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Did you Survive the Microsoft Outage Today?

The Situation: some employees are reporting that Microsoft Teams is not working properly. You wonder, is there a Microsoft outage today? You jump onto Twitter to check the Microsoft 365 status account and see a trail of updates regarding a Microsoft outage – ugh there is a lengthy Twitter thread. You are in the midst of managing a Microsoft outage today.


Driving Microsoft Teams Into Your Business Apps with Azure Communication Services

PowerApps is something of a revolution in the making – and Microsoft is keen to promote it for enterprises everywhere. Being able to create your own apps to serve specific business functions is a huge win for any company looking to drive efficiency. And now with Azure Communication Services (ACS), you can even integrate Teams features in your apps.


Everything You Need To Know About a Microsoft Teams Outage

It’s a red alert for any IT team. Hearing the words “Microsoft Teams is down” can scare even the most experienced tech department. But, with a few clear definitions – and a way to spot outages and solve them – you’ll be well on your way to having a Microsoft Teams outage totally under control. Your organization now relies on Teams for nearly every aspect of business communication and collaboration.


Microsoft Calling Plans for Teams Explained

You need ways to bring your distributed teams together. That’ll be one of the reasons that you chose Microsoft Teams. It’s a brilliant comms and collaboration platform for connecting your people. But, when it comes to classic telephony, does it stand up to the competition? Basically, yes. And here’s how. To be able to use Teams for traditional corporate telephony, businesses must link their Microsoft Phone System to a virtual PBX hosted by Microsoft in the cloud.


New Year's Resolutions For The Best Microsoft Teams Service

We always say we’ll stick by them, and then once early February rolls around we’ve probably long forgotten the promises we had made in the cold light of the new year. But, if you want to make your business’ Microsoft Teams service quality the best it can be – you need to make some changes (and stick to them).


Microsoft Teams Direct Routing: Making Teams Your Phone System

Remote and hybrid work have made Microsoft Teams a core tool in nearly all large organizations. Many business leaders and IT administrators would like to extend the value of Teams to enable users to make and receive business phone calls. This improves the productivity of their employees by keeping them connected with customers, business partners, and co-workers in the office, at home, or even on the road.

Integrating Microsoft Teams & Squadcast - Acknowledge, Resolve & Reassign Incidents | Squadcast

Teams using MS Teams can now integrate with Squadcast and easily Acknowledge, Resolve & Reassign incidents using MS Teams. You can configure Squadcast to send a notification to the configured MS Teams channel as soon as an incident is triggered.