What is Enterprise Architecture & How to Develop .Net Based Enterprise Architecture?

Developing a holistic enterprise architecture is the first step to acquiring a wholesome grip over the evolution and management of an organization. Enterprise architecture enhances Business Process Improvement and significantly optimizes costs by standardizing technology – two of the most crucial factors that influence the ROI of an organization. The enormous efficiency and cost-savings, that enterprise architecture brings about, have strengthened the belief in enterprise architecture today.


Configuration-Based SDKs for Java and .NET

At Instana, we believe that Observability should be as automated as possible. We often joke with each other about automagic. From the birth of Instana, we relentlessly invested in the creation of distributed tracing technology that you can deploy once and do not have to manually update, customize, redeploy, restart, or any of those other little “joys” of operating software.


OpenTelemetry .NET: All you need to know

Hello, Tedsuo here, back again with the Windows edition of all you need to know. Today we’re going to dig into getting started with OpenTelemetry in .NET. In fact, we have some exciting news! OpenTelemetry .NET is now v1.0! With the v1.0 release, tracing is now marked as stable. Future releases will be fully backwards compatible for many years – we have no plans for a v2.0 release.


Monitor .NET runtime metrics with Datadog

If you are a .NET developer, monitoring runtime metrics can help you troubleshoot bugs and detect resource inefficiencies in your applications. With Datadog, you can easily collect, visualize, and alert on key .NET runtime metrics, including exceptions, garbage collection statistics, thread count, and more. We have fully integrated .NET runtime metrics into Datadog APM so that you can easily view them alongside your distributed traces, logs, and other telemetry.


What Is NullReferenceException? Object reference not set to an instance of an object

“Object Reference Not Set to an instance of an object.” Cast the first stone those who never struggled with this error message when they were a beginner C#/.NET programmer. This infamous and dreaded error message happens when you get a NullReferenceException. This exception is thrown when you try to access a member—for instance, a method or a property—on a variable that currently holds a null reference. But what is a null reference?


Top Security Anti-Patterns in ASP.NET Core Applications

Microsoft's ASP.NET Core enables users to more easily configure and secure their applications, building on the lessons learned from the original ASP.NET. The framework encourages best practices to prevent SQL injection flaws and cross-site scripting (XSS) in Razor views by default, provides a robust authentication and authorization solution, a Data Protection API that offers simplicity of configuration, and sensible defaults for session management.


ASP.NET Performance: 9 Types of Tools You Need to Know!

One of the best things about being a .NET developer is all the amazing ASP.NET performance tools that can make your life easier. This blog post is a list of the various types of ASP.NET performance tools at your disposal for finding and optimizing ASP.NET performance problems. Depending on the task, some of these tools will be much better than the others.


Instrumenting a .NET web API using OpenTelemetry, Tempo, and Grafana Cloud

OpenTelemetry is a CNCF project that standardizes observability (logs, metrics, and traces) across many languages and tools. Today we will look at how we can use the OpenTelemetry .NET library to instrument a .NET 5.0 web API, to offload traces to Tempo and logs to Loki in Grafana Cloud. Grafana Cloud now has a free plan. Set up your account and follow along!