Creating a successful API Program: Gateway vs API Management

In this video, Google's Irfan Baqui discusses how to have a well thought strategy driving your API program, what a successful API program looks like and how Walgreens, a hundred year old enterprise has been thinking innovatively about their API strategy and their iterative journey through multiple years transforming their business with a successful in the API program.
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API Fortress Announces a New Test Creation Application for Engineers

New York City — June 20, 2019 — API Fortress announces the release of Forge, a lightweight downloadable test editor that increases flexibility in how you choose to write API tests. With Forge, a user can write a test with API Fortress on their own computer, outside of the platform. In addition, API Fortress is releasing apif-local, an application that contains the core of the API Fortress platform.

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Trigger an on demand uptime & broken links check after a deploy

You can use our API to trigger an on demand run of both the uptime check and the broken links checker. If you add this to, say, your deploy script, you can have near-instant validation that your deploy succeeded and didn't break any links & pages. Our API allows you to trigger an on demand run for every check we do. But, it's an API - so it requires a set of IDs. First, let's find the different checks your site has.


How Dutch telco KPN is making new connections with APIs

Editor's note: Today’s post is by Anuschka Diderich, Platform Lead at KPN, a 130-year-old Dutch landline and mobile telecommunications services company. Read on to learn how KPN is connecting people using API-powered products and services. “I’ll connect you.” Those were the first words uttered over the line in 1881, when the first public telephone network in the Netherlands started operating.