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Announcing Insomnia 2021.1

TL;DR Insomnia Designer and Insomnia Core are now Insomnia. Insomnia Designer users will have to migrate to the new Insomnia application and Designer will no longer receive updates. When we originally built Insomnia Designer, we didn’t want to make large changes to Insomnia without understanding whether the changes would be useful to developers, with the release of Insomnia Designer we were praised for not making these changes directly inside of Insomnia at first.


How to Monitor API Usage and Performance with Tyk API Gateway on EC2 with Moesif

This article provides an introduction to API Observability and how it fits within the overall APIOps Cycles. Then, we will walk through an example of how to successfully deploy and leverage Tyk Gateway and Moesif API Observability on Amazon EC2.


DreamFactory 4.5.2 - New Snowflake, Hadoop, and Hive Connectors

DreamFactory 4.5.2 has been released with improvements to our recently added Snowflake connector. In addition to Snowflake, version 4.5.0 introduced connectors for Apache Hive and Hadoop HDFS. All three were added by request of our customers, and we’re happy to see these new capabilities already being deployed into test environments.

Overcoming API Development Challenges: API Standardization and Governance

In Episode 1 of our "Overcoming API Development Challenges" series, we will look at how software development teams can use tooling to standardize their APIs and create enforceable governance practices. We will be highlighting the role that a tool like SwaggerHub can play in an organization's API design.

Oracle API Manager vs. IBM API Management: Is One the Right API Manager for You?

Any organization that uses diverse applications and web services need a comprehensive way to manage its application programming interfaces (APIs). As two of the biggest names in technology, Oracle’s and IBM’s tools tend to stand out to people reviewing their options. Can Oracle API Manager or IBM API Management meet your needs while staying within your budget? The following review compares and contrasts the API solutions to help you make an informed decision.