5 things that will shape the BI industry in 2020

Looking forward to 2020, there are five things I think we’ll see happen more. We’ve seen a ton of consolidation this year and we’ll see more next year. There are about 75 front-end vendors in the BI space and the reality is that they can’t all survive in the market as it is today. Salesforce purchased Tableau recently and a lot of smaller vendors have already been bought.


Deep Learning Toolkit 3.0 Release

Splunk enjoys a unique position when it comes to AI and ML. This is due to the fact that any machine learning system is fueled by data. With focus on machine learning, our customers and partners have already caught on and are reporting amazing results across the spectrum, from starting out with their first ML experiments through to fully operationalizing their models into production use cases.

Simplified Monitoring for AKS Deployments with Logz io

To deliver reliable, performant, and secure microservices on AKS, DevOps teams must be prepared to identify and fix production issues before they impact customer experiences. However, considering the scale and variety of log data generated by modern AKS deployments, gaining observability into AKS and the applications it powers is a significant data analytics challenge.

Image recognition and search at Adobe with Elasticsearch and Sensei

Software giant Adobe is known the world around for its Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat products, which are rolled into cloud service suites — Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, and Experience Cloud — of other similar software offerings. A number of their products — especially those where image search is critical, such as Adobe Stock — feature slick search capabilities that use Elasticsearch behind the scenes.


Unomaly is modernizing log analysis for 2020 and beyond

2019 has been a year of tremendous progress at Unomaly. This year we introduced weekly releases and have been quickly iterating on our feature set. Now that the year is coming to a close we wanted to take a look back at how Unomaly has changed. We’ve tripled our key feature set to give you exponentially greater context when investigating incidents using your log data and understanding your software’s running state to discover unknown aspects of your infrastructure.


Understanding Java Garbage Collection Logging: What Are GC Logs and How To Analyze Them

When working with Java or any other JVM-based programming language we get certain functionalities for free. One of those functionalities is clearing the memory. If you’ve ever used languages like C/C++ you probably remember functions like malloc, calloc, realloc and free. We needed to take care of the assignment of each byte in memory and take care of releasing the assigned memory when it was no longer needed.


Introducing the enrich processor for Elasticsearch ingest nodes

As part of Elasticsearch 7.5.0, a new ingest processor — named enrich processor — was released. This new processor allows ingest node to enrich documents being ingested with additional data from reference data sets. This opens up a new world of possibilities for ingest nodes.