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Choosing the right BI tool for the right use case at

I used to work at a very large company whose dashboarding tool evolution went from custom tool #1, to custom tool #2, to Tableau. I immediately fell in love with how beautiful the visualizations looked in Tableau. When I first started at, I saw that they were using an open-source tool for dashboarding. Naturally, I suggested we bring on Tableau. To me, the pros were obvious: Encourage exploratory analysis Data was mostly being used for reporting at the time.


Outreach Engages Their Production Code with Honeycomb

Outreach is the number one sales engagement platform with the largest customer base and industry-leading usage. Outreach helps companies dramatically increase productivity and drive smarter, more insightful engagement with their customers. Outreach is a privately held company based in Seattle, Washington. Tech Environment & Tools: Millions of Logs and Limited View Metrics


Redivis makes research data accessible, experiences collaborative with BigQuery

Understanding the data we collect is essential—it allows us to identify trends and uncover answers about our world. However, stories in our data frequently go untold. Large datasets are hard to share between research communities due to their size, security restraints, and complexity. Even if these datasets are accessible to users, the tools needed to query them often require deep technical knowledge.


Nightfall DLP enables customer-centric data security for one of the largest movie-ticket retailers

Just when a company thinks they’ve seen it all in cybersecurity, new challenges in data protection keep security leaders on their toes. One of the largest movie-ticket retailers discovered a need to protect sensitive data that could be shared across their productivity tools.


Applications at the Speed of Low-Code

The COVID-19 global pandemic has added new urgency to the quest for digital transformation. The pandemic disrupted business processes and displaced and disconnected people. Organizations across the globe witnessed first-hand that the speed with which they could get new automations and applications in place could literally make or break the company. The world quickly learned what some industry leaders already knew: the ability to develop an application and quickly bring it to market is crucial.


Empowering a data-driven culture with a modern data stack at OneFit

As head of business intelligence and data analytics at OneFit, I'm committed to helping our parent and sister companies — Urban Sports Club and Fitogram — transform into data-driven, digital-first businesses. As we’ve modernized our data platform, I’ve concluded that a data culture is worth every minute you invest into building one. As you read our story, you’ll see why.