Re-imagining online citizen engagement

We’ve all been there. You need something from your local or state government agency, so you navigate to their website. But instead of finding what you need quickly, as you would with many consumer sites, the site is a mess. It’s organized by agency department, which you don’t really understand, or it’s not organized at all, with a hodgepodge of information all over the place.


Are You Taking a Data-driven Approach to Managing Customer Support?

There’s no way around it – in the modern business world, companies need data from all areas of their business to keep up. One industry that hasn’t typically been at the forefront of the data revolution is customer support. However, with many businesses now realizing that support isn’t always a cost center (and can sometimes even pay for itself) the demand for actionable data has been on the rise.


How a Retailer Uses OneDesk to manage their Operations

The retail model is perhaps one of the most commonly adopted business models in existence. From small Mom-and-Pop outlets to the multinational retail chain, each of these businesses must manage their operations well enough to stay in business, and that is often not as easy. Store owners and managers have so much on their plates ranging from chunks of inventory management tasks to bits of customer support issues.


How to Improve Customer Relationships with a Virtual Receptionist

Research by American Express suggests that consumers are willing to spend 17% more on a company that has outstanding customer service. It’s no secret: first-rate customer service is the key to business success. But to excel, businesses should have a customer care plan and ensure that stakeholders have a positive experience at every touchpoint.


The Blueprint to Scale Your Customer Support Operations

Seeing a business grow in front of your eyes is exciting. You’ve got a product or service people love, and you’re getting new customers all the time. However, with this excitement often comes growing pains. Five customer support agents may no longer be enough, and it’s time to expand the team to double digits to meet the demand of tickets and phone calls.

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