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Developer Week Cloud Austin: Hit or Miss?

Hi there, Albane writing, Product Marketing Manager at Qovery, writing to your from Texas 🤠 With Romaric (CEO at Qovery) and Morgan (Co-founder at Qovery), we spent the last two days promoting Qovery at the Developer Week Cloud that took space in Austin, Texas. After weeks of preparation, quite a few hours of travel, and a whole setup, let me give you some insights about our first-ever conference as an exhibitor!


The Internet's Mid-Life Crisis - Black Hat at 25

“Why is it so bad right now? Why does it seem like we’re fighting this up-hill battle?” The internet, it seems, is having a mid-life crisis. As industries progress through their life cycle, they are expected to reach a quasi-steady state of maturity, but the internet hasn’t gotten that message. In fact, it seems to be stuck in the growth phase, expanding exponentially with no end in sight, and securing it just feels so hard. Let’s dive into my Black Hat recap.


Postcard From .conf22: Customers Inspire Our Latest Release

They say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” but I wanted to highlight the role our customers played at last month’s.conf22, our annual users’ event at the MGM Grand. It was awesome meeting customers in person again, and connecting virtually with thousands more. We had a terrific turnout with 8,200+ customers and partners representing 113 countries and more than 6,500 organizations.


Recapping Yalla! DevOps 2022

TL;DR Yalla! DevOps 2022 community event — Learning. Networking. Fun. Driven by the DevOps community. All about the DevOps community. Yalla! DevOps was back again this year with an exciting lineup of content ranging from DevOps, DevSecOps, professional development and more. Local speakers from the DevOps community and industry leaders from around the world took the stage making it one of the best DevOps community events this year. Keep reading for a recap of Yalla! DevOps 2022.


Monitorama 2022: the good, the bad and the beautiful (Part 1)

The summer of 2022 is a strange time to be attending a tech conference. The “Pandemic Pause” has left us all hungry for connection and a little awkward about it. While the world is largely returning to a semblance of comfort with larger public events, COVID is still a real and present threat, something we keep in the backs of our minds all the time.


Top 5 Takeaways from RSAC 2022

It’s been just over a month since cybersecurity conferences returned in a big way with the comeback of RSA Conference after last year’s hiatus. A lot happened between 2020 and 2022 in the world, our lives, and cybersecurity, including the birth of a little no-code security automation start-up named Torq. RSAC 2022 was a great place to catch up on these changes and look forward to emerging trends and security needs.

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That's a Wrap for DevOps Loop 2022: Recap and Highlights

For the second year in a row, the DevOps community came together virtually for our DevOps Loop conference. This event allowed us to examine DevOps and its core principles in the context of modern applications, multi-cloud, and Kubernetes. Organizations are increasingly looking to internal platform teams to deliver an awesome developer experience while ensuring reliability, scalability, and security, by unlocking the path to production for modern apps and helping their products soar!