The Ultimate Inbound Call Script, Deconstructed

If you’re a sales professional, you’re likely sick and tired of external prospecting. Whether you’re soliciting in person or making outbound calls, it’s one of the most frustrating and time-consuming parts of the process. That’s why, when you receive an inbound call for information from a prospect, it’s a joyous occasion. One common mistake a lot of sales professionals make is assuming that an inbound call is a slam dunk can’t-miss sale. This is not the case.


Install the OneDesk customer widget on your WordPress website

OneDesk provides three customer-facing apps that you can place on your website to begin interacting with your customers. The widget offers the following applications: This process is now made even simpler with the creation of this WordPress plugin. Simply follow the installation steps below to provide your customers with quick access to the OneDesk widget. Step 1: When you login to your WordPress account, click on “Plugins”.


3 ways to turn your call center into an experience center

What do we call a “call center” today? Is it really a call center anymore or is it a vital part of the customer journey? Today, more than ever we have more ways to communicate with family, friends, and companies we do business with. Gone are the days of picking up the phone, waiting on hold listening to elevator music (some of it was okay), and being transferred 10 times to get something done. We demanded change as technology afforded us more options to get things done.


Can Bots Convey Empathy in Customer Interactions?

Humans have always loved the idea of robots having feelings. Hollywood has cashed in on this affinity in multiple films, from making robots fall in love with each other, to an alternative dystopian future where robots are taught to feel, leading them to overpower humans. But even with such narratives, humans like it better when chatbots are taught more about feelings and made to assist them with empathy1.


Importance of Customer Service Analytics

Providing good customer service is an art. Typically, someone calling into a customer support department is already angry and frustrated with the services your company offers, and it is the job of a skilled customer support agent to diffuse that issue and help that customer leave satisfied and smiling. Blindly fumbling about or taking a one size fits all strategy toward the happiness of your customers is a perfect recipe for failure.


Why Facility Management Leaders Need B2B Customer Support Software

The facility management industry is unique. You’ve got customers with all different types of buildings and a wide array of needs and demands. This means there’s isn’t a “blueprint” for how to deal with customer issues as they arise. Fortunately, B2B customer support software exists to help! Here are a few reasons why facility management leaders need support software to optimize their operations…