Kong and codecentric AG Partner to Bring Kong Enterprise to Germany

Today, we’re announcing an exciting, new partnership with codecentric AG, a leading IT consultancy based in Germany. Through Kong’s growing Go-To-Market (GTM) Partner Program, Codecentric will help German companies accelerate their transition to microservices by adopting Kong Enterprise.

Observability: What Got You Here Won't Get You There

In the first wave of DevOps, practitioners embraced change to incorporate development into design and build processes. To successfully build the next generation of software, practitioners will need to catch the second wave of DevOps to focus on controlling and fine-tuning evolving architectures. Honeycomb CEO, Charity Majors, discusses how to ensure buildability, empower developers, and make a truly observable architecture that’s primed for success.

Advanced API Ops: Bringing the power of AI and ML to API operations

Most business-critical applications today are powered by APIs, so any downtime or performance degradation can lead to significant loss in revenue, customers, and brand value. This puts pressure on operations teams to monitor real-time API performance and security. Adding to the challenge is the need to support new releases and reduce resolution times. And unfortunately, traditional third-party monitoring tools are little to no help when it comes to API operations.


Securing Kubernetes Applications in 5 Minutes with Service Mesh

We announced the release of Kuma – a modern, universal control plane for service mesh back in September 2019. Since then, a roaring wave of community feedback and contribution has flooded the project. And that’s a good thing, so thank you to everyone who has given their time to helping Kuma grow. One recurring feedback we got was that the community was excited to see a platform-agnostic service mesh.