K8s: Why it’s time to ditch legacy debugging

Kubernetes is a highly distributed, microservices oriented technology that allows devs to run code at scale. K8S revolutionized cloud infrastructure and made our lives a whole lot easier in many aspects. Developers don’t have to do anything but write code and wrap it in the docker container for K8S to handle. But even its greatest enthusiasts will admit debugging Kubernetes pods is still a pain.


Ruby Debugger Using Visual Studio Code

No matter how carefully coded, reviewed, and tested your Ruby code is, odds are good that at some point you’ll cause a catastrophic failure to at least one system you’re responsible for. How do you prepare yourself? You need a Ruby debugger. In this post, I’ll cover the whole Ruby debugger process—from finding the issue to determining the root cause. Use these instructions for debugging a single Ruby file, a Rails app, or a gem.


Quickly Debug Your AWS Lambda Functions

Great writers use metaphors to get their point across so let me give that a try real quick. Bugs are nasty little pests, mm’key? It’s hard to get rid of them but apart of just spraying poison everywhere, there are only a few options left. One of those options is using a natural predator to those bugs, a predator like birds. So birds can help you get rid of bugs. I work for a company called Dashbird that help developers debug their AWS Lambda applications. See what I did there?


How To Learn Systems Debugging by People-watching

When I first joined this startup that makes an observability platform, I was a front-end Javascript developer who had never ssh’ed into production–I didn’t even know what tracing or monitoring or metrics were, let alone what it meant for logs to be structured or how they could be useful to me. But within a couple months I joined the on-call rotation, and now share responsibility in our services along with the rest of my team.


4 Debugging lessons I learned from House M.D.

In recent years, dev culture got some love from Hollywood and our favorite network shows. The developer image has gone through quite a transformation as well. In the ’80s and ’90’s it was the geeky, socially awkward, living in their parents’ basements stereotype that prevailed. Today, these are the geeky, socially awkward, adorkable characters who hack into the NSA mainframe, found Facebook and argue over tabs versus spaces.


How HTTP Toolkit Debugs Netlify Errors with Sentry

Netlify functions are a quick, easy and powerful tool, but like most serverless platforms, they can be even more difficult to debug and monitor than traditional server applications. It’s a hard environment to precisely recreate locally, there’s no machine you can SSH into in a pinch, and no built-in error notifications. Your code is going to break eventually, and you need the tools to fix it.