Deploy ASP.NET Core applications to Azure App Service

The ASP.NET Core framework provides cross-platform support for web development, giving you greater control over how you build and deploy your.NET applications. With the ability to run.NET applications on more platforms, you need to ensure that you have visibility into application performance, regardless of where your applications are hosted. In previous posts, we looked at instrumenting and monitoring a.NET application deployed via Docker and AWS Fargate.


Getting Started with C# and InfluxDB

This post was written by James Hickey. Scroll below for full bio and picture following this article. Time series databases (TSDBs) can transform the way you handle streams of data in real time or IoT applications. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to set one up in a C# application. Relational databases have their place. They’re great at things like data normalization, avoiding duplication, indexing over specific data points (like columns), and handling atomic changes to the schema.


Monitor containerized ASP.NET Core applications on AWS Fargate

The ASP.NET Core framework enables you to build and deploy .NET applications on a wide variety of platforms, each of which has different observability concerns. In a previous post, we looked at monitoring a containerized ASP.NET Core application. In this guide, we’ll show how Datadog provides visibility into ASP.NET Core applications running on AWS Fargate. We’ll walk through.


Monitor containerized ASP.NET Core applications with Datadog APM

ASP.NET Core is an open source web development framework that enables you to develop .NET applications on macOS, Linux, and Windows machines. The introduction of .NET Core in 2016 dramatically increased the number of ways to build and deploy .NET applications. This means that you need the ability to easily monitor application performance across a wide variety of platforms, such as Docker containers.

OpenTelemetry adoption at Microsoft

Ted Young discusses OpenTelemetry at Microsoft with Reiley Yang. Reiley is a Principal Software Engineering Manager at Mircosoft and a core contributor to OpenTelemetry. Ted and Reiley discuss how Microsoft is baking OpenTelemetry into .NET, the OpenTelemetry approach to design by balancing enterprise concerns with ease of use, how the collector will eventually grow a control plane, and more.

How to Create Docker Images for ASP.NET Core

Microsoft has begun working with the Docker team and community so Docker can be used for the following: If you would like to run an ASP.NET Core web app in a Docker container and learn how to create images, we will explain all the steps on how to do the following: A Docker container image is a standalone, lightweight package that can be executed and contains all the requirements you need to run an application, such as: code, runtime, libraries, and settings.