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How behavioural personas drive business growth

One of the key areas to business growth is understanding your customers and delivering against their needs. Many businesses are now using behavioural based personas to design better customer journeys. Behavioural personas are based on research about how your customers interact with your organisation. They can provide you with insights on why customers do what they do. They help you identify the motivations behind customer’s decisions and the experiences they expect from your business.

Change workflow builder

Using the new change workflow builder, users can now configure end-to-end workflows scaling to meet their business requirements. Dynamic approvals within each stage of the workflow, conditions to decide the path of the change and switch operations to shift the same, and the feasibility to perform field updates on change requests, are some of the functionalities available with the new change workflow builder.

Customer Service Automation: Benefits and How to Get Started

We live in an increasingly connected age where you can get real-time updates on practically any topic and have packages delivered to your door the next day at the click of a button. The result of this connectivity is that customer expectations are changing rapidly. One area, in particular, is customer service. When consumers have questions or problems, they want answers right away. Fail to meet those expectations and you risk customers switching to other alternatives.


5 Customer Service Tips For Professional Services Firms

Customer service is by no means easy. Managing this part of your operation can be immensely challenging. Your team must strike a balance between solid technical knowledge and perfect communication skills to deliver the very best customer experience. At StartingPoint, we believe customer experience is something that should be continuously refined. Exceptional customer experiences are the fuel driving the growth of your business.


Why your customers want two-way personalized conversations and how to give them that

Customers find it most memorable when they’re treated as unique individuals. This is especially true when it comes to shopping customer care, where personalization goes a long way. Your customers want to feel special and feel like they are part of a community. They miss the days of knowing other people in the store and getting that personal attention from clerks and shop employees.

How To Emotionally Connect With Your Customers

With the ever-changing consumer behaviour and uncertain situations, it is very difficult for today's businesses to function without caring about their customers. But caring is not enough, you need to build an emotional connection with them. Simon Johnson, General Manager, UK & I, Freshworks and CX Rockstar James Dodkins in this LinkedIn live discuss what it takes to emotionally connect with your customers.

Shifting security left, one step at a time

I was recently asked about the status of Information Security as a salient feature of the product roadmap. I paused. The question by itself seemed to hold up a mirror. It showed how security is viewed in today’s digital-first, app-centric, customer-focussed world. It may seem innocuous but under it lies the silent struggle many corporations face today. It also carries an unarticulated question: how should one align security with business imperatives?


Why HR and Legal Shared Services Teams are Critical to every Business

For over four decades, large US businesses have relied upon the shared services business model for cost reduction and operational efficiency. Even now, the trend continues with over 80% of the Fortune 500 companies in the USembracing it for obvious reasons. Presently, Human Resources (HR) and Legal shared services teams have become increasingly popular due to their sensitive nature and the supportive role they play in the overall functioning of a business.