12 Customer Service Skills All Great Agents Need

Great customer service agents are invaluable in any business. Not only can they make your customers happy in an instant, but they can completely change the perception of your company. Finding these great agents, however, isn’t easy. Here are twelve customer service skills all great agents need and what you should look for when building your team…


Accelerating Thames Water’s IT Flow

I once came across a quote by Tim Huval, CHRO of Humana, on how ‘a good employee experience is one where each employee feels that they can fully be themselves, freely contributing their talents, bright ideas and energy, to support the organisation’s mission and success’. This quote echoes with what we are striving to achieve for our own employees at Thames Water. We want to create amazing experiences for our workforce and our 15 million customers and inspire them to become our lifelong advocates.


What does customer service mean?

Defining good customer service can seem to be a bit of a moving target, especially in this era of ever-increasing customer expectations. But the forward-thinking companies leading the charge in this new reality—such as Zendesk strategic partners Guru, Lessonly, and Stella Connect—are keenly aware that it’s their customers who get to make that determination, not them.


CreatorCon Challenge finalists ready to disrupt the digital age

They built it and showed it. Now it’s time to show it again – this time for money – on the big stage at Knowledge 2019. Buckle up finalists, it’s about to get real! We challenged entrepreneurs to unleash innovation on the Now Platform back in October – to take the platform into new workflows in white spaces where ServiceNow isn’t, to think strategically about how to leverage the platform for what it does best – creating digital workflows that unlock productivity and delivering great experiences.


10 Easy Exercises To Boost Empathy In Customer Service Teams

Customers want to feel understood and heard, and this requires empathy. People with strong empathic abilities are better at establishing long-term customer relationships. But the problem is empathy can be a difficult skill to teach. Since it’s an emotional subject, it can be challenging to find hands-on learning activities, and you don’t want training to feel too forced or heavy handed. But first, it’s important to understand why empathy is so critical for your business.


Why Awesome Customer Service Stories Go Viral (and How to Leverage it)

The internet gives brands a unique customer service opportunity that didn’t exist even a few years ago. Now, brands can directly communicate with customers, and customers can share stories about brands with just a few clicks. This means that stories about your business can be sent out to thousands of people almost instantaneously, making them accessible to 3.39 billion internet users1. Sometimes these stories gain a huge amount of traction and can place your company in front of new prospects.


4 Modern Strategies for Managing Customer Expectations

We’ve all worked with customers that have seemingly unrealistic expectations. You give them an inch and they expect a mile! However, losing them as a customer is simply out of the question. Maybe they’re a large percentage of revenue or there’s a lot at stake in making the business relationship work. Regardless of the scenario, here are 4 modern strategies for managing customer expectations…


How one manufacturer uses OneDesk to manage its IT helpdesk, development, and process-automation

It might seem counter-intuitive to think that manufacturing companies want to modernize how they track their work, but in a world where manufacturing powers commerce and trade, it’s clear that manufacturers need to keep up with the times. Automation drives the efficiency of manufacturing, and there is no exception when it comes to managing this work. For manufacturers, who tend to have a lot of employees, it makes sense to automate the administrative aspects of managing their staff.