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How AI will shape the future of risk management

By Eric Boger, VP Risk Intelligence It has become increasingly evident that the complexities and challenges that defined the risk landscape of 2023 will almost certainly persist throughout 2024 and beyond. Enterprises will continue to grapple with a relentless and intricate risk landscape; rather than facing isolated threats, they are confronted with a complex web of interconnected challenges.

Forrester study reveals Everbridge ROI of 358%

Although the benefits of deploying Critical Event Management (CEM) are becoming widely accepted, organizations can often struggle to demonstrate the tangible ROI to their key stakeholders, and can face an uphill battle when it comes to securing budget. So, is it possible to put a value on Critical Event Management?

Safeguarding Operations: A Comprehensive Guide to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for Data Center Managers

In the dynamic world of data center operations, preparedness is key. This blog serves as a comprehensive guide for data center operations managers, exploring the critical aspects of disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) planning. Learn how to fortify your data center against unforeseen events and ensure seamless operations even in the face of adversity.

Public Safety - Everbridge

For over 20 years, Everbridge has been a trusted partner to governments worldwide. From fires or floods to terrorist attacks, we’ve monitored potential hazards, preparing, responding to incidents, and effectively providing the right people with the right information. Be it a country-wide emergency or a neighborhood outage, communities rely on Everbridge to keep them informed and safe.

Year in Review: Key Trends in Critical Event Management

As we approach the end of 2023, it’s vital to reflect on the transformative year in the field of critical event management. Throughout the year, we’ve witnessed escalating geopolitical tensions, a surge in security threats encompassing both physical and cyber domains, and growing concerns over the intensifying impacts of climate change-induced severe weather events.

The Everbridge Risk Intelligence Monitoring Center (RIMC) real-time alerting

The Everbridge Risk Intelligence Monitoring Center (RIMC) analyzes thousands of trustworthy, vetted, and hyper-local data sources – across over 100 risk categories – using machine-learning and AI technology, complemented by an experienced team of global risk analysts. The RIMC team’s real-time alerting streamlines your organization’s ability to monitor and analyze worldwide incidents and events, dramatically increasing your ability to respond to risks that threaten your people, organization, supply chain, and more.

Everbridge Flow Designer - Overview

Flow Designer is a stunningly simple, visual workflow builder that’s as easy as drag, drop, and done. Built-in steps make it easy to create virtually any workflow connecting your applications. Just drop in the steps you need to launch a critical event management process, post progress updates to a public page, and create spaces for personnel to collaborate.