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Great customer experience is easier than you think

Lionel Ritchie thinks Sunday morning is easy. Ella Fitzgerald thinks living is easy when it’s summertime. Loving is easy too, according to Rex Orange County. I haven’t heard anyone sing about customer experience just yet (Alexa?). But every time I preorder my Starbucks latte so it’s waiting for me at the store on my way to work, I’m reminded just how important easy is. If easy is the on/off switch for great experience, then speed controls the volume.

S1E5: ServiceDesk Plus On-premises: Introducing new features - Masterclass 2022

In the bonus episode of ManageEngine's Masterclass 2022, we'll check out all the new features and key enhancements released in ServiceDesk Plus in the last 6 months. Learn how features like space management, Asset Replenishment, and Zoho Charts integration can help you enhance your IT service delivery.

S1E5: ServiceDesk Plus Cloud: Introducing new features - Masterclass 2022

In the bonus episode of ManageEngine's Masterclass 2022, we'll check out all the new features and key enhancements released in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud in the last six months. Learn how features like Asset Life Cycle, report widgets, and space management can help you enhance your IT service delivery.

How One Company's IT Service Desk Used Automation to Reduce Incident Tickets

How a Northern-European car manufacturer dramatically reduced incoming tickets related to low disk space using 4 key automations. Incident tickets are an unavoidable, routine aspect of working in IT. But failing to identify and solve the root cause of the issue behind repeated tickets will cause unresolved tickets to pile up, creating a huge disruption for IT and employees.

How to Get Ahead of Recurring IT Tickets (Use Case)

Learn how one Financial Institution stopped a flood of recurring IT tickets in its tracks with an automated 1-click fix When an L1 agent faces a mounting pile of IT tickets, it is hard to be anything but reactive. They need to resolve the issue as fast as possible and restore employee productivity. But when it comes to resolving the same IT ticket over and over again, no Service Desk team should have to do that more than once.

No Bug, No Problem: Solving Employee Adoption and Usage of Zoom (Use Case)

If the Service Desk sees IT tickets pile up around a particular application, their first thought will be to identify and troubleshoot a recent issue or bug. However, employee frustrations aren’t always from technical failures and those tickets can be much harder to diagnose and resolve.

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Why Listening to Customer Feedback Leads to Startup Success

Did you know that ignoring customer feedback has resulted in 14% of startup failures within the last few years? Besides sketchy products, poor pivots, and lousy marketing strategies, they all boil down to one factor - the lack of constructive criticism. As a startup business, it's essential to solve problems the right way. Therefore, having a strong personality when facing constructive criticism is necessary, as it will lead to further improvement of your products and services. And your startup's best critics are your customers. As such, listening to what your customers have to say will help your company produce better quality items in the future.

How Automation and AI are Transforming Service Desks in 2022?

To modernize how organizations do business worldwide, they are adopting AI along with digital technologies. By doing so, companies strive to enhance productivity and efficiency and innovate new customer and employee experiences that will improve competitiveness. Organizations and their leaders must adopt a transformational and holistic mindset to succeed. They need a digital transformation that solves customer experience for multiple service queries.

Introducing Azimuth, an open-source tool to understand datasets and models in text classification.

Introducing AZIMUTH, an open-source software project from ServiceNow. Azimuth is an open-source software application that helps AI practitioners better understand their dataset and model predictions by performing thorough dataset and error analyses. The application leverages different tools, including robustness tests, semantic similarity analysis, and saliency maps, unified by concepts such as smart tags and proposed actions.