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ITOM as Key to DevOps Acceleration

In an increasingly fast-paced and complex business world, the continuously disruptive digital channels and mobile devices evolution and competition mean organizations must adapt to survive. For example, technology leaders must wrap their heads around DevOps acceleration to gain an advantage and expand their software market opportunities.

AppExchange Mavericks: PagerDuty Empowers Customer Service Agents to Resolve Cases Quicker

Jonathan Rende, SVP of Products at PagerDuty and AppExchange Mavericks, Salesforce MVP Barb Dietz discuss how PagerDuty is working to empower customer service agents to resolve customer-impacting issues faster. BONUS: In this video, you will get a front-row seat to PagerDuty’s product demo. See what's in the video.

PagerDuty November 2022 Product Launch - Product Highlights Demo

Learn how PagerDuty's latest capabilities can help you solve critical, unplanned work faster in this new product highlights demo. Our host of new capabilities help you improve team productivity, avoid escalations, and optimize digital services. Features highlighted in this video are the following new PagerDuty features and more.

4 New Product Announcements to Help Teams Do More with Less

Incidents are costly. It’s not just revenue that takes a hit every time you have an outage–brand reputation and client satisfaction are also on the line. To protect current and future revenue, companies have to deliver on customer expectations. Innovation alone is no longer enough: digital experiences must also be fast, flawless, and highly available. This means teams have to get more proactive with real-time, unplanned work.


What's New: Updates to Incident Response, PagerDuty Process Automation Software & PagerDuty Runbook Automation, Integrations, and More!

We’re excited to announce a new set of updates and enhancements to the PagerDuty Operations Cloud. Recent development and app updates from the product team include Incident Response, PagerDuty® Process Automation, as well as Community & Advocacy Events updates. We continue to help customers further automate to optimize cloud operations and reduce the amount of issues escalated to other teams.


PagerDuty and DataOps: Enabling Organizations to Improve Decision Making with Better Data

Many organizations have been digitally transforming their operations and the majority of them are moving to the cloud. With this transformation, data teams have to analyze ever larger and more complex data sets to allow downstream teams to make faster and more accurate decisions on a daily basis. Consequently, most organizations need to work with: customer data, product data, usage data, advertising data, and financial data.