Mastercard Reduces MTTR and Improves Query Processing with Unravel Data

Mastercard is one of the world’s top payment processing platforms, with more than 700 million cards in use worldwide. In the US, nearly 40% of American adults hold a Mastercard-branded card. And the company is going from strength to strength; despite a dip in valuation of more than a third when the pandemic hit, the company has doubled in value three times in the last nine years, recently reaching a market capitalization of more than $350B dollars.


Unravel Data Featured in CRN's 2021 Big Data 100 List

In a press release delivered today, Unravel Data announced its appearance on CRN’s Big Data 100 list for 2021. Unravel’s entry appears in the Data Management and Integration category. Also featured in this category are other rising stars such as Confluent, Fivetran, Immuta, and Okera, all of whom spoke at new industry conference DataOps Unleashed, held in March.


"Reverse ETL" with Keboola

TL;DR: Yes, you can do it. And no, you don’t need a separate tool for it. “Reverse ETL” is a fairly recent addition to the data engineer’s dictionary. While you can read articles upon articles about it (there’s a pretty good ‘primer’ in the Memory Leak blog), it can be summarized as being the art and science of taking data from your data warehouse and sending it somewhere other than BI - generally into other tools and systems where it becomes operational.


Quantifying the value of multi-cloud deployment strategies with CDP Public Cloud

In this article, I will be focusing on the contribution that a multi-cloud strategy has towards these value drivers, and address a question that I regularly get from clients: Is there a quantifiable benefit to a multi-cloud deployment? That question is typically being asked when I explain the ability to leverage container technology that offers a consistent deployment environment across multiple clouds and form factors (public, private, or hybrid cloud).


Ritual's formula for a 360 view of customer acquisition data

At Ritual, we’ve re-imagined multivitamins — bringing high-quality nutrients to our customers and helping them make healthy habits a daily ritual. Those core beliefs and our use of data have helped us thrive in a crowded market. In a recent webinar, I joined my colleague Kira Furuichi, Manager of Data & Analytics, to share how Looker has supported customer acquisition and provided cross-team perspectives and insights that have helped us get ahead.


Querying a petabyte of cloud storage in 10 minutes

Elastic's new frozen data tier decouples compute from storage and leverages low-cost object stores such as Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob Storage, or Amazon S3 to directly power searches. It provides unlimited scaling of storage while preserving the ability to efficiently query the data without any need to rehydrate it first, making it easier and cheaper to manage data at scale.


Confessions of a Digital Security and Fraud Director

What’s the point of collecting a lot of data if you don’t have the tools and power to analyze it? In this Log’s Honest Truth podcast, presented in partnership with ITSP Magazine, Devo’s VP of Customer Success, Jill Orhun, discusses the confessions of “Mr. V,” a digital security and fraud director. His face and voice are disguised, but there’s no disguising his frustrations. Listen to the podcast. “Mr.

Future of Data Meetup: Continuous SQL With SQL Stream Builder

Continuous SQL is using Structured Query Language (SQL) to create computations against unbounded streams of data, and show the results in a persistent storage. The result stored in a persistent storage can be connected to other applications to have an analytical visualization of your data. Compared to traditional SQL, in Continuous SQL the data has a start, but no end. This means that queries continuously process results to a sink or other target types. When you define your job in SQL, the SQL statement is interpreted and validated against a schema. After the statement is executed, the results that match the criteria are continuously returned.