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5 Important Data Center Management Trends for 2023

As we reflect on 2022, it’s important to identify the latest data center trends that will continue to impact how data centers are managed in 2023 and beyond. You must stay up to date on new industry trends in order to better support your organization and customers while staying competitive in your field. Here are five data center management trends that you should know about going into the new year.


Causes of Data Center Outages and How to Overcome Them

With the increasing computing requirements and complexity of data center systems, unplanned downtime has become a severe threat to enterprises in terms of process violations, revenue losses, and reputational issues. Although data center failures are quite common, it can be difficult to predict every scenario that might have a severe impact on the expansion of your company. Especially when some factors, like a natural disaster, can simply be beyond your control and result in data center outages.


5 DCIM Software Success Stories as Told by Real Customers

Managing a data center is not easy. Today’s data center professionals must maintain uptime, increase the efficiency of capacity utilization, and boost the productivity of people in more complex and more distributed environments than ever before. Legacy management tools like Excel, Visio, and homegrown systems no longer get the job done for the modern data center. They are hard to use, difficult to maintain, time-consuming, and error-prone.


Top 10 Data Center Management Trends of 2022 (That You Can't Miss in 2023)

As we wrap up another year, it’s time to reflect on how data center management has evolved over the last 12 months. The data center industry is known for rapidly changing. New challenges, best practices, and technologies are always appearing that need to be noted and addressed. By staying on top of the latest trends, you can put yourself in the best position to have a successful 2023.


Sunbird Named a Top 10 Most Innovative Data Center Company to Watch by CIO Insights

We are proud to share that Sunbird was recognized by CIO Insights as one of their 10 Most Innovative Data Center Companies to Watch. "We will present the leading data center companies in the world and their contribution to making the world more digital-friendly," said Richard Thomas, Editor, CIO Insights. "They are constantly innovating and disrupting the data center space with their ability to look at the future.


Data Center Power Chains: AC vs. DC

In a data center, the power chain is the sequence of infrastructure equipment that distributes power from its source all the way to the IT devices. Most data centers use alternating current (AC) power, though telecommunications companies typically use direct current (DC) power. There are pros and cons to each, and they require different equipment.


What is a Single-Line Diagram and What is It Used For?

A single-line diagram (also known as an SLD or one-line diagram) is a simplified representation of an electrical system. Symbols and lines are used to represent the nodes and connections in the system, and electrical characteristics may be included as well. In a data center, a single-line diagram is used to visualize the power distribution system to improve planning and troubleshooting, ensure redundancy, and reduce potential outages.


How to Find the Ghost Servers Haunting Your Data Center

It's almost Halloween, and we have a spooky and scary story for you. Don’t jump out of your seat, but did you know that most data centers are haunted and overrun by the undead? That’s right. Ghost servers (also known as zombie servers) are everywhere. In fact, up to 30% of servers in any data center may be ghost servers. Ghost servers are servers that are deployed in cabinets and powered on but are sitting idle without performing any useful function.