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5 Web Security Tips For Small Businesses

Small businesses often overlook the importance of web security, but it is an essential component of any successful online presence. Without proper web security measures, your website and business can be vulnerable to various cyber threats, from hackers to spammers. To protect your business and customers, here are five essential tips on improving your website's security.

Secure Backup Strategies for 2022

Hard drive crash. Ransomware. Equipment failure. Accidental deletion. Theft. There are plenty of reasons why end users want to have a secure and up-to-date backup of their most important files. And there are just as many approaches to backup and recovery as there are reasons to want it in place. In this article, we’ll discuss practical strategies and best practices for backing up important data, including consumer-level options and how to get the most from an enterprise-grade backup solution.


New feature announcement: Introducing Automated Backups

You asked and we delivered! The days of configuring cron jobs to take backups for each of your environments are over. Soon, for every grid project, you will have your backups automated according to the plan of your choice. Meaning you can focus on deploying today without worrying about whether you can roll back to yesterday - this new feature has you covered. We thought we’d give you the heads up so you can get in there early and choose your desired backups plan.


Is your backup still lurking in the dark ages?

As MSPs begin to grow and mature their businesses, resource efficiency is a common area of focus. It makes sense: if you want to deliver the same high service level (or better) to more customers without making huge investments in staff and equipment, efficiency and standardization are clearly the way forward. Backup is an area that is especially ripe for improved efficiency for most MSPs.


Complete Guide to Endpoint Backup

Without a doubt, a data recovery solution is essential when it comes to maintaining security and business continuity. Backups give you important survival options when ransomware hits, a laptop is lost, or someone accidentally deletes a folder full of important files. Without those safe, secure, redundant copies of your most important data, you’d be left out in the cold.


What Is the 3-2-1 Backup Rule?

The 3-2-1 backup rule is a strategy to ensure your data is recoverable in case of data loss incidents. It recommends having at least: The rule was conceptualized by US photographer Peter Krogh. After initially impacting the photography world, Krogh’s idea was quickly adopted by other technology disciplines. It’s a great way to evaluate and manage data risks.


Backup Strategy for Small Business Guide

Data is essential to a business, but too often the necessary precautions are not in place. Many small businesses are just one small data disaster away from going out of business. What’s worrying is that 3 out of 4 small businesses have no backup strategy or disaster recovery plan in place to prevent this from happening. This lack of preparation can bring a halt to business operations or cause an organization to go out of business.