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What does a SIEM solution do?

It is not a hidden fact that threats in our cyberspace are continuously evolving. While they are getting sophisticated and complicated over time, a business cannot sit and wait for the attackers to exploit a vulnerability and disrupt an organization’s business operations. Absolute security is a state of oblivion and businesses must strive to achieve the maximum possible level of security.


Easy Ways to Boost Employee Productivity Remotely

Employee monitoring and productivity tracking features valuable insights into your teams’ performance levels throughout the day. If your office has been recently affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, you might also be transitioning into a more remote-friendly workplace environment. How do you make sure your employees are staying productive? Can you accurately measure an increase or decrease in your team’s overall productivity?


Data Privacy Solutions: How to Choose the Right One

Data privacy solutions are crucial for complying with privacy regulations and maintaining security. In the first nine months of 2019, there were 5,183 reported data breaches, with 7.9 billion records exposed, according to the Data Breach Quickview. Modern regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, require companies to develop reasonable data protection measures to protect consumers’ personal information against exposure or loss.


Securing Kubernetes Deployments From Runway To Take-off

Kubernetes use is rising rapidly: 58% more respondents than last year - 78% of this years’ respondents - reported in the 2019 CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) survey that they use Kubernetes today. With numbers like those, it looks like everyone is headed towards the cloud. But, just as for any journey, you want to make sure your ride starts smoothly and stays smooth, which means you need to plan, prepare, and regularly monitor.


9 Smart Ways to Keep Customer Data Secure on Your E-Commerce Website

E-commerce has now revolutionized the way that people shop. But one of the biggest challenges a lot of e-commerce owners face today is website security. Although selling online opens doors for many opportunities, keeping your site safe from phishing, hacking, and other cyber attacks can be a nightmare for a lot of online business owners. Also, the risk is even higher because the choice of security provisions is often beyond your reach.


Instagram photo flaw could have helped malicious hackers spy via users' cameras and microphones

A critical vulnerability in Instagram’s Android and iOS apps could have allowed remote attackers to run malicious code, snoop on unsuspecting users, and hijack control of smartphone cameras and microphones. The security hole, which has been patched by Instagram owner Facebook, could be exploited by a malicious hacker simply sending their intended victim a boobytrapped malicious image file via SMS, WhatsApp, email or any other messaging service.


Critical vulnerability in Windows Server discovered

A critical vulnerability has been discovered in Windows Server, allowing unauthenticated attackers to compromise all Active Directory identity services. The severity of this exploit has been rated at a 10/10 by security experts. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) believe that “active exploitation of this vulnerability is occurring in the wild”.


API Authorization at the Gateway with Apigee, Okta and OPA (Part 1)

API gateways have become a standard component in modern application architectures. The gateway exposes application APIs to the Internet and serves as a logical place to enforce policy. This is a two-part series about enforcing API authorization policies in Apigee with Okta as the identity provider (IdP).


Making Security Proactive at Fitchburg State University

From time-to-time on this blog we like to take a moment to connect with those folks on the front lines of the cybersecurity battle, to give you a direct look into the issues they’re facing every day. Today, we sat down (virtually) with Sherry Horeanopoulos, the Information Security Officer at Fitchburg State University.