Humane On-Call Alerting Improves ITIL Service Operations

Today, software developers and sysadmins alike are waking up to critical incidents at 4 AM. They’re collaboratively taking on-call responsibilities for applications, infrastructure and networks – working together to maintain uptime and availability of service operations. However, frequent alerts can easily lead to employee burnout and actually hinder service stability.


DevOps vs. ITIL Incident Management Process Flow

IT incidents from active directory, account deletion, printer not printing, and monitor flickering to software development incidents such as application delivery and code merge issues can affect anything from a single user to an entire business. Both DevOps and ITIL (IT infrastructure library) incident management process flows can restore your day-to-day service operations.

What is ITIL 4? Everything you Need to Know from Dr. Mauricio Corona

ITIL 4 is the first significant update to the leading IT service management (#ITSM) framework since 2011. Drawing on extensive input from industry experts around the globe, #ITIL4 includes practical guidance on how to tailor your IT management strategy in an increasingly complex business environment.

What ITIL 4 means for you and your team

As every company becomes a software company, your role as an IT professional is evolving from supporting the business to differentiating the business. You’re now enabling change and technical innovation to drive competitive advantage. To keep up in this world, it’s time for IT teams to move toward agile approaches that value ease of use, collaboration, and delivering value.


Reviewing the ITIL Problem Management Lifecycle

ITIL (or Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a set of best practices focused on delivering IT services aligned with business requirements. ITIL problem management is a systematic approach to ITSM (IT Service Management) – helping organizations manage risk, enhance customer experience and build a robust IT infrastructure.


How to Raise the Bar on the ITIL's Recommendations for Critical Incident Management

According to the ITIL, the framework of best practices for delivering IT services, there is a recommended process flow for how to handle major incidents. Clearly, the IT community would be well served to follow the ITIL’s systematic and professional approach, whose benefits, according to CIO Magazine.