11:11 Systems Completes Acquisition of iland

Combined Offering to Unlock the Power of Connectivity, Cloud and Security. Newly-formed 11:11 answers cloud market's call for a single, trusted vendor to manage and monitor hybrid infrastructure. iland and previous acquisition, Green Cloud Defense, to serve as core ingredient platforms in 11:11 market-leading offerings.

The Importance of Database Backups: A Guide to Costs, Benefits, and Risks

Data is the lifeblood of businesses, and protecting it is incredibly important. One of the ways DBAs help ensure the continuous availability of data is through database backups, a process involving copying the data and schema from a database and saving them elsewhere for retrieval later. But like any other process in IT, database backups have costs, benefits, and risks associated with them.

Debunking the image-based backup myth

The state of backup technology has moved forward, and many of the old assumptions are no longer true. For years, image-based backup was considered the industry standard. But today’s IT professionals really need full-system recovery capabilities without the built-in inefficiencies of legacy image backup products. Image-based backup backups are far from ideal, especially for managed services providers (MSPs).

N-able Backup and Other Keys to Our Success: Lionel Naidoo of Dragon Information Systems

N-able™ Backup has provided a refreshing take on backup and disaster recovery, as Dragon IS Director Lionel Naidoo learned firsthand. By looking beyond the traditional legacy backup solutions on the market, Dragon uncovered a golden nugget in N-able Backup.

N-able Backup and Other Keys to Our Success: Nicholas Paulukow, One2One

N-able™ Backup has proven to make a real difference in the efficiency and profitability of managed IT services provider One2One. Hear from One2One CEO Nicholas Paulukow about how the company dramatically reduced the staff time and cost needed to provide top-tier data protection services by switching to N-able Backup.

How Disaster Ready Are Your Backup Systems, Really?

In SRE, we believe that some failure is inevitable. Complex systems receiving updates will eventually experience incidents that you can’t anticipate. What you can do is be ready to mitigate the damage of these incidents as much as possible. One facet of disaster readiness is incident response - setting up procedures to solve the incident and restore service as quickly as possible. Another strategy involves reducing the chances for failure with tactics like reducing single points of failure.