Open Source


Open source holds the key to autonomous vehicles

A growing number of car companies have made their autonomous vehicle (AV) datasets public in recent years. Daimler fueled the trend by making its Cityscapes dataset freely available in 2016. Baidu and Aptiv respectively shared the ApolloScapes and nuScenes datasets in 2018. Lyft, Waymo and Argo followed suit in 2019. And more recently, automotive juggernauts Ford and Audi released datasets from their AV research programs to the public.

The Evolution of Open Source Observability

On May 27, the first OpenObservability Conference was held to bring together leaders, practitioners, and users of leading open source observability tools for sessions on the experiences, strategies, and future of the industry. For the team, as long-time proponents of open source, it was rewarding to see everyone come together to explore the challenges and opportunities of open source observability.


Comparison of Open Source API Analytics and Monitoring Tools

For any API-first company, implementing the right API analytics platform is critical for tracking the utilization of your APIs and to discover any performance or functional issues that may be impacting customers. There are a variety of open-source projects you can leverage to build a complete API analytics platform. Before jumping into building an API analytics solution yourself, you should first list out your requirements and use cases.


Some great open-source security tools you should know

As the number of web applications grows and the digital world becomes more advanced, so also have hacking activities become more sophisticated. To keep up with all those hacking activities, many new security tools have been developed to help organizations detect vulnerabilities before hackers do. Often, those tools are fairly expensive. This discourages many organizations who are on a tighter budget from investing in security tools. Luckily, the open-source (OS) community can help us.


Open source software for open infrastructure

Implementing infrastructure using open-source software significantly reduces the total cost of ownership (TOC) of your infrastructure. Over the last few years, we’ve seen more and more companies moving to open source. These include Netflix, Uber, Visa, eBay, Wikipedia and AT&T. And this trend will only continue to grow. The migration is driven by better economics, improved flexibility, better integration capabilities and thus, the higher business value provided by the open source software.


K8s Breakfast Club: Checking in with Vipin Mohan (@AWS @containers)

Welcome to the K8s Breakfast Club, our vlog series featuring conversations with inspiring peers and friends from the cloud-native ecosystem. This week, Alcide CTO and co-founder Gadi Naor is giving containers-expert and segment lead at AWS, Vipin Mohan, a call to see what’s currently happening in his container world. In this session we spoke with Vipin about serverless, unikernels and DevSecOps.