Project Management

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What Is Project Portfolio Management?

Inefficient project management can cost organizations hundreds of billions of dollars per year. And while there are many factors that can contribute to loss of project budget, one of the main ways is very early on – by funding the wrong initiatives. Projects with low benefits and high risks are not only costly, but they can thwart innovation and progress on organizational goals.

New-gen Project Management in Freshservice

A single platform to manage all your service desk and project operations. Bring your ITSM and project management teams together on one platform to provide a holistic view of who owns what as well as the progress of various projects from a single spectrum. Deliver key initiatives on time by increasing visibility and collaboration between multiple teams working on a project.

How To Enable Successful Project Implementation

Do you know how to enable successful project implementation? With the support of the right tools and resources, it’s never been easier to optimize your workflows around efficiency to deliver exceptional results for your customers. StartingPoint can help to solve disconnected workflow experiences to ensure project implementation and delivery is as smooth as possible. According to research from PWC, digital project management software increases performance.


Teamwork Project Management (Key Statistics)

Teamwork project management is critical to the success of your organization. If you have the right project management tools in place, these will give your team a strategic advantage. A team can only ever be as good as the tools it utilizes. Organizations committed to delivering incredible customer experiences are actively investing in teamwork project management solutions.


What is Agile Methodology and How Does it Work?

Software is available everywhere we look. Any machinery we use associates itself with code that controls the way it works. Software teams work to write these applications, and many software developers band together to work on a single project. They keep working on ensuring that the application should work just as designed for the end-user when they deploy the code.


Project Management Workflow - Why Does It Matter?

Do your projects often lack a sense of general direction? Are you regularly confused about what you should be doing next? To be productive and efficient, you should implement a project management workflow into your operation. This can help to bring order to chaotic situations and enhance your team’s productivity across the board. A project management workflow is a crucial component of any effective operation.