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Customer Service Management (Leveraging Software)

Have you considered leveraging cloud-based software solutions to improve your customer service management? Workflow automation software can elevate customer experiences by improving response times. If you’re looking for a way to streamline communication between all parties, you need a centralized hub for project implementation and delivery. 58% of American consumers are prepared to switch companies because of poor customer service.


New ServiceNow industry solutions help organizations adapt to digital-first world

The pandemic has accelerated the digital imperative across all industries. At ServiceNow, our purpose is to make the world of work, work better for people. That purpose has never been clearer as we help our customers solve some of the most pressing challenges of the 21st century—from talent shortages to continuing global vaccination efforts—and everything in between.


Create a great end-to-end customer experience with Rome release

During the pandemic, companies that weren’t digitally enabled had great difficulty dealing with the massive disruption that hit them overnight. For me, this reinforced the lesson that great customer experience goes beyond simply boosting engagement or providing multiple touch points. Instead, customer-centric companies outperform by realigning operations and processes for better customer outcomes.


Welcome to the Now Platform Rome release!

Employees and customers want seamless experiences wherever work happens—in an office, a hospital, a manufacturing floor, at home, or on the go. To survive in the new world of hybrid work, companies must embrace digital platforms that empower their most important stakeholders. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce the Now Platform® Rome release, which is generally available to customers starting today.

ServiceDesk Plus Cloud's all-new UI - Exclusive Training

Introducing the all-new UI of ServiceDesk Plus Cloud. A refreshing new look for your service desk, Kanban for an efficient ticket queue, powerful dashboards for easy access to information, an adaptive service desk layout and more. In this exclusive training, product experts demonstrate what the upcoming new user experience will be like and showcase new functions across all modules, ensuring teams are up to speed before switching over to the new UI.

Developing an Analytical Approach to Service Management Cloud

In this session of ManageEngine's Masterclass 2020, we will help you uncover and extract the hidden value in your service desk data to understand customer needs, manage costs, and deliver high-quality customer service. Learn how Advanced Analytics for ServiceDesk Plus can help you run your IT like a business.

IT Service Management: Streamline Your Workflows to Make Everyone Happier

Shadow IT is, at best, an organizational distraction; and at worst, a team of people working at cross-purposes to the business and causing harm. But if shadow IT is such a bad thing, why does it still happen in so many organizations? In under 10 minutes, SolarWinds Head Geek Leon Adato and Technical Content Manager for Community Kevin M. Sparenberg break down what shadow IT is, why it’s bad for the organization even if it seems to be “getting things done,” and how the cycle can be broken with a robust, mature, responsive service management solution and process.

What Does The Princess Bride Have to Do with Your Service Desk?

Based on a 1973 book by William Goldman, the film became a cult classic. A story of true love, giants, pirates and miracles – it is loved by IT geeks all around the world. So many memorable quotations, and so many references to use when selecting a new service desk. It would be rude not to quote some.


How healthcare company Roche innovated the employee experience

Founded in 1896, healthcare company Roche has innovation in its DNA. When you’re in the business of creating new medicine and diagnostic tests for millions of patients across the world, innovation can transform lives. My role is in our people and culture (P&C) team. For the past number of years, we’ve been looking for more agile, human-centric ways to improve collaboration and, ultimately, the patient and employee experience.


3 ways 5G can help telecommunications companies improve business

5G technology promises user benefits that include faster network speeds, better remote access to networks, more seamless videoconferencing, and more robust network security. These are all necessities for the new world of work, and many are eager to embrace them. The technology also offers advantages to telecommunications companies: Despite those benefits, many telecom providers continue to struggle with legacy processes.