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Unveailing the ESX API

The VMware ESX API is an essential tool for modern IT professionals tasked with managing VMware vSphere environments. This Application Programming Interface (API) acts as a bridge between the VMware ecosystem and various automation, scripting, and integration solutions, streamlining and enhancing the management of virtual infrastructure. At its core, the ESX API provides a powerful way to interact with the vSphere environment programmatically.


Using the Cribl API Part II: The Replay

Our previous post was all about dipping your toes into the wonderful world of API interaction. By leveraging Cribl’s API you can automate many parts of your event pipeline management and tasks. So we got that goin’ for us. Which is nice. One of the common use cases for the API I hear about is kicking off data collection automatically. Use cases include: Cribl gives you the tools to collect data when you want, from where you want, and to where you want.

Climate Data Unleashed: Empowering Data Engineers to Drive Environmental Change

In an era where climate change poses a formidable challenge to our planet, the power of data has never been more critical. Data engineers, with their unique skill set, stand at the forefront of this battle, harnessing the vast expanse of climate data to drive sustainable change and inform crucial decision-making. This article aims to inspire and guide data engineers looking for their next meaningful project.

Advancing Cloud Monitoring: Benefits of Synthetic Monitoring

The cloud changed how businesses work, making things more flexible and adaptable. But keeping track of app performance from a user’s point of view in this new setup is tough. Legacy tools tend to not give developers an understanding of their users' perspective. That's where synthetic monitoring comes in. It's a strong way to focus on users and fix the problems that legacy tools miss.

GraphQL at scale with Azure API Management - Toon Vanhoutte

On Day 3 of INTEGRATE2023, Toon Vanhoutte dives into the transformative capabilities of GraphQL in scale with Azure API Management. Highlighting GraphQL's efficiency over REST and its widespread adoption by tech giants, Toon also sheds light on its challenges, from design to security. The takeaway? While REST dominates, GraphQL is making significant strides. Discover the nuances of modern API management in this engaging session.

Track Frontend JavaScript exceptions with Playwright fixtures

Table of contents Frankly, end-to-end testing and synthetic monitoring are challenging in today’s JavaScript-heavy world. There’s so much asynchronous JavaScript code running in modern applications that getting tests stable can be a real headscratcher. That’s why many teams rely on testing mission-critical features and treat “testing the rest” as a nice to have. It’s a typical cost-effort decision.