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Convincing Your Sceptical CFO That AI Can Help You Hit the Pricing Sweet Spot

When engaging retailers in discussions about AI-driven lifecycle pricing solutions, there are usually two types of decision makers. The first are senior decision makers, namely CFOs who need strategic control and visibility of business performance and operations. They also have the budget needed to make investment decisions. While focused on business efficiency and margin, they may approach decision making differently, with a greater focus on strategic control and visibility.
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How Walgreens Uses AI to Boost Customer Satisfaction and In-Stock Availability

One highlight of NRF 2023 was our well-received co-presentation with Walgreens Group VP Andy Kettlewell, joining our CEO, Sivakumar Lakshmanan to discuss Walgreens’ landmark AI demand planning transformation—serving 9 million daily customers’ health and wellness needs across almost 9,000 stores nationwide.

The Evolution of Revenue Growth Management

What a global CPG company gained from an integrated RGM solution To achieve financial targets, CPG companies manage two major levers: costs and revenue growth. Recently, there's a renewed focus on Revenue Growth Management. Why? Because traditional approaches to achieve the price and market share increases are not producing results. Economic profit dropped 67% in the last decade, and COVID made it worse. Read how CPG companies face these issues and what one company did to change their trajectory.

Soothe Supply Frustrations

How Intelligent Order Promising bridges the Supply & Demand Gap For CPG companies, Intelligent Order Processing (IOP) is a new area of AI application that has arisen out the hard learnings of 2020. All major functions of a CPG firm, from Sales to Strategic Planning to Order Fulfillment, are now asking how AI can help them better manage the incidents of demand and supply variability that are here to stay.
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How AI is Redefining Direct Store Delivery

For those outside the grocery industry, direct store delivery (DSD) is a distribution model used by manufacturers/CPGs that entails delivering products directly to retail store shelves. This model is extremely conducive for perishable food categories. During your typical grocery shopping, you may notice that store employees these days do relatively little replenishment in the aisles.

AI retail solutions: Market basket analysis

Retail is being reinvented by Artificial intelligence, and Machine Learning and retailers are challenged to respond to customers’ needs and preferences. From personalised promotions to inventory management, there is a wide spectrum of ai use cases in retail that are addressed by technological innovations. It is an industry that is rich in data, and more than using it to connect dots, machine learning retail solutions needs to gather insights to offer a better experience and retain clients.

AI/ML in retail: how the shopping experience has changed

AI/ML is reinventing the reality of many industries, including retail. From brick-and-mortar stores to online marketplaces, retail companies are all increasing their investments in artificial intelligence, in order to gain a competitive advantage, better understand their customers and solve some of their long-lasting problems.