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Transforming to an Engineering Culture of Curiosity With a Modern Observability 2.0 Solution

Relying on their traditional observability 1.0 tool, Pax8 faced hurdles in fostering a culture of ownership and curiosity due to user-based pricing limitations and an impending steep price increase. Pax8’s platform engineering team was keen on modernizing the company’s cloud commerce platform, but they were hitting obstacles with their traditional observability 1.0 tool, which relied on the three pillars of logs, metrics, and traces.

Mobile Alerts for Icinga at Net at Work

Net at Work is a German IT company with over 100 employees that provides its customers with solutions and tools for digital communication and collaboration. Their product NoSpamProxy offers reliable protection against spam and ransomware, legally compliant email encryption and more. Net at Work customers monitor NoSpamProxy with a network monitoring tool.

Streamlining Veterinary Care: NinjaOne and Vetcor Partner to Manage 15,000 Endpoints

Today, every business is a tech business. Even veterinarians need to make sure their tech stack is up to par, so they can deliver the best care to pets whatever their need. Enter Vetcor, a shining example of how technology can revolutionize the management and operations of veterinary care across North America. Leveraging NinjaOne, Vetcor has successfully consolidated an IT ecosystem of 15,000 endpoints across more than 850 veterinary practices across the United States and Canada.

Client Testimonial - MEDHOST

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, efficiency and reliability are paramount. For forty years, MEDHOST has been a trusted provider of Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions, serving hospitals with cutting-edge software for clinical, Emergency Department Information Systems (EDIS), and emergency services. However, as the demands on their infrastructure grew, they faced the challenge of ensuring seamless performance monitoring across their vast network of clients.

How SumUp benefitted from using incident.io

In this clip, Adrian explains how SumUp benefitted from using the incident.io platform. More about this episode: Today, good incident communication isn't a nice to have—it's an absolute must. But where do you even start? To help answer that question, we sat down with the VP of Engineering at SumUp, ⁠Adrián Moreno Peña⁠, to get his perspective on how organizations of all sizes can share stellar comms no matter the situation.

Swift: Transforming product instrumentation with Elastic Observability

As the leading global provider of secure financial transactions and payments, it's vital for SWIFT to stay relevant. With more than 45 million messages flowing through its systems every day and being at the heart of the financial industry, SWIFT is at the forefront of secure, frictionless financial services including sanctions screenings, compliance analytics, KYC (Know Your Customer) registry, and payment controls.

How shipping/third-party logistics companies reduce MTTR and increase uptime with the Grafana LGTM Stack

These days, everything can be tracked: transportation, deliveries, food orders. . . For consumers, knowing the location of a package or courier is a bonus, but for companies in the business of shipping, delivering, and third-party logistics, it’s a necessity. And so is having the right observability system to ensure everything gets where it needs to go. After all, errors, downtime, or anything that causes delays will end up delivering unhappy customers and lost revenue.

Transforming Financial Services with Modern Observability: Moov's Story

As a new company poised to transform the financial services industry with its modern money movement platform, Moov wanted an equally modern observability platform as part of the company’s operational tech stack. With Moov's platform hosted in Google Cloud, it uses a diverse range of technologies to allow clients to accept, store, send, and spend money. The integration of numerous software providers further amplifies the complexity of each transaction.