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The Unsolved Challenges of LLMs in Open-Ended Web Tasks: A Case Study on the Future of Work

Welcome to the AI research bites. This series of short and informative talks showcases cutting-edge research work from ServiceNow AI Research team. The AI Research Bites are open to all, especially those interested in keeping up with the fast-paced AI research community.

To fix customer service in Australia, put AI to work for employees

Australian business leaders can’t seem to crack the customer experience (CX) code. According to the ServiceNow Customer Experience Intelligence Report, customer service has gotten increasingly worse over the past three years. Australians are waiting longer than ever—spending a combined 107 million hours on hold, 11% more than the previous year.

How AI Phone Support Can Solve Common Dining Reservation Challenges

One can envision entering a realm where reserving a table at their preferred restaurant is as simple and expedient as placing a phone call, irrespective of the hour or day. This has become a tangible reality due to the technological advancements that have transformed culinary experiences. Conventional reservation systems, characterized by their congested timetables and restricted operational periods, have historically caused discontent among both patrons and dining establishments. Introduced is an innovative solution known as AI phone support for restaurant.

Best Software For Operations Management: Finding The Right Solution

The best software for operations management will come with a range of in-built workflow automation solutions and task management tools, helping to radically streamline your operations. ‍ Are you… ‍ ‍ As a senior business executive and consultant with more than 20 years of experience leading global organizations of all sizes, I understand the complexities businesses face in choosing effective operations management software solutions.

Helpdesk Redefined: Beyond Tech Glitches to Customer Delight and Happiness

The average helpdesk is no longer just a place to report technical issues. It’s becoming the front line in enhancing customer experiences holistically. Helpdesks now play a significant role in shaping a customer’s perception of a brand. The modern helpdesk agent resolves issues and builds relationships, ensuring customers feel valued and heard.

Analytics Plus webinar: How do you measure the business benefits of IT initiatives?

IT is often viewed as an indispensable but challenging expense for a business. Despite continued efforts to resolve issues, streamline operations, and contribute to the organization's overall functionality, IT teams often fail to receive the recognition they deserve. The struggle lies in shifting the perspective of IT from a mere cost center to a significant contributor to business productivity. By leveraging analytics-driven insights, IT managers can effectively communicate and substantiate the value of IT operations in terms of business impact and ROI.

How To Increase Productivity In Operations Management

Understanding how to increase productivity in operations management is an important part of developing a robust organization that’s firing on all cylinders. Improving productivity in operations management translates to utilizing your resources in the best possible way, increasing your output, and ultimately enhancing your bottom line. ‍
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Business Process Transformation Framework for Firms

A business process transformation framework can set firms on the right path toward operational efficiency and increased productivity. When you have all of your business processes firing on all cylinders, it enables team members to excel in their individual roles and contribute collectively to improved service delivery and accelerated revenue growth. A solid transformation framework is a must-have for ambitious teams.