The best reason to use DynamoDB streams is...

Many clients have asked me, “When do I use DynamoDB streams vs Kinesis?” It’s a great question, since both services are very similar, especially when you process their records with Lambda functions. So let’s break it down and look at the key differences between Kinesis and DynamoDB streams. When it comes to streaming and processing real-time events on AWS, Kinesis is the de facto solution in AWS.


Serverless Heroes Down Under - Stackery Visits Australia!

Last week I was battling jet lag and this week, an inbox of unanswered emails. But I’m also marveling at the quality of the AWS community all over the world. I had the privilege of speaking at ServerlessDays Sydney the week before last, and along with the amazing conference talks, I also got to see firsthand just how much of the globe is involved in pushing forward serverless using AWS technology and how excited they were to share what they were learning.


Monitor your Lambda functions with Datadog's Serverless Framework plugin

Since it was released in 2015, the Serverless Framework has become the community-favorite way to manage and deploy serverless applications in the cloud. Similar to Terraform and CloudFormation, it lets you express infrastructure as code, making it easy to share and version-control your entire serverless environment.


IOpipe Named a Cool Vendor in Performance Analysis by Gartner

PHILADELPHIA, Sept 10, 2019 (GlobeNewswire) — IOpipe, the leader in serverless dev tooling for monitoring and observability, announced that it has been named a Cool Vendor based on the September 10, 2019 report titled, “Cool Vendors in Performance Analysis” by Padraig Byrne, Federico De Silva, Pankaj Prasad, Sanjit Ganguli, Manjunath Bhat, Scott Etkin, Siddharth Shetty, and Josh Chessman at Gartner, Inc.


How to build a CICD pipeline for Serverless apps with TravisCI

Seed is a fully managed CI/CD pipeline for Serverless Framework applications. In one of our previous posts we looked at how to build a CI/CD pipeline for Serverless apps on AWS with CircleCI. Today, we’ll look at how to do the same with Travis CI. The purpose of these posts is to dive deep into real-world CI/CD setups, something which most of the tutorials out there skip. We’ll try to illustrate how to set up something similar to Seed but using Travis CI instead.


How To Handle HIPAA Compliance with Serverless Security

It is back to school time, which means if you are a parent with younger children, it is time to fill out countless forms and medical records. I have three children and each one requires about 6 different forms. This process used to take me hours and all I was left with was a sore neck, cramped hand, and an empty glass of wine (or two). Fortunately, the school this year decided to move everything over to a new, pre-populated, SaaS application. It was convenient, fast, and easy to use.


AWS Lambda VPC Upgrades with HyperPlane

Chris Munns, AWS Principal Developer Advocate — Serverless, announced this week major changes to how AWS Lambda functions work with Amazon VPC networks. Like, really big. As in, I’m predicting this will be an inflection point for serverless adoption amongst enterprises who are VPC-heavy. The traditional thinking with AWS Lambda and Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) has been to avoid mixing the two. Oil and water.