Latest Customer Stories

TSFTDC LinkedIn Heartbleed V3

Warning! The story you are about to hear is true. See for yourself how Linkedin used SaltStack to protect its data center and millions of users from the Heartbleed virus. If you’d like the power to control the security and reliability of your digital infrastructure, simply schedule a demo and see for yourself how SaltStack can help efficiently automate your security and IT operations needs. Just click the link and we'll take it from there!

AUCloud sees 30% capacity savings and 20% performance improvement partnering with Virtana for its IT optimization strategy

San Jose, CA, August 6, 2020 – AUCloud’s IT infrastructure has seen a 30% savings in IT capacity and a 20% improvement in performance by implementing deep IT monitoring tools. The Australian Government and Critical National Industry Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider’s improvements in results were gained through its partnership with Virtana, a leader in enterprise hybrid cloud migration and optimization.

Generali Global Assistance Achieves End-to-end Observability for Microservices with Epsagon

Generali Global Assistance turned to Epsagon after experiencing troubleshooting and bottleneck issues in their hybrid architecture. Epsagon’s SaaS platform allows Dev and Ops teams to identify and fix issues faster by providing automated data correlation, payloads, and end-to-end observability within microservice environments. Epsagon is installed on Generali’s critical services in production and is used across engineering teams, actively monitoring hundreds of functions.

First Data/Fiserv: Going Ticketless with AIOps

At First Data/Fiserv, AIOps dramatically improved incident management and resolution, a transformation that allowed this financial services provider to almost go ticketless. The speakers describe the entire process, started when the CIO called for a global, next-gen monitoring platform. First Data/Fiserv soon realized that Moogsoft’s collaboration and record-keeping capabilities allowed it to slash tickets by 95%. They also describe how the system was fine-tuned to handle both regular and critical incidents transparently.

TomTom migrates to Xray from HP ALM for better efficiency

TomTom is the leading independent location technology specialist. Their non-stop innovation keeps the world moving forward – freely, efficiently, safely. Their maps for automated and autonomous driving, navigation software and real-time traffic and travel information provide a better way forward. That’s why 100’s of millions of people, leading car manufacturers, cities, governments, technology companies and developers rely on TomTom’s products and services every day.


Elastic Training helps UK Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency better serve motorists

The core responsibility of the UK's Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is to maintain more than 48 million driver records, more than 40 million vehicle records, and to collect approximately £6 billion ($7.75 billion) a year in Vehicle Excise Duty. The agency is at the forefront of public digital services, and has made significant progress in transforming its IT systems into new cloud-based platforms.


Through the Crisis: Nexthink Customer Stories (Bournemouth University)

Across almost all industries, IT’s focus has shifted from WFH (Work From Home) to WFA (Work From Anywhere). Some businesses and organizations might be further along in facilitating flexible work, but it seems like everybody is instinctively starting to rethink both their short and long term management strategies.


The expected (and unexpected) rewards of building a data culture at Guild Education

At Guild Education, our goal is to put a million students back to school, debt-free, through employer-funded tuition assistance. Within the platform, our student coaches personalize the education experience by helping workers map out their program and providing them with ongoing support from start to finish. As we began our journey of creating a data culture, these coaches were at the forefront, helping us build a culture where everyone can feel empowered to do impactful work with data.

How Farmer's Fridge Scales its Microservices with Observability from Epsagon

For retailers, core business changes and fluctuations in demand significantly impact site and application performance, customer experience, and inventory management. All retailers, and especially those that are e-commerce-based with modern microservices infrastructures, need visibility into their environments. They need to understand how their systems are operating and quickly identify and address issues.