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Kent RO sees 50% faster MTTR with Applications Manager

Kent RO is an Indian multinational healthcare product company and a leader in the reverse osmosis (RO) water purifier category. Founded in 1999, Kent RO pioneered and brought the revolutionary RO technology to India. With a vision to enhance the quality of everyday living, Kent RO has evolved as a market leader that provides technologically advanced healthcare products ranging from water purifiers, air purifiers, to water softeners.


From 3 Weeks to 3 Hours: How Signagelive Sped up Regression Testing by Switching to Automation

In early 2016, Signagelive—a digital signage company—had an informal approach to QA. When developers had time, they performed a few manual tests ahead of each software release and hoped for the best. This allowed the company to focus on growth and building new features, but the company reached a point where the number of bugs clients found was unacceptable.

Ocean Winds: Preparing for the Future of Energy with Low-Code Automation

As a new company operating in the offshore wind energy sector, the Appian Low-Code Automation Platform is helping OW to automate their recently established processes and rapidly build applications to support their vision. Hear from a number of their representatives how OW have seen 75% cost savings and a 25% reduction in the time it takes to execute digitized processes.

Why ZE PowerGroup chose Applications Manager to monitor its data analytics platform

ZE PowerGroup Inc. is a British Columbia-based software company. It offers ZEMA, an award-winning data management, analytics, and integration platform. Although ZEMA was created in-house, the developers at ZE were never successful at measuring the performance of the application during the initial years. They tried a few third-party tools, but measuring the actual application performance continued to be a dilemma until they evaluated ManageEngine’s Applications Manager.


How healthcare company Roche innovated the employee experience

Founded in 1896, healthcare company Roche has innovation in its DNA. When you’re in the business of creating new medicine and diagnostic tests for millions of patients across the world, innovation can transform lives. My role is in our people and culture (P&C) team. For the past number of years, we’ve been looking for more agile, human-centric ways to improve collaboration and, ultimately, the patient and employee experience.


De Watergroep and Devoteam build Elastic Observability pipeline to deliver water to millions

De Watergroep is responsible for the supply of water to more than 3 million customers and hundreds of companies in Belgium. An organisation operating in the public sector, De Watergroep's main goal is to continuously ensure the availability of high-quality drinking water. De Watergroep also is constantly engaged in technological innovation, focusing on keeping distribution costs low, and making maintenance more cost efficient.


Ad agencies choose BigQuery to drive campaign performance

Advertising agencies are faced with the challenge of providing the precision data that marketers require to make better decisions at a time when customers’ digital footprints are rapidly changing. They need to transform customer information and real-time data into actionable insights to inform clients what to execute to ensure the highest campaign performance.