The Elastic Stack: Free. Open. Limitless.

From the very beginning, the Elastic Stack — Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash — has been free and open. Our approach is not only to make our technology stack available for free, but to make it open — housed in public repositories and developed through a transparent approach with direct involvement from the community. Two simple principles — free and open — broke down barriers and enabled many amazing things.

Overcoming Lucene Pitfalls in Kibana with Kibana Advisor

Even though search is the primary function of Elasticsearch, getting search right can be tough — and sometimes even confusing. To retrieve your data in the most efficient way from Elasticsearch, sometimes you’ll need to overcome some Lucene’s obstacles. While you need to familiarize yourself with Lucene Query Syntax for advanced Kibana use, Lucene’s implementation within Elasticsearch still has some challenges.


Redscan reveals Google security search trends during COVID-19 pandemic

At Redscan, we’ve set about shining light on some of these challenges by analysing how the crisis has affected online search behaviour in relation to cyber security and technology. The findings provide insight into how well-prepared businesses were for such an incident, the tools organisations are turning to support operations, and potential threats they are facing.

Virtual Meetup: Search, Full Text Search and Elasticsearch

This talk starts with the significance of search problem and its origin in history how it has been an integral part of our daily lives. Also, basics of full text search will be discussed along with the anatomy of a full text search engine by taking Elastic Search as an example. Speaker: Muhammad Junaid Muzammil is a Software Engineer with over 9 years of professional experience, along with over 4 years of experience working with Elasticsearch. He is also an Elastic Certified Engineer and one of our active Elastic user group organizers, based in Pakistan, Karachi.