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When Stream Meets Lake: Cribl Integrates With New Amazon Security Lake to Help Customers Address Data Interoperability

We’re excited to announce that Cribl integrates with Amazon Security Lake. Amazon Security Lake allows customers to build a security data lake from integrated cloud and on-premises data sources as well as from their private applications using the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OSCF).


Flowmon Anomaly Detection & MISP

Back in 2021 we have introduced the integration between MISP, a community threat intelligence sharing platform and Flowmon ADS. The integration turns indicators of compromise shared through MISP to actionable intelligence. Flowmon ADS will automatically pick up on latest indicators of compromise using MISP API and leverage those indicators of compromise to detect adversary activities in the target network. The integration is available in Flowmon ADS 11.2 and newer versions.


4 Most Common Website Security Threats (2022) + Solutions

For infrastructure administrators tasked with ensuring the reliable operation of their applications, the thought of a lurking cyberattack can be one to lose sleep over. An attack on your system and the services you provide could render your applications unresponsive, resulting in a security breach, or loss of data.


Why unmanaged Apple devices make your customers vulnerable

Let’s start with a simple but harsh fact: If you say you’re protecting your customers’ networks and you’re not managing their Apple devices, then you’re lying to them and yourself! Over the years hackers have targeted everything from HVAC machines (Target) to fish tank thermometers (an unnamed Las Vegas casino) and a whole host of devices in between in order to prise their way into company networks. Let’s stop for a minute to consider that fact.


Cybercrime Trends and the Economy

It’s no secret that there is a lot of money involved in cybercrime. With McAfee estimating the annual global cost of cybercrime at just under $1 trillion, the dark side of tech is big business. Clearly, those losses have an impact on the global economy. It’s also become a pressing question to see if macroeconomic/geopolitical trends impact cybercrime.


Access Bitbucket Cloud repositories more securely with resource-scoped access tokens.

We understand there is a constant tension between the need to keep source code secure, while also enabling tools to integrate with your Source Code Management solution. In line with this, Bitbucket Cloud is introducing the first step in a range of new API security capabilities, designed to give customers fine-grained control over access to their Repositories, Projects, and Workspaces.


Phishing Isn't Just an Email Problem... How To Protect Your Business From Phishing

Don’t panic, but phishing assaults increased by 350% since the pandemic. Phising is one of the most prevalent and effective online con games. To put the scale of the damage it causes into perspective, phishing brings in $1 trillion more a year than Walmart’s total sales. Please, remain calm! When you hear 'phishing,' your first thought that probably comes to mind is 'emails.' Phishing attacks frequently go through emails in the guise of files, PDFs, hyperlinks, and other formats.


Open source and cybersecurity: from prevention to recovery

So you have just installed the latest antivirus and turned on your shiny new firewall. Now your organisation is fully secure, right? The reality is that all the security products in the world will never be able to fully protect your data centre or your business from security threats. Because of the asymmetry between attackers and enterprises, cybersecurity is a problem that can never be solved and is never going away.