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How we keep N-central updated and secure

Following the security issues in the MSP market over the past 24 months, our customers, who are understandably concerned, have been asking what we do to keep the N-central® appliance (hosted or on-premises) updated and secure for them. I will do my best in this short article to outline how our engineering team keeps up with security. Please note this is valid as of the time of writing, but can change at any point.


A Zero Trust Security Approach for Government: Increasing Security but also Improving IT Decision Making

Public sector organisations are in the middle of a massive digital transformation. Technology advances like cloud, mobile, microservices and more are transforming the public sector to help them deliver services as efficiently as commercial businesses, meet growing mission-critical demands, and keep up with market expectations and be more agile.


Remote work and its lasting impact: What our global research uncovered

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only had a profound impact on everyone across the globe; it has also fundamentally changed the way organizations function. We are nearing one and a half years since remote work became the norm and organizations had to adapt to this new mode of working almost overnight. This rapid transition wouldn’t have been possible without the massive technology, workflow, and process upgrades undertaken by IT departments.


Secure your infrastructure in real time with Datadog Cloud Workload Security

From containerized workloads to microservice architectures, developers are rapidly adopting new technology to scale their products at unprecedented rates. To manage these complex deployments, many teams are increasingly moving their applications to third party–managed services and infrastructure, trading full-stack visibility for simplified operations.

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The Cost of Avoiding Security Automation

Security touches every aspect of an organization's infrastructure and influences most of its processes. That's a lot to cover, and it seems like there are never enough people to handle the work. Even with budgets increasing by an average of 10% annually over the last 5 years, the recent increase in remote work and cloud adoption is stretching security teams even thinner.


Pillars of Knowledge, Best Practices for Data Governance

With hackers now working overtime to expose business data or implant ransomware processes, data security is largely IT managers’ top priority. And if data security tops IT concerns, data governance should be their second priority. Not only is it critical to protect data, but data governance is also the foundation for data-driven businesses and maximizing value from data analytics. Requirements, however, have changed significantly in recent years.