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How to be a top online retailer in 2023? Start with a top ecommerce search engine

Search is the key to improving the customer experience–and business outcomes Retailers that weathered the global pandemic now face new challenges: emerging shopping patterns, competitive upstarts, and economic uncertainty.


Internet commerce Marketing Points

One of the most important ecommerce marketing tips should be to power the power of social websites. Unlike search engines, the involvement of customers on social media is definitely significantly bigger. Social media networks are a great way just for eCommerce businesses to connect with consumers, although only if they are really well-targeted..

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Core Web Vitals e-commerce analysis: part one

In 2021, Google introduced Core Web Vitals, three criteria to measure if a website is fast, stable, and responsive enough to give visitors a good digital experience. These factor into search ranking and have a powerful influence on customer behavior. But while Google has been urging the web performance community to get on board for more than two years, many are still falling short. We pulled data from the Chrome User Experience Report to conduct our own Core Web Vitals analysis, finding that even some of the largest e-commerce brands aren't passing these thresholds.


Discover the business impact of digital customer experience from E-Commerce and DevOps leaders

As the world continues to adapt to the new normal, the shift to digital customer experience has accelerated. And with this change comes an urgency to bolster and secure networks, systems and digital capabilities. More and more customers are moving to digital-first experiences. With about two-thirds of the buyer’s journey taking place in the digital realm, it’s imperative that businesses invest in their digital capabilities.


Building personalized ecommerce search experiences with Elastic

For online storefronts, there’s a fine line between a converted sale and a lost opportunity. The slightest overlooked detail on an ecommerce site can lead to customers quickly clicking elsewhere. The key to retaining site visitors and driving clicks that lead to sales lies in the technology behind the customer experience — specifically, search.


Using search analytics to strengthen ecommerce solutions

When it comes to delivering exceptional results to customers, having an understanding of all the tools at your disposal will give you a leg up. Especially in these uncertain economic times, this is even more important as companies look to gain any advantage possible. Being able to convert browsers into buyers and customers for life by providing the best customer experience will truly usher in this advantage.

7 Interesting Reasons Why E-Commerce Is The Market Of The Future

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Or are you simply curious about the e-commerce industry and what it has to offer? There is no doubt that e-commerce is the future of retail. With more and more people preferring to shop online, businesses that don't adapt will be left behind. In this article, we will discuss seven reasons why e-commerce is the future market. Stay tuned because you'll want to start selling your products online by the end of this post. Let's get started.

7 Benefits of eCommerce for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

The internet has leveled the playing field and is now an integral part of our daily lives, and so is eCommerce. Most people have shifted towards online shopping thanks to the evolving tech and the acceleration forced by the pandemic. If you are an entrepreneur or a business, you may wonder what benefit your business will reap from shifting from eCommerce. In this article, we will delve more into the benefits you can reap from social media.

How to configure Grafana Loki with a Node.js e-commerce app

I recently changed teams within Grafana and now I get the chance to work with Grafana Loki, our highly effective open source log aggregation system that stores and queries logs from your infrastructure or applications. At Grafana, we always dogfood our products so what better way to learn more about Loki than trying out a simple use case that I can actually benefit from.