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How dashboards can help SaaS companies gain investment and grow, with Kristian Marquez of Finstrat Management

We chatted with Kristian Marquez, Managing Director of Finstrat Management who took us through how he built a business around surfacing and optimizing SaaS metrics. He’s helped scores of clients gain investment, grow their business and better understand their opportunities - all through visualizing important financial metrics.


The Pivot to Chat: How Blue Nile Doubled Their Chat Revenue in 2020

Jewelry is meant for special occasions, and often customers want to see and feel the product before making that special purchase. Major players in the jewelry market like Tiffany’s and Cartier started out with purely physical retail stores, before eventually incorporating online identities. That’s why Blue Nile, one of the first companies in the jewelry space to establish an online-first business, has had to work harder than most in making their business a success.


Martello in Motion - Rapid Circle

Rapid Circle has been providing information and communication technology services to organizations since 2008. The company offers cloud workplace and managed cloud services like data center migration, adoption and change management, and other cloud solutions that help organizations cut costs, improve productivity, and contribute to innovation, internal communication, and collaboration.


ECMWF - How Third Parties Securely Access Supercomputing Clusters

To the average person, weather forecasts inform whether or not they need to bring an umbrella to the office. But to some, it can be quite literally a matter of life and death. Organizations like the European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF) sit at the center of a web of highly sensitive operations, providing them weather predictions and reports.


How Cloud Operations helps users of Wix's Velo development platform provide a better customer experience

With more and more businesses moving online, and homegrown entrepreneurs spinning up new online apps, they’re increasingly looking for an online development platform to help them easily build and deploy their sites.

Equinix + Catchpoint = High Performance Assurance

Equinix is a leader in the digital infrastructure space. The company provides digital leaders with a platform that guarantees flexibility, scalability, and security. Digital performance is crucial to Equinix as they help customers scale businesses with agility and ease without worrying about critical infrastructure. With more than 220 data centers in over 26 locations worldwide, Equinix strives to maintain 99.9% uptime. Top-tier enterprises, SaaS, and cloud providers rely on Equinix to deliver services and expect no compromise when it comes to digital performance.