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Why Operational Maturity Helps Businesses Reduce the Great Resignation Trend

The past few years have led to fundamental business and cultural shifts for both companies and employees. Covid-19 has brought opportunities for companies who invested early in digital operations, while others struggled to maintain the status quo. The latter gave rise to record employee burnout, and what is now commonly referred to as the Great Resignation.

How Does ITSM and ITOM Work Together?

Imagine you are sitting at a service desk, your prime objective is to resolve an incident as quickly and efficiently as possible and retain the customer. But, if you’re running into unavoidable technical issues, resulting in causing frustration to customers or clients, it’s high time to invest in the right tools. That’s where ITSM and ITOM come in, and these play an important role in the organization’s growth and agility.

A Day in the Life with PagerDuty (2022)

Learn about the day in the life with the PagerDuty Operations Cloud to be ready for anything in a world of digital everything. Watch as the platform helps an organization face increasing digital complexity and dependencies and leverages PagerDuty to transform their operations from manual, rigid, and ticket queue-based, to a continuously improving system that focuses on outcomes and customer experience, delivers operational speed AND resilience, and is heavily automated and augmented by machine learning and AI.

How an integrated ITSM and ITOM platform can help you accelerate it.

Accelerating the overall enterprise efficiency is not an easy task as you probably rely on multiple tools to communicate with customers, partners, employees, and vendors. There’s a chance that you’re already working with multiple software vendors to optimize your IT and network infrastructure. However, this can create chaos across your IT landscape – causing poor user experiences, disparate workflows, recurring IT issues, upgrading systems, and more.

How to choose an ITOM solution? | IT Operations Management | ITOM Made Easy 4/5

Choosing an ITOM solution for your organization can be quite challenging. Unlike ITSM tools, which are built using best practice frameworks like ITIL as a reference, ITOM tools feature a variety of capabilities including: With so many features available, it can get confusing on what features to have and what to leave behind. To make that process simpler, here are some must-dos while selecting an ITOM solution.

ITOM vs ITSM | IT Operations Management vs IT Service Management | ITOM Made Easy 5/5

In the modern enterprise, the terms IT service management (ITSM) and IT operations management (ITOM) are often used interchangeably. While they are both similar by nature, they have important differences as well. ITSM is focused on the development, delivery, and management of IT services. ITOM is more about the management of the processes that enable and govern those services. Effective ITOM seeks to optimize operational processes to achieve outcomes and meet or exceed metrics deemed important to the business.

Summit Recap: How to adapt to a "Digital Everything" World

Every interaction with our customers, partners, and employees is special – but this year’s PagerDuty Summit went far beyond my wildest dreams. Together we committed to helping you learn and grow in how you manage business critical operations – in other words, getting you ready for anything in a world of Digital Everything.

Ready for Anything with the PagerDuty Operations Cloud

In a world of digital everything, teams face increasing complexity. Ever-growing dependencies across systems and processes put customer and employee experience, not to mention revenue, at risk. There is simply too much data to sift through and correlate for humans to understand what is important and know when something is going wrong.

A "Single Source of Truth": New Tools for Fast, Efficient Customer Service

Customer-facing teams have their hands full doing whatever they can to address customer issues quickly. At PagerDuty, our goal is to ease the burden of these teams by giving them the tools and access they need to deliver excellent customer experiences. Over the last year, we have deepened our integration with Salesforce Service Cloud, allowing users to work directly within the platform, reducing the need to context switch.

What is Automated Diagnostics and Why Should You Care?

A lot of people in technology talk about the cost of an incident solely from the perspective of downtime, or the number of customers and employees impacted. And from the surface, oftentimes that is a fair angle to take. It makes the headlines, and customer reputation and trust are critical to the success of any business—obviously.