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Monitor AWS control plane API usage metrics in Datadog

AWS Service Quotas helps you manage limits on the number of resources or API operations that are possible for a given AWS service. Hitting such limits could cause operational disruptions related to getting rate limited on the critical APIs that your applications rely on or being unable to provision additional AWS resources.


How we added custom languages, code completion and highlighting to the Monaco editor.

We've recently launched a brand new in-browser editor for our browser check creation experience! Browser checks are Javascript-powered Playwright/Puppeteer scripts that run on deploy or on a schedule for testing and monitoring websites and web apps. While this new experience centers around an upgraded text editor, it is much more than just that.The new browser check creation experience builds on the popular Monaco editor from Microsoft, which also powers VS Code under the hood.

Okta and Kong Konnect Part 3: Implementing Introspection Flow

In our third Kong and Okta tutorial, we’ll go through the introspection flow implementation. The introspection flow is part of the token validation process. Kong Gateway evaluates the injected token at the request processing time to see if it's still valid to the upstream services. The evaluation hits a specific Okta endpoint, passing the received token. Based on the response provided by Okta, Kong Gateway accepts or rejects the request.

[Online Meetup] Kong Kubernetes Ingress Controller 2.0

Kong Kubernetes Ingress Controller (OSS) has launched 2.0 with a number of awesome new features and fixes. Overview of 2.0 Major architectural improvements Kubernetes Testing Framework (KTF) & new testing strategies KIC 2.0 controller manager And more Kong’s Online Meetups are a place to learn about technologies within the Kong open source ecosystem. This interactive forum will give you the chance to ask our engineers questions and get ramped up on information relevant to your Kong journey.

Display Moesif Reports Within Tableau

As a product leader, there’s no better way to show the value of your API platform then by graphically displaying key metics. If you’re already working with Tableau, it’s easy to extract key charts, or workspaces, from Moesif’s dashboards and insert them into your visualization platform. The information from Moesif will be inserted into Tableau as a web page object.


Creating an Oracle API in Minutes with DreamFactory

Handwriting code for database APIs can be a time consuming and expensive process that often exposes organizations to a variety of risks relating to quality, consistency, and developer effort. DreamFactory specialises in REST API generation for a range of databases that gives you the ability to generate a secure, fully documented API in minutes.