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Cribl and GitOps: Go From Development to Production

Git integration has always been at the foundation of Stream. In the fall 2021 release of Cribl Stream (both on-prem software and Cloud), our Enterprise users have a received set of APIs to separate the development and deployment of Stream. Stream GitOps connects with your favorite git based versioning platforms and leverages their PR, approve/reject, and CI/CD workflows to push production-ready changes from a development branch into a main branch or release.

Standardizing your GitOps Definition - Ravi Lachhman, Shipa (Meetup for Argo)

Believe it or not, the GitOps paradigm is now going on year five since the defining piece from WeaveWorks. So, at least in theory, leveraging a declarative approach that pairs Kubernetes with GitOps pillars is not novel at this point. But the trickier question right now – and one open to no shortage of interpretation – is what you are sending to a GitOps Engine. The multiple paths of creating Kubernetes manifests and packaging (like Helm, Kustomize, JSonnett, etc) are largely leaving us to our own devices for abstraction. Is an app an app if there is no longer a templating engine?

GitOps your WordPress with ArgoCD, Crossplane, and Shipa

WordPress is a popular platform for editing and publishing content for the web. This tutorial will walk you through how to build out a WordPress deployment using Kubernetes, ArgoCD, Crossplane, and Shipa. WordPress consists of two major components: the WordPress PHP server and a database to store user information, posts, and site data. We will define these two components and store them in a Git repository.

Infrastructure As Apps: The GitOps Future of Infra-as-code

Infrastructure-as-apps builds on infrastructure-as-code to a logical endpoint by bringing in principles of GitOps management. The term is something I coined in 2021 to describe an existing movement to bring infrastructure into the same lifecycle control as applications under GitOps. Examples of Infra-as-apps tools include Argo CD, Crossplane, Cluster API, Cello, or even SchemaHero for databases and the list is always growing. Some of the benefits of infra-as-apps include Read on to understand why.

How to Model Your Gitops Environments and Promote Releases between Them

Two of the most important questions that people ask themselves on day 2 after adopting GitOps are: In the previous article of the series, I focused on what NOT to do and explained why using Git branches for different environments is a bad idea. I also hinted that the “environment-per-folder” approach is a better idea. This article has proved hugely popular and several people wanted to see all the details about the suggested structure for environments when folders are used.