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ManageEngine turns 20 | This is our story

ManageEngine turns 20 this year and we want to take this opportunity to thank our customers, who have made this journey so special. In this video, our leadership team takes you through the journey of ManageEngine, from its inception to the road ahead. Our leaders discuss the role our customers have played in creating and perfecting solutions to help simplify your IT needs and how your input and feedback has not only shaped us into the organization we are today, but continues to prepare us for the future.
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Business Process Management Software (5 Options)

Business process management software is a type of application that helps organizations manage and automate their business processes as they strive toward operational excellence. There are many different types of BPM software on the market, each with its own set of features and capabilities. In this guide, we will break down five potential options to consider.

S2E4: How to integrate ServiceDesk Plus Cloud with Microsoft 365 - Masterclass 2022

Learn how to deliver unified service management from your virtual workspace by integrating ServiceDesk Plus with the Microsoft environment. Elevate user experience by facilitating collaboration, multiplying touchpoints with your service desk, managing requests, tracking technician availability and more.

S2E4: Integrating ServiceDesk Plus with Microsoft 365 ecosystem - Masterclass 2022

Learn how you can enable enterprise service desks to manage tickets and other business functions from a single console. Integrate ServiceDesk Plus with the Microsoft ecosystem to perform various ticket actions and resolve them swiftly. Watch related videos Follow us on social.

Using AI to create personalized learning and development magic

Fred Luddy, founder of ServiceNow, is not a traditional learner. He worked at a car wash and a mechanic shop, lived on a farm, and did various odd jobs while learning about his passion—computers and programming—from magazines, books, and tinkering with technology. “I really didn't want to go to school,” he says, referring to college. “I was really interested in programming and anything dealing with computers.” Fred thought he could probably have more fun working.


5 Practical Benefits to Enterprise Workflow Automation

Enterprise workflow automation can streamline processes across teams and departments in your organization, resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings. ‍ If you are feeling bogged down by tedious and repetitive tasks that distract you away from more meaningful, high-value tasks, then it is time to consider implementing an enterprise workflow automation solution.


3 benefits of digitizing the customer experience

Digitizing the customer experience remains a key initiative for many organizations—even during a tough economic climate when cutbacks are running rampant. Investing in digital strategies to connect people, processes, and systems can yield a unified approach to customer service that drives efficiencies, empowers colleagues, and increases customer loyalty.


A Comprehensive Guide to Chatting Rules and Etiquette for Service Desk Teams

It’s increasingly common for service desk teams to perform some support operations over a live chat. This is a win for everyone. When using chat support, employees are looking for quick wins when it comes to solving their problems, and in many cases, the service desk can help them quickly without needing a site visit. I worked the service desk way before online chats were possible, but the truth is not much has changed since then.