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Our friends were hit by an impossible cyberstorm. It's time we all change.

A common cliché in cybersecurity is, it’s not a question of if you get attacked, but when. We witnessed this firsthand when our former parent company was part of a major attack last year. While N-able products weren’t affected, it was difficult to watch friends and colleagues deal with the aftermath of an event of that magnitude.


Announcing Spot Security: Safeguard your cloud with continuous, automated security

The cloud not only ushered in a different way of developing and deploying software, but it also introduced a fundamentally different security reality, presenting new challenges to teams responsible for keeping environments secure. Designed to be dynamic, cloud environments can be in a near-constant state of change, with infrastructure resources spun up and down multiple times a day to support cloud applications.


The Principles of DevSecOps

As a Solution Architect here at xMatters, an Everbridge Company, and through my 30-year career in the IT industry, I’ve seen many frameworks offering bold new ideas. CMMI, ITIL, Prince 2, Agile, Scrum, and most recently, DevOps. These frameworks come and go, offering huge improvements in the way we deliver and manage our IT capabilities, but never lasting long enough to act on those promises.


A CISO's Guide to Log Managment for Cybersecurity

In today’s highly interconnected worlds, CISOs face a dual challenge: protecting data and reporting to the Board of Directors. Log management has long been a tool in the CISO’s back pocket, helping gain insight into potential security issues. However, the rise of cloud-based infrastructures changes this, making log management increasingly difficult.


What's new in security for Ubuntu 21.10?

Ubuntu 21.10 is the latest release of Ubuntu and comes as the last interim release before the forthcoming 22.04 LTS release due in April 2022. As the interim releases are often proving grounds for upcoming features in the LTS releases, this provides a good opportunity to take stock of some of the latest security features delivered in this release, on the road to 22.04 LTS.


Dynamically rendering config templates for secrets management

It’s often necessary to inject secrets into your build or deployment process so that the deployed service can interact with other services. This can be straightforward if you’re only deploying to a single environment. When deploying to multiple environments, though, you might need to dynamically inject different secrets depending on the environment to which you’re deploying.

The Main Tech Trends Of 2021

2021 has been a year quite unlike any other. The world is attempting to return to some kind of normality, with the pandemic still a major issue, which has created huge challenges for businesses but also new opportunities. Tech has been crucial in this unique time, and it is hard to imagine how the world would have managed during COVID-19 if it had happened 10 years ago. So, what have been the major tech trends in 2021? There are a number of trends that have emerged this year and played a key role in helping people and businesses to retain some kind of normality.