Dashboard Fridays: Sample Microsoft Teams Dashboard

Join SquaredUp's Adam Kinniburgh and Purdue University's Daniel Parrott as they showcase this sample Microsoft Teams dashboard used by Purdue to visualize key Microsoft Teams usage metrics for their online classrooms. Built using SquaredUp, this dashboard keeps track of the total number of Teams and which are empty, allowing them to pinpoint issues with the data load to create the teams or update issues. The dashboard also monitors for empty class sections to help identify issues with the class selection process.

Show it Off with Splunk TV! More Ways to Display Your Best Dashboards

Splunk TV lets you easily display your data on the big screen to visualize and monitor what’s going on in your business. Splunk TV is optimized for a hands-off experience, with slideshows and automatic scrolling so you can display the most important metrics securely and easily. We’re happy to announce that in addition to Classic (Simple XML) dashboards, we now support Studio Dashboards and IT Service Intelligence Glass Tables.

How to Build the Ultimate Database Monitoring Dashboard

Using the PerfStack feature in the Orion Platform, we will show you how to create the ultimate database dashboard that allows you to correlate performance across your entire IT stack. Quickly see if the problem truly is a database problem or resides somewhere else, such as the networking or system layers.

The Importance of Application and Infrastructure-Level Dashboards in Cloud Environments

In the current infrastructure world, we all understand the critical importance of monitoring when it comes to running a business. Dashboards offer a single pane for a high-level view of all your resources, plus let you drill down to analyze the details. You can even customize various views of your metrics and create alarms. Different services provide their own set of dashboards.

Dashboard Fridays: Sample SolarWinds Orion Nodes Dashboard

This SolarWinds Orion dashboard gives an overview of nodes alongside a summary of health, using the Web API and dashboard sharing capabilities of SquaredUp. Using the powerful Web API tile in SquaredUp, the SolarWinds dashboard connects to the SolarWinds Information Services REST API endpoint, using SQL queries in the request data, in real-time. Join Adam Kinniburgh and Customer Solutions Engineer Casey as they showcase how it was made, the challenges it solves, and their top tips for building it yourself.

All about the Grafana Labs Hackathon 2.0

After the success of our first company-wide hackathon last June, we committed to hosting more hackathons each year. So in December, Grafana Labs invited the company to once again press pause on the daily grind and commit five days to our second hackathon. And the Grafanistas showed up: 148 staffers (almost 20% more than the last round) signed on for the week-long event that involved virtual brainstorming, collaborative coding, and creative presentations.

Virtual offsite ideas that work: How the Grafana Cloud team brings together 150 people online

It was a Wednesday in November, and we had just wrapped Grafana Labs' third virtual Grafana Cloud offsite of 2021. Outside my window, it was a dark and cold (8 degrees Celsius) night in Cologne (Köln), Germany. In Austin, Texas, it was early afternoon and headed for 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In Cape Town, South Africa, it was a windy and cool spring evening. And in Melbourne, Australia, our final speaker — who was up very early at 5 a.m. — was heading into a cool spring day.

Configuring Grafana Tempo and Linkerd for distributed tracing

Anders Østhus is a DevOps Engineer on the Digital Tools team at Proactima AS, a consulting firm based in Norway that offers services and expertise in risk management, cybersecurity, healthcare, environmental solutions, and more. It can be difficult to orient yourself in the distributed tracing space, and getting all the parts of a tracing setup to play well with each other can be a bit tricky. But the benefits of tracing are undeniable.

Top Dashboards For Remote Digital Employee Experience Monitoring

Your business is already operating in a hybrid model, isn’t it? Perhaps, you are deciding to become an entirely remote workforce. Whatever be the case, IT must support employees working from multiple locations and track remote digital employee experiences using real-time dashboards. In this article, we are going to cover three Digital Experience Monitoring dashboards to help your team identity and troubleshoot problems that your employees might face in their home environment.

Reducing MTTR and tracking SLAs with Grafana Cloud

Attracting and retaining top developer talent is a No. 1 priority for a lot of companies these days, including location technology company TomTom. As both the builder of the world’s largest developer community and an employer of thousands of developers, TomTom is always looking for developer-friendly tools to help their employees feel productive, efficient, and inspired.