Introducing Kong’s New GTM Partner Program!

Navigating the transition from monolith to microservices can be an ambitious undertaking for any organization. Today, we’re launching our new Kong GTM Partner Program to create a global ecosystem of experts to help organizations successfully transition to microservices, service mesh and other modern architectures. We’re rolling out the program with 20 inaugural members worldwide, including value-added resellers (VARs) and systems integrators (SIs), that have been carefully selected and qualified.

Nationwide on the Customer’s Side: Modernizing Legacy Systems with APIs

Nationwide Mutual Insurance, a 93-year-old Fortune 100 company, has embraced digital transformation, setting out on a mission to modernize legacy systems. Tune into this conversation with Rick Schnierer, AVP at Nationwide, and John Rethans, Head of Digital Transformation Strategy at Google Cloud’s Apigee team, to learn about the role APIs play in accelerating IT services and streamlining development and integration.

Migrating to Microservices? Here’s How to Have Reliable APIs from Day One

Starting the migration from monolith to microservices can be daunting. Still more daunting is to have spent a couple years on it and still not understand “what done looks like.” If you have an ORM-based monolith, there’s a strong temptation to do a data-first migration: to move a model or set of models into a CRUD service and then call it using HTTP instead of the database.