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The Punchcard Paradigm: Tracing the Roots of Modern Compliance

In the early days of computing, creating software was a physical act, more akin to factory work than the streamlined digital process we know today. Programmers meticulously transcribed logic onto coding sheets, distinguishing zeros from ‘Os’ and ones from ‘Is’. These cryptic symbols formed the instructions that would be punched into thick card stock decks.

Lessons learned after migrating Azure Functions to Isolated Functions on .NET 8

The In-process model of running Azure Functions is being retired in favor of the Isolated model in two years. A lot of components on elmah.io are running on Azure Functions. To ensure we are running on the most modern and supported platform (also in two years), we have spent quite some time migrating from In-process to Isolated functions. In this post, I'll share both a checklist to help you do the same as well as some of the lessons learned we had during the migration.

Getting the Most out of .NET8 with Loggly

Microsoft’s.NET 8 was released on November 14, 2023, and will be supported for three years as the latest Long Term Support release of.NET. From significant performance gains to simplified orchestration of distributed applications, .NET 8 has something for every user of.NET. In this article, we’ll cover the highlights of.NET 8 and walk through a sample of.NET Aspire. Let’s begin with an always-welcome guest: improved performance.

Is Your Data Center Ready for AI? 3 Hidden Bottlenecks You Need to Know

The rapid adoption of Generative AI (GenAI) tools like ChatGPT is transforming how businesses operate. These tools hold immense potential, impacting everything from marketing campaigns to legal research and software development. A recent study by PwC found that a staggering 54% of companies had integrated GenAI into their workflows as of November 2023 – a testament to the technology’s rapid adoption. However, this rapid integration presents challenges for IT leaders.

C# logging: Best practices in 2023 with examples and tools

Monitoring applications that you’ve deployed to production is non-negotiable if you want to be confident in your code quality. One of the best ways to monitor application behavior is by emitting, saving, and indexing log data. Logs can be sent to a variety of applications for indexing, and you can then refer to them when problems arise.

The Benefits of Using C Sharp Read XLSX Files for Business Applications

In the age of digital transformation, quick access to information is pivotal for businesses to make decisions with precision. Near the top of the list of formats for storing tabular data is the ubiquitous Excel. Leveraging the right programming language to harness this data goldmine can be a game-changer for any business. One such language is C#, which offers a robust and streamlined approach for reading XLSX files. Here's how a C sharp read XLSX file can enhance your data parsing capabilities and how it benefits your business. Read on.

Top 3 Reasons to Migrate from Visual FoxPro to .NET

For companies relying on applications built with Microsoft's Visual FoxPro (VFP) development platform, the time has come to seriously consider modernizing to a more current technology like .NET. Released way back in 1995, FoxPro reached the end of its life a decade ago when Microsoft announced the product's retirement. While VFP apps that work fine today may seem to prevent the need to modernize, under the surface, trouble is brewing. This article examines the most pressing reasons why visual FoxPro migration to .NET should be a priority for forward-thinking IT leaders.

Implementing OpenTelemetry OTLP in .Net

The.NET framework is a powerful platform for creating various applications, from web-based services to comprehensive enterprise solutions. Its extensive libraries, support for multiple programming languages, and powerful development tools enable the creation of high-performance, scalable applications that can be customized to suit various needs. This framework continuously evolves to meet the demands of modern software development with a complete ecosystem of add-ons created by an enthusiastic community.

Aspire Insights in Production with Sentry and OpenTelemetry

With the release of.NET 8, Microsoft released a new framework called.NET Aspire that’s shaking up the way distributed applications are crafted. Aspire makes it painless to configure and deploy distributed apps in.NET. You can check out the Aspire docs for a full rundown.

RIP Xamarin: Adding .NET MAUI to Real User Monitoring

We’re constantly seeing frameworks evolving and churning, and in May 2024 we’ll see the end of Xamarin after 12 years. The deprecation of Xamarin means we need to ensure that MAUI is equipped with the tools and functionalities that developers have come to rely on Xamarin for. At Raygun, that’s Real User Monitoring (RUM).