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The ultimate guide to SEO project management

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be one of the biggest contributing factors to a business’ online success. If you appear higher in search results, you’re likely to get more site visits. And increased site visits can lead to more conversions. A well-planned SEO campaign is your best chance of getting to number one in the organic results. But an SEO campaign has a lot of moving parts, so it can be difficult to keep on top of everything.


The Best Agile Project Management Tools To Use In 2021 & Beyond

You and your team need great software to manage your work. But great project management software needs to keep up not only with your team but also with market changes. Over the past five years, a new method of project management, called Agile, has responded to the demand for a more adaptive and evolutionary project management process. It does little good to adopt the Agile method while still using a software that bogs down or complicates your projects.


Project Management Office (PMO) - A Teamwork Guide

There are many benefits to a PMO, whether your company is big and booming or small and just starting. Below, we’ll dive into the world of PMO, talk about whether it’s right for your company, and find out why so many organizations are jumping onboard. First, let’s define some terms...


What's new in Teamwork Spaces

As we close in on the end of 2020, our Teamwork Spaces team have been busy enhancing the user interface of our product so your experience is constantly improving. On top of what they have released this month, they are also planning a surprise for you, our customer throughout December. Before we talk about what is coming in December, here is what the team has delivered this month.


Hold Meetings in Bitrix24

The Meetings and Briefings section is a useful communication tool designed for structuring and managing both online and offline meetings with colleagues. The meeting creation process includes several simple steps, depending on the information you need for the meeting: topic, attendees, date, time, duration, description, agenda, the responsible people for the questions to be discussed.


Atlassian's Journey to the Cloud: Why You Need Enterprise-Grade Toolchain Integration

Atlassian’s latest announcement around its Cloud strategy is a great example of how your software delivery toolchain is a living and breathing platform. One that is perpetually influenced by the evolution of existing tools, the arrival of new tools, and the departure of legacy platforms.


What is the best way to manage virtual teams?

This article concerns itself with explaining in detail the definition of a virtual team, managing a team that operates virtually, what it takes to build a distributed team, and as well manage it effectively, coupled with useful tips and tools for team building taken from examples of successful remote teams. First of all – what is a virtual team?


Create Meetings and Briefings

Meeting and briefings have always been an inseparable part of team communication and collaboration. Since nowadays many companies have switched to working remotely, traditional offline meetings are temporarily off the table. Anyway, the importance to hold meeting is still there for the majority of them. In Bitrix24 you may create meetings both offline to meet in person and online via videoconferencing.