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How to Create a Kubernetes Preview Environment

A Kubernetes preview environment is an isolated environment that allows developers to test their code at any time without worrying about how others may be affected. While implementations and use cases may vary, simulating a production environment as closely as possible is the main goal. Imagine you're part of a team developing a complex API, and you've been tasked with adding a new endpoint that relies on features within the codebase currently being optimized by one of your team members. Although your team has a development environment with seeded databases and dev versions of dependencies, you run into issues when team members want to test their optimizations at the same time as you.


Playwright Explained

Playwright is an open-source framework for cross-browser automation and end-to-end web application testing. It was designed to be a fast, reliable, robust, and evergreen test automation framework, and its API supports modern rendering engines that include Chromium, WebKit, and Firefox. Playwright tests run on Windows, Linux, and macOS, locally or on your continuous integration pipeline, and headless or headed.


Monitoring our monitoring

Last Saturday, our API went down. Not even a funny error message or slightly slower responses either, it just completely vanished off the internet for 18 minutes. I'm not normally one to point fingers at my hosting provider when things go wrong (since ultimately, I chose to use them, so it's my problem to fix), but when fly.io publicly posts on their forums about their reliability issues, I may as well link to them.


Data & Traffic Are Key to Kubernetes Preview Environments

Preview environments are temporary environments where developers can test code changes before deploying them to production, also called ephemeral environments, they’re temporary and should be discarded after testing changes. Carrying out tests using accurate data is a major challenge when creating and destroying environments. Put differently, you need realistic data and traffic in the preview environment to reflect the performance of code changes in production.