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How to Choose the Right IT Ops Metrics

Traditionally, we consider IT to be managing and monitoring on-premises network infrastructure, including hardware and software. However, the reality is that most enterprises have accepted and migrated much of their infrastructure to the cloud already. They recognize the benefits of the cloud and that it is here for the long haul. According to the latest study from Deloitte, 90% of organizations have been using cloud services for the last three years, and 79% are hosting workloads with multiple cloud providers. In addition, adopting cloud computing platforms has accelerated significantly in the remote work era.


Did you Survive the Microsoft Outage Today?

The Situation: some employees are reporting that Microsoft Teams is not working properly. You wonder, is there a Microsoft outage today? You jump onto Twitter to check the Microsoft 365 status account and see a trail of updates regarding a Microsoft outage – ugh there is a lengthy Twitter thread. You are in the midst of managing a Microsoft outage today.


4 Ways DEM Improves the Digital Employee Experience

If you have been following the news over the last few months, you will agree that the buzzwords for this year are – inflation and recession. Yet, even in these turbulent times, delivering an excellent digital employee experience (DEX) remains an essential aspect of IT. As organizations continue to add various collaboration, communication, and end-user technologies to the mix, new problems will surface.


Driving Microsoft Teams Into Your Business Apps with Azure Communication Services

PowerApps is something of a revolution in the making – and Microsoft is keen to promote it for enterprises everywhere. Being able to create your own apps to serve specific business functions is a huge win for any company looking to drive efficiency. And now with Azure Communication Services (ACS), you can even integrate Teams features in your apps.


Everything You Need To Know About a Microsoft Teams Outage

It’s a red alert for any IT team. Hearing the words “Microsoft Teams is down” can scare even the most experienced tech department. But, with a few clear definitions – and a way to spot outages and solve them – you’ll be well on your way to having a Microsoft Teams outage totally under control. Your organization now relies on Teams for nearly every aspect of business communication and collaboration.