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TL;DR InfluxDB Tech Tips: Downsampling with Flight SQL and AWS Lambda

This tutorial covers how to perform downsampling with the new InfluxDB storage engine, InfluxDB IOx, in InfluxDB Cloud (available on AWS us-east-1 and AWS eu-central-1 starting January 31st) using AWS Lambda. This tutorial describes how to: InfluxDB IOx addresses key user needs including (but not limited to): We achieved these goals by building InfluxDB IOx on the Apache ecosystem (Apache Parquet, Apache DataFusion, Apache Arrow, and Apache Flight SQL).

Revolutionize Your Data Analysis with Matching Solutions

Ever found yourself frustrated with matching data using Excel? Or worse, having to redo the matching of two data sets because of too many false negatives? You're not alone. Data analysis is tough, made tougher with ancient practices that can no longer keep up with the complex nature of data today. Yet, most data analysts still spend their days manually coding scripts for data matching. Studies have shown that about 40-50% of data analysts are spending a significant amount of their time manually coding matching scripts to match data.

Announcing the General Availability of Our New High-Performance Time Series Engine in InfluxDB Cloud

Back in October 2022, our Founder and CTO Paul Dix announced the limited release of InfluxDB IOx, our new database engine. After several months of beta testing, we’re excited to announce the next phase of our database engine: general availability. As of today, InfluxDB IOx releases to the rest of the world as the new and improved InfluxDB Cloud.


The 5Ws (and 1H) of the New InfluxDB Cloud

Some things are inevitable, like Thanos, paying taxes, and change. While it would be nice to simply snap our fingers and deliver new products, things aren’t so simple in the real world. InfluxDB has been the leading time series database since January 2016. But we’re not content to rest on our laurels. The quest to improve InfluxDB is constant and ongoing. As of today, we’re beginning the rollout of an all-new and improved InfluxDB Cloud powered by IOx.

How to create a document schema for product variants and SKUs with Elastic Enterprise Search

Learn more about product variants and SKUs and how to display a product hierarchy in search results using Elastic Enterprise Search. This technical demo shows how to index products for search, group variants, and add an in-stock filter. Additional Resources.