What we learned selling subscriptions before they became trendy

Our decision to change from a perpetual licence model to subscriptions was one of the great naive moments in Yellowfin’s history. It was about eight years ago and we had great sales growth but it was getting harder to start from scratch every year and sell more perpetual licenses. At the same time, our maintenance business was growing so we decided to flip our model and sell subscriptions. It seemed like a good idea at the time as none of our competitors were selling subscriptions.


Qlik (Attunity) Recognized Again in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration

Every time a new Gartner Magic Quadrant is published, I always have a flashback to the scene in the old Steve Martin movie “The Jerk” – when his character gets overly enthusiastic about seeing his name published in the new phonebook. As a software vendor, I think we sometimes look like this when the Gartner MQ is released, and everyone gets a little too excited.


The same, but different: Boosting the power of Elasticsearch with synonyms

Using synonyms is undoubtedly one of the most important techniques in a search engineer's tool belt. While novices sometimes underestimated their importance, almost no real-life search system can work without them. At the same time, some complexities and subtleties arising from their use are sometimes underestimated, even by advanced users.


Get a Free LogDNA Account in The Github Student Developer Pack

As a student, developing your software engineering skills is about continuous learning and practice. When building software in the real-world, developers are expected to be proficient with a variety of tools and stacks. Internships, class and personal projects provide great opportunities for students to gain the experience needed to become more effective.


The Privacy Hazard in High Tech Heritage

DNA kits like 23andMe, Helix and AncestryDNA topped holiday gift guides again this past year. Kits range in the market from $60 to $200, and they’re meant to help consumers understand family history, genealogy and can even connect unknown family members. Collecting genetic data can also have broader impacts in healthcare and justice for law enforcement.


onPeak + Looker: Increasing Hotel Bookings with Automated Workflows

At onPeak, we manage hotel negotiation and reservation processes for clients that organize meetings, trade shows, and large conferences. We are focused on providing excellent hotel booking experiences for our attendees. To do this, we needed a solution that gave everyone in the company access to accurate data. We implemented Looker as our company-wide data solution in 2017.


5 Tips to Make Your Next Dashboard Your Best Yet (Designing Dashboards for UX/UI)

Today I’m going to describe five principles that will help you create dashboards that serve the people that count, rather than just serving up data. A clear dashboard that focuses on a central theme speaks for itself. You’ll spend less time explaining the dashboard, and data-driven decisions can be made more easily because the right information is readily accessible. Sounds like a solid way to work, doesn’t it? Well then, let’s get started.