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Best Remote Work Tools For 2020 (Features, Pricing)

COVID-19 has forced tons of companies to have their employees work from home. But for those who are new to remote working, this transition can be difficult. However, with the right remote work tools, you’ll have no trouble working in or running a remote team! To help you get started, we’ll cover some of the best remote work tools for your business. We’ll highlight their key features, pricing and their alternatives to help you choose the right tool.


What's new in Teamwork?

What a start to the first quarter of the year, huh? It’s been a busy one for us, and a challenging quarter for our team (and probably yours) in many ways. At Teamwork, we’re in the fortunate position that the move to remote work was a relatively smooth transition for us. So we’re going to keep doing what we do best: delivering great software to help your team collaborate and keep work going. Here’s a snapshot of our latest releases.


The 6 biggest challenges of working from home (and how to fix them)

These are unprecedented times. All around the world, as more and more countries start the process of responding to COVID-19, companies and employees are trying to make the shift to remote work so they can keep work going. For many people, this means working remotely for the first time — and getting used to the challenges of working from home is going to be a bit of an adjustment. But even people who are used to working remotely are finding it hard right now. Because this is different.

time doctor

Understanding the Time Doctor and Integration

Did you know that as many as 77% of high-performing projects use project management software? Both startups and Fortune 500 companies use these utilities to manage deadlines and work schedules for their remote consultants. Project management tools aren’t just for task scheduling and collaboration, though. The statistics show that file sharing and time tracking are the most common uses for this software.


7 tips for finding focus and reducing digital distractions

As millions of teams adjust to working remotely full time, many are searching for ways to stay productive without compromising work-life balance. Finding time for deep focus, reducing digital distractions, and fighting the constant deluge of app toggling and notification checking are all top priorities for workers—and for good reason. According to the Anatomy of Work Index, nearly three-quarters of workers experience burnout every year.


2020 Trends in Software Development

Coding Sans has published the State of Software Development Report since 2018 in an effort to uncover the rapidly evolving trends of this particularly agile industry. Each year, the report highlights challenges, best practices, and the tools that are driving the software development industry, and how things have changed year over year.