The Route to Automated Remediation

An abundance of information can be daunting for any company. If internal teams do not know where the data is, it might hamper their efficiency at the cost of data quality and cleanliness. From a cost-effectiveness viewpoint, organizations are likely to waste excessively by hanging on to redundant data or storing varied data in one location irrespective of their sensitivity level.


The road to zero touch goes through Machine Learning

The telecom industry is in the midst of a massive shift to new service offerings enabled by 5G and edge computing technologies. With this digital transformation, networks and network services are becoming increasingly complex: RAN, Core and Transport are only a few of the network’s many layers and integrated components. Today’s telecom engineers are expected to handle, manage, optimize, monitor and troubleshoot multi-technology and multi-vendor networks.


JSON to InfluxDB with Telegraf and Starlark

Data platforms — or databases with sets of APIs for flexibly working with data — are quintessential backbones for those who rely heavily on being able to change how they obtain data and work with their data over time. A good data platform will provide you the necessary tools to glean the insights you need to solve tangible problems. That platform should also hopefully make it so you don’t have a bad time doing it!