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Best practices for monitoring Microsoft Azure platform logs

Microsoft Azure provides a suite of cloud computing services that allow organizations across every industry to deploy, manage, and monitor full-scale web applications. As you expand your Azure-based applications, securing the full scope of your cloud resources becomes an increasingly complex task. Azure platform logs record the who, what, when, and where of all user-performed and service account activity within your Azure environment.


How to prevent supply chain attacks with Honeytokens

Honeytokens act like tripwires, alerting organizations of malicious threats lurking at the footsteps of their sensitive data. They're a very effective intrusion detection system. So effective, in fact, that the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) highly recommends their use in network security. If strategically distributed thought an ecosystem, honeytokens could event prevent supply chain attacks.


Measures to be Taken Against Insider Threats

Insider threats are becoming a growing concern across different industries. Most coverage goes to outside attacks, especially when it comes to big corporations and government agencies. However, internal security is something organizations need to take very seriously to avoid irreparable damages. Not many enterprises can afford internal threat detection programs. However, they can definitely adopt proactive measures to avoid them, especially when it comes to sensitive systems and data.


Content scraping: How does it affect your business?

Content scrapers are automated bots that steal your content from websites and mobile apps for their own use without permission, usually for malicious purposes. Content scrapers typically copy all the content from a webpage and portray it as their own content. Bots can scrape all of the content on a website in a matter of seconds, even for large websites such as eCommerce sites with thousands of product pages. These bots can scrape public website information such as text, images, HTML and CSS code.


Not Another Blog about SolarWinds - 3 Ways Ivanti can Help Protect You

The SolarWinds exploits have been widely reported, fully covered, and basically as we would say in Aussie – Done to Death Mate. But some of the info got me thinking, especially this article from my buddies at Microsoft which gives some great background and flows for that how the attacks were actually working. I’ve been working with Ivanti Application Control – formerly AppSense Application Manager for over 17 years.


Why We Need More Women in Cybersecurity

To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 and the upcoming Day of Shecurity conference on March 23, I guest hosted the Lookout podcast Endpoint Enigma for an episode. I enlisted the support of my colleague Victoria Mosby to share our experiences navigating the cybersecurity sector. In addition to working as a federal sales engineer at Lookout, Victoria is also an active member of the Lookout Foundation and the Day of Shecurity initiative.


Dependency Confusion Attacks

You must secure your software supply chain. Now, more than ever, it is vital. For a long time, a primary concern in security was malicious actors exploiting inherent weaknesses in software. Privilege escalations, SQL injections, race conditions etc. These are, of course, still a concern and should be afforded the attention that they deserve. But now, there is another worry, one that is arguably even more important – A Supply Chain Attack.