Top 6 Python ETL Tools for 2021

Extract, transform, load (ETL) is the most critical component of data warehousing because it turbocharges data transfer between systems. The best ETL tools in 2021 single-handedly define data warehouse workflows. But which ETL tool should you choose? From JavaScript and Java to Apache Hadoop and Go, many ETL solutions fit your needs. But Python dominates the ETL space. It's a high-level and general-purpose programming language used by many of the world’s biggest brands.


Ruby and Python clients for Elastic Enterprise Search now generally available

Back in our 7.10 release of the Elastic Stack, we announced the beta of our Ruby and Python clients for Elastic Enterprise Search. Now, with 7.11, both the Ruby and Python clients are generally available. We’ve also begun work on a PHP client. All client source code for both enterprise-search-ruby and enterprise-search-python is available on GitHub. Documentation on how to get started with each client is available on


How to ingest with Python

Welcome to a new blog series called Cookbooks, where presales engineer Wil How offers tips and tricks for getting up and running with Humio in record time. Today, we’ll cover how you can ingest data into Humio from your macOS X (OSX) platform using Python. This recipe will work whether you're setting up a one-node proof of concept (POC) or a large Humio cluster.

Workshop: Getting Started with OpenTelemetry in Python and Django

Join Ted Young, Director of Developer Education at Lightstep, to learn how to get started with distributed tracing in Python and Django using OpenTelemetry. OpenTelemetry is an open source framework that provides a single set of APIs, libraries and instrumentation resources to capture distributed traces and metrics from your applications. This workshop is structured to help your organization successfully deliver value from distributed tracing.

15 Tips for Better Python Performance

Introduced in 1991, Python has grown to become a versatile and reliable programming language for modern computing requirements. Python is a powerful language used in web development, data science, software prototype creation, and much more. One of the best qualities of this language is it’s easy to learn and uniform across many use-cases.


Preventing SQL injections in Python (and other vulnerabilities)

Python is a wonderful language, ideal for beginners, and easy to scale up from starter projects to complex applications for data processing and serving dynamic web pages. But as you increase complexity in your applications, it can be easy to inadvertently introduce potential problems and vulnerabilities. In this article, I will highlight the easiest to miss that can cause the biggest problems, how to avoid them and tools and services that help you save time doing so.