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Interview With Scrum Master David Rutter

For our second specialist interview in our series speaking to technology and IT leaders around the world, we’ve welcomed Scrum Master David Rutter to share his thoughts on the topic of agile and Scrum as well as where he sees the future of work evolving in this area. David has over thirty years of experience working in IT and works as a Scrum Master across two teams, development and operations. He also blogs about teamwork and agile at the Art Of Team Work website.


Project Portfolio Management: Creating project management excellence

Project managers are the link between programmers and designers and between sales and customers. As such, project managers have to understand the importance of efficient, automated business processes and be comfortable dealing with people. At Germany-based global IT services and consulting company T-Systems, we take project management seriously. That's why we have a dedicated project management committee and 1,700 full-time project managers.


How does project management improve the success rate of IT projects?

It is no secret that the failure rate of IT projects is the biggest worry for project managers. Add to this the impact of the current pandemic. A cursory Google search will present you with reports from Gartner, Statista and many others detailing how the spending in Global IT is projected to go down in 2020 (We still don’t have complete figures for all the financial quarters in 2020) compared to 2019. This is despite the availability of vaccines and the growing number of vaccinated population.


The Problem With Agile Scrum (and Why We Use Kanban Instead)

Every engineering team has their own approach when it comes to development methodologies. Most teams have embraced popular frameworks, Agile Scrum seems to be the most popular, both putting their own spin on it and choosing the parts that work for them. Despite any differences, we’re all out to achieve the same goal. We want a process that scales with our organizations and results in happy teams, high velocity, and quality software.


Scoro Wins as Category Leader in Project Management, Time Tracking and PSA

Spring has sprung, and so have the G2 Spring Awards 2021. The results are in, and we’re proud to say we’ve been recognized across four categories for a total of eight awards. As ever, we take great pride in being included in the G2 awards, as they represent the democratic voice of real software users rather than the subjective opinion of a handful of analysts.


Ask these 8 questions when choosing your IT project management software

IT teams across the digital world are currently facing their biggest test yet. Ensuring that things are running smoothly when employees are working from home. And they’re doing a very good job at it. But, there’s always room for improvement right? If you’ve ever been a part of an IT team, you know the pain of jumping between multiple software tools, the effects of a broken down collaboration system and the struggle for visibility amongst team members.


Creative Project Managers: What You Need to Know

At first glance, project management in a creative environment might seem like an oxymoron. After all, shouldn’t we promote the freeflow of ideas without trying to add potentially limiting structure? Creatives are the cornerstone of the world’s innovations — their inability to think outside the box and present dynamic solutions is a benefit to any organization.


March 2021 Version Update: Meet Customer Portal | Scoro

Communication and collaboration are the basis of a good customer relationship, yet things can easily go sour with a few unanswered or delayed calls or emails, misunderstandings caused by switching between customers and projects, and so on. Eliminate disorder and stay on the same page with your customers by providing visibility and collaborating on their projects right there on your Scoro site. See what’s new in Scoro.


Top 10 Notion Alternatives

In the digital era, workspace applications are the key to success in any business. When it comes to selecting the right collaboration application for your workplace, it can be difficult to identify what tools to prioritize and what ones can be compromised on. Some applications are more task based and lacking in collaboration or vice versa. Getting everything you want from collaboration apps can sometimes be a difficult feat.


How an Explosive Detection Agency Eliminated Overtime with Scoro

Bombs Away is an independent UXO (unexploded ordnance, explosives) consultancy from the Netherlands. The company provides historical research services for governmental institutions and construction companies worldwide and helps to neutralize areas that might contain bombs still in the ground after World War 2.