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Cleaning up your microservice resources

Managed services and serverless deployments have become increasingly popular tools in the software development process. This means that organizations are focusing less on infrastructure resources and more on the functionality and security of applications. Managed services—such as the applications like DynamoDB, Step Functions and API Gateway that are crucial to serverless architectures—come with associated costs.


Mitigate cold starts in your Java Lambda functions with Datadog and AWS Lambda SnapStart

AWS Lambda enables engineering teams to build modern, scalable services without the need to provision underlying infrastructure resources. But monitoring Lambda functions requires visibility into performance indicators that differ from those of traditional architectures—and cold starts are a key example.


Logic App Best practices, Tips, and Tricks: #19 Protect your Logic Apps (Part I)

Today I’m going to speak about another important Best practice, Tips and Tricks that you need to take into consideration while you are designing and maintaining your business processes (Logic Apps): Protect your Logic Apps.


What's in an instrumentation? An SQS and Python study

At Lumigo, we keep improving the coverage and quality of our distributed tracing instrumentation to give you, through Lumigo’s transactions, the most accurate and intuitive representation of how your distributed system behaves. In this blog, we cover a recent development for the Amazon SQS instrumentation in Lumigo’s OpenTelemetry distro for Python, providing a seamless experience for a scenario that otherwise would result in confusing, broken transactions and lost insights.


Robotic Process Automation better monitored with Serverless360 BAM

The critical use case for BAM is to provide a simplified business-friendly view of the integrated processes that are key to your business. In business today, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a trending technology. While it has been around for quite a long time, it has gained a significant boost in popularity alongside the popularity of citizen developer and maker use cases.

[ Webinar] How Thundra APM supports the full Serverless development lifecycle for Leadent Digital

Serverless reduces time to production drastically. However, understanding the root cause of incidents in distributed event-driven architectures is tough without having a sophisticated toolset. In this webinar, witness the great serverless journey of Leadent Digital, one of the UK’s leading technology and consultancy firms. You will hear from Ross(Leadent Digital, CTO) and Paul(Head of Software, CTO) about why they had a need for monitoring their serverless architecture and which pain points Thundra APM addressed to help them optimize the health and performance of their serverless systems.

Expanded Datadog Lambda extension capabilities with the AWS Lambda Telemetry API

In 2021, we partnered with AWS to develop the Datadog Lambda extension which provides a simple, cost-effective way for teams to collect traces, logs, custom metrics, and enhanced metrics from Lambda functions and submit them to Datadog.