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Practical Implementation of Good Security Hygiene for Mobile Apps | Kong Summit 2020

We all know that we shouldn’t store secrets in mobile apps, but what is the practical alternative? We all know that we should use certificate pinning for our APIs, but how can it be done simply and safely? This talk will describe a real project to explore some of the challenges of implementing good security practice in a large organization and discuss a third-party solution (Approov) which addresses both of the issues above in a relatively simple way using industry standards and working neatly with Kong.

Kong Mesh 1.1 GA Released

After having announced Kuma 1.0 GA with over 70+ new features and improvements (and Kuma 1.0.1 this week), we are finally happy to announce a new major version of Kong Mesh that includes all the latest Kuma features – and more – in a fully supported enterprise package. With Kong Mesh 1.1 we can now deploy the most advanced enterprise service mesh in production across every cloud and private datacenter, on both Kubernetes and virtual machines.