The Importance of Threat Intelligence Feeds

Threat Intelligence Feeds, in fact, are an actionable threat data related to artifacts or indicators collected from any third-party vendors in order to learn from other company’s visibility and access to enhance your own cyber threat response and awareness. The example of these third-party vendors includes Kaspersky Threat Intelligence and Alient Vault OTX. Threat Intelligence Feeds concentrate on a single area of interest and they are delivered online.


Heading Towards Zero Bugs in Production

Any team responsible for building and running software will have an intimate understanding of the tradeoffs of deploying new code and fixing bugs. Where there is code, there will be bugs. Where there is change, there will be new bugs. And there is a limit to how much time that can be spent making sure code is bug free. It’s impossible to completely prevent them.


The Podium - April 18th, 2019

Hey, Good Lookers! I’m freshly back from JOIN London and still feeling the buzz from meeting so many awesome Looker users. While I’ve been gone, there’s been lots of great activity on the Community that I’m eager to share with you all. And bonus note — Office Hours is back next week! If you’re in San Francisco or New York City, swing by our offices on April 25th at 3:30pm local time to do some spring cleaning of your Looker instance! Sign up here for the event.


Devo recognized in new Intelligent Application & Service Monitoring report

Forrester Research has released The Forrester Wave™: Intelligent Application & Service Monitoring, Q2 2019 report and I am excited to share that Devo has been identified as a Strong Performer. Devo’s recognition as a Strong Performer is, in our opinion, a great validation of our data-first approach.

On-Prem or Cloud? A Decision in Light of Security and Compliance

When an organization is ready to deploy a new solution, or build a new system, there is often a continuing discussion about the relative merits of using the cloud versus deploying on-premises. While there are a number of aspects that play into this decision, it is not always clear which is the better solution for security and compliance. Typically, deployment issues are not clear because security and compliance solutions quickly change when you are using shared vs. dedicated environments.


Everything You Need to Know About the OSS Licensing War, Part 3.

In Parts One and Two of this blog, we looked back at the ongoing open source licensing wars, focusing on the evolving situation between Elastic N.V. and AWS. In this final installment, we’ll offer some opinions on the situation, as well as share our own views on how we’re reacting at Grafana Labs.


3 Steps to Implement DevSecOps in Your Organization

It seems like hardly a week goes by without news of a security breach. Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and more severe, costing businesses $600 billion per year according to the 2018 Economic Impact of Cybercrime report. Without a strong security policy in place, businesses risk falling victim to new threats while losing the trust of their customers.