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Aiven workshop: Build a movie recommendation app with TensorFlow and pgvector

Learn how to create a movie recommendation web app, using PostgreSQL® and pgvector. We'll work together to build a movie recommendation system from start to finish, utilizing NodeJS, TensorFlow, and PostgreSQL’s extension pgvector. We'll guide you through the process of creating the vector embeddings using TensorFlow right on your laptop. Additionally, we'll leverage pg-promise to efficiently handle bulk row inserts, and we'll explore the usage of Next.js for a full-stack project. By the end of the workshop, you'll have a fully functional project that generates movie recommendations.

Top 4 Open Source Load Balancers of 2024

In the network infrastructure, load balancers play a major role in distributing incoming traffic across multiple servers, optimal performance, scalability, and reliability. Choosing the right load balancer is important as organizations meet the demands of the digital era, characterized by increasing data volumes and user expectations. Open-source software offers many options, providing flexibility, transparency, and community-driven support.

Webinar | Tech Due Diligence for Early Stage Startups Insights from Atomico

Discover the secrets of tech due diligence for early-stage startups with Sasha Vidiborskiy from Atomico! During this enlightening discussion, Sasha delves into Atomico's proven strategies for evaluating startups, providing invaluable insights and practical tips. AIVEN DATA PLATFORM The Aiven Platform is more than a collection of open source services for streaming, storing and analyzing data. The platform ensures that all services run reliably and securely in the clouds of your choice, are observable, and can easily be integrated with each other and with external 3rd party tools.

How the open source Caddy server uses Grafana Cloud for full-stack observability

Mohammed Al Sahaf serves as Technical Product Manager at Samsung Electronics Saudi Arabia. Outside his day job, he serves with the Caddy team to tackle the web of problems facing web servers in the third millennium. Mohammed is the author of Kadeessh, formerly caddy-ssh, and the maintainer of numerous Caddy modules. When he isn’t programming, he is trying to catch up on life and sleep with the help of coffee.

Avoiding the Data Roach Motel with Open Source

It's your data. You should be able to do whatever you want with it. However, vendor lock-in can trap your data in a single solution, making it extremely difficult to switch to something that better meets your needs. When your data goes in, but doesn't come out—that's a data roach motel. Open source technologies, and solutions built with open source tools, enable organizations to take control of their data, giving them the freedom to put it into and take it out of whatever databases or solutions they see fit.

How to speed up MySQL and PostgreSQL queries for FREE

How can I speed up a SQL query? This video showcases how to optimize a SQL query on MySQL or PostgreSQL for free using AI and a tool called EverSQL by Aiven. In the example shown, the query performance on a MySQL database went from 20 seconds to 0.5 seconds only by pasting the SQL and additional metadata in the EverSQL by Aiven UI and applying the indexes and SQL rewrite suggestions. Check out these resources to learn more:(links to any tools or resources you used in the video, our docs/trial if appropriate)

Aiven workshop: Learn Apache Kafka with Python

What's in the Workshop Recipe? Apache Kafka is the industry de-facto standard for data streaming. An open-source, scalable, highly available and reliable solution to move data across companies' departments, technologies or micro-services. In this workshop you'll learn the basics components of Apache Kafka and how to get started with data streaming using Python. We'll dive deep, with the help of some prebuilt Jupyter notebooks, on how to produce, consume and have concurrent applications reading from the same source, empowering multiple use-cases with the same streaming data.

Top 13 Open Source APM Tools [2024 Guide]

Choosing the right APM tool is critical. How do you know which is the right one for you? Here are the top 13 open source application performance monitoring(APM) tools which can solve your monitoring needs. Open source APM tools have added benefits over their SaaS counterparts. Open source tools are more transparent as you can verify its source code, and you can use it without going through the pains of taking approvals usually required for using a third-party vendor tool.

Codefresh in the Wild: building Starbase-80

This article is part of our series “Codefresh in the Wild” which shows how we picked public open-source projects and deployed them to Kubernetes with our own pipelines. This week’s pick is starbase-80, a Kubernetes “homepage” application. We will use various tools such as GitHub, Docker, AWS, Codefresh, Argo CD, Terraform. This article chronicles how we integrated all those tools together in order to build an end-to-end deployment workflow.