When clicks meet bricks: How to empower retailers through data

For a short while, it looked like the future of retail lay solely online. However, as 2018 is proving, “instore” retail isn't dead, it's evolving. With the line between high street stores and online becoming increasingly blurred, each approach is learning from the other, with data playing the key role in this merger. Access this webinar replay with Looker customer, Marks and Spencer to hear how they use data insights to manage natural language routing and real-time monitoring of their call centers processes.

Custom Visualizations in Looker

If the story your data is telling is best expressed through a chord, sankey, sunburst, or other diagram that isn’t a default option, we’re thrilled to tell you that Looker’s custom visualization library is ready and waiting to help you complete your data picture. Join this webinar to learn how to install, work with, and modify custom visualizations from Looker’s custom visualization library.

Advancing Security Operations at Penn State University with Phantom Automation

Consider information security at an organization that has 17,000 employees, 100,000 inhabitants, an airport, a power plant and a police force. You might think we're talking about protecting assets for a mid-size city or large corporation—that'd be a good guess.

Build Impactful Dashboards

You devote hours to crafting a great dashboard, only to be confronted later by the report that no one’s looking at it. Worse, they’re still coming to you with questions you already answered for them on the dashboard! What’s going on? It turns out there are some reliable tips you can use to make your dashboards so impactful, users will return to the data again and again. The key lies in understanding your audience, choosing the right visualizations, and arranging everything in a way that encourages self-service. Join us to learn how it’s done!

Are we losing the art of long form analysis?

We know that people learn in different ways - whether it’s visually or through language. People also like to create a narrative and share a story. The best way to do both of these things is in long-form documents, not dashboards. That’s why you’ll see a big focus on long-form stories in Yellowfin release 8.