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Streamlining Debugging with Lightrun Snapshots: A Superior Alternative to Trace Logging

According to a recent study, failing tests alone cost the enterprise software market an astonishing $61 billion annually. This figure mirrors the vast number of resources devoted to rectifying software failures, translating into about 620 million developer hours lost each year. On average, engineers spend 13 hours to resolve a single software failure, a statistic that paints a stark picture of the current state of debugging efficiency.

How to Build a Custom OpenTelemetry Collector

Telemetry data collection and analysis are important for businesses. We're diving right in to explain the ins and outs of the OpenTelemetry Collector, including its core components, distribution selection, and customization tips for optimal data collection and integration. Whether you're new to OpenTelemetry or expanding your capabilities, this will help you effectively use the OpenTelemetry Collector in your observability strategy.

How OTel Empowers You to Handle Unified Data

Discover the power of OpenTelemetry to consolidate your telemetry data. Our expert-led workshop demonstrates standardization techniques for metrics, logs, and traces. Delve into real-world applications, including capturing Prometheus metrics, managing logs with FluentD/Bit, and collecting traces with Jaeger.

A complete guide to LLM observability with OpenTelemetry and Grafana Cloud

In the fast-paced world of technology, change is constant — and nowhere is that more evident today than in the flood of new features and advancements involving large language models (LLMs). They power various applications, from chat bots to advanced copilots. And as these LLMs and applications become more sophisticated, it will be vital that they work well and reliably. This is where observability, with the help of OpenTelemetry (using OpenLIT), plays an essential role.

Confidently Shifting from Logs-centric to a Unified Trace-first Approach: Ritchie Bros. Journey to Modern Observability

Transitioning from a monolithic system to a cloud-native microservices environment, Ritchie Bros. sought to modernize their observability infrastructure to support the transition and fuel future growth. Ritchie Bros. has been a pioneering force in the auctioneering market for nearly 70 years, charting remarkable growth through a strategic mix of organic expansion and acquisitions.

Unlocking Speed and Efficiency: The Benefits of Serverless Infrastructure for SEO

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, website speed has become a critical factor in SEO performance. Faster page load times not only enhance user experience but also contribute significantly to better search engine rankings. One of the most promising advancements in this area is the adoption of serverless infrastructure. This approach, which eliminates the need for traditional server management, has emerged as a game-changer for web performance, particularly for SEO. Let's delve into how serverless infrastructure is transforming website speed and SEO, with insights from an industry expert.

How to Monitor SNMP with OpenTelemetry

With observIQ’s contributions to OpenTelemetry, you can now use free, open-source tools to easily aggregate data across your entire infrastructure to any or multiple analysis tools. The easiest way to use the latest OpenTelemetry tools is with observIQ’s distribution of the OpenTelemetry collector. You can find it here. In this blog, we cover how to use OpenTelemetry to monitor SNMP.