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Logic App Best practices, Tips, and Tricks: #11 Connectors naming convention

Today I will talk about naming convention because I think this is so critical to implement from day one, and people tend to forget. We earlier addressed the importance of providing a good naming convention to your Logic App name and actions inside your business process. Today we will speak about the Connectors (or API Connections) naming convention.

Using the Monitoring Calendar to drive reducing your support overhead

One of my favorite features in Serverless360 is the monitoring calendar. It is something we added in 2022. The feature aims to help give you a view over time about when your business application has experienced problems that would have triggered warnings or errors based on the monitoring you have configured.

Monitoring Cloud Native Microservices

Today’s modern applications contain a broad set of microservices, with containers and serverless becoming the architectures of choice for many cloud applications. Both architectures facilitate highly scalable systems, and while which approach to take is routinely debated, containers and serverless technologies are being used in tandem more and more.

Lumigo Receives Frost & Sullivan's Technology Innovation Leadership Award

Since our founding, Lumigo has worked hard to build innovative technology that meets the real-world needs of our customers in a cloud-first world. Today, we’re excited to be recognized for our work in serverless operations and the AI market by the experts at Frost & Sullivan, who have awarded Lumigo with the prestigious Best Practices Technology Award in Europe and Israel.