing solution went GA. Since the Tempo team released v1.0 in June, we have ingested more than 39 trillion spans, a 26x increase from last year. We also introduced Grafana Enterprise Traces, which is powered by Tempo, to the Grafana Enterprise Stack.

Ruby Application Manual Instrumentation for Distributed Traces

OpenTelemetry is a project by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation aimed to standardize the way that application telemetry data is recorded and utilized by platforms downstream. This application trace data can be valuable for application owners to understand the relationship between the components and services in their code, the request volume and latency introduced in each step, and ultimately where the bottlenecks are that are resulting in poor user experience.