Mizzen+Main brings service lead retail to life with Sunshine

For millions of men, dressing with confidence is a lot easier said than done. Nothing gets in the way of looking and feeling good like sweat stains or being stuck in stiff, restrictive shirts. Whether customers are finding the perfect fit for the office, hitting the links on the golf course, or chatting with customer support for care instructions, we want every step of the customer journey to be as high-quality as our shirts.


Time to team up: Zendesk's new partner program

Together we’re better. We know that we are at our best when we work with partners to deliver great customer experiences for mutual clients, whether that’s ensuring that help desk software has been optimized for workflow efficiency, training agents on how to forge better connections with customers, or simply assisting clients in their efforts to improve the health of their support organization.


Beyond the bottom line: Building a business on customer empathy

Delayed passengers clustering at an airline check-in counter looking for answers. Someone with billing issues navigating a phone tree after a stressful emergency room visit. The person with the mispronounced name crankily grabbing their cup from the cafe queue. We know these experiences—we may have even lived and breathed them, and the feelings they trigger, ourselves.

Zendesk Showcase SF: Creating the next wave of contact center culture

“Culture trumps strategy,” say most leadership coaches. “Culture eats strategy for lunch.” As a CX leader, you may agree, but do your support agents feel the same? Delivering a top-notch customer experience means support agents must be inspired by your company’s intended culture and get collaboration, empowerment, and meaning. In this session, Tiffany Apczynski, VP of Social Impact and Public Policy at Zendesk, explains how to break free from the call center of yesterday and shows you the three tactical things you can implement immediately. You’ll learn tips and tricks for creating a contact center culture for today and the future.

Zendesk Showcase SF: Make customer-focused decisions in a data driven world

Making quick, confident, data-driven decisions is difficult—if not impossible–when your customer data is fragmented across different channels and tools. With Zendesk Explore, all your customer data is consolidated in easy-to-build dashboards and reporting. Zendesk's Andrew Forbes and Pinterest's Derrick Diaz show you how to better understand your customers, and measure and improve their entire experience. It’s a data-driven world, so let the data do the talking.

Delivering great service to employees is the first step to improving employee experience

As employees journey through work, they encounter both material moments that matter, like onboarding or a promotion, and everyday moments like getting a new piece of IT equipment. A typical employee’s day may go something like this. They start by arriving at the office only to realize their network password has expired and they can’t login. They may need to quickly book a meeting room for an important client presentation.