How to build data literacy in your business organization

A Censuswide study found that only 24% of decision-makers at surveyed organizations were confident in their data literacy. That means over 3/4 of respondents might be making business decisions based on potentially inaccurate data interpretation. Data literacy is the ability to accurately read, analyze, and apply data. It’s a crucial skill for team members of all levels.


Putting anomalies into context with custom URLs in Kibana

Machine learning in the Elastic Stack provides you with an intuitive way to detect anomalies in vast data sets. But even the most sophisticated anomaly detection job might not reveal the root cause of anomalous behavior. After an anomaly is detected, you may need to dive into further analysis, review multiple corresponding metrics, and investigate how they relate to the anomalous spike.


How I'm using Grafana and Prometheus to monitor my 3D printing

My name is Jonathan Stines, and I am a Penetration Tester for Rapid7, a cybersecurity company located in Austin, Texas. A small handful of my former colleagues at Rapid7 now work at Grafana Labs and have said it was a pretty cool spot to have landed. I had a vague understanding of what Grafana was, but what really struck my interest was when I saw their sweet dashboards in the HBO series Silicon Valley.

Geckoboard Demo - Dashboards Made for Sharing!

Geckoboard is a quick and easy tool for creating straightforward, real time dashboards for your business. Keep everyone on your team up to speed wherever they're working, with live dashboards that surface your most important data, metrics and KPIs - from sales figures to support tickets, through to marketing campaigns or company-wide goals.

How simplicity and focus has helped COBB Tuning maintain a CSAT score of 95% with 10,000 tickets per month

Continuing our series of Geckoboard customer interviews focused on KPIs, goal setting frameworks and dashboards, we speak to Matt Bryant, Customer Service Manager for COBB Tuning. Matt tells us how COBB Tuning maintains a consistently high CSAT score with a large volume of tickets and how their dashboards have kept the team pulling in the right direction throughout the Covid crisis.


How we use the Grafana GitHub plugin to track outstanding pull requests

First of all, we’re pleased to announce the first release of the GitHub data source. The source code is available at github.com/grafana/github-datasource. Contributions, feature requests, and bug reports are welcome. Using the GitHub data source, Grafana users can visualize data from GitHub’s API. In this blog, we’ll go over some use cases for this handy plugin.


Introducing Grafana Metrics Enterprise, a Prometheus-as-a-service solution for enterprise scale

Today, we announced the launch of a new Grafana Labs product: Grafana Metrics Enterprise, a scalable Prometheus-compatible service designed for large organizations that is seamless to use and simple to maintain. Over the past few years, Prometheus has risen in popularity to become the de facto monitoring system for the cloud native ecosystem around Kubernetes — and for good reason.


5 sources of misleading statistics (and how they can jeopardize your company)

In 2007, toothpaste company Colgate ran an ad stating that 80% of dentists recommend their product. Based on the promotion, many shoppers assumed Colgate was the best choice for their dental health. But this wasn’t necessarily true. In reality, this is a famous example of misleading statistics. The ad suggested that dentists preferred Colgate over other toothpaste brands. But the survey asked them to list several brands of toothpaste they would recommend.