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Checklist for Beginners: How to Manage Web Development Projects

Project management is really important in every organization. It's especially important when creating and organizing web development projects. It involves thorough planning and research. Professional teams and strategy work are always standing behind successful web development projects. The main objective is to fulfill customer requirements, solve their issues and provide solutions that meet their "pain." A good project management strategy saves time and reputation in the market.

9 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Website For The First Time

Having an impactful digital presence is essential regardless of the products or services you want to promote. With that, business owners need to develop a professional website to help them introduce their brands to their ideal customers and potential visitors. They may be able to gain the trust of these online users as they use this avenue to improve their reputation, affecting their purchasing decision.

A guide to static analysis in JavaScript and TypeScript

The demands of a tight production schedule can make it difficult to produce consistent, readable, and concise code in the lead-up to a manual code review. This often makes the process stressful — if not outright dreaded. Standard tests are a critical part of development that verify that our code produces the expected outputs. But great tests don’t always lead to good code.

APIs vs Webhooks: The Key Differences, and When to Use Them in Your Web Apps

Advancements in technology have led to the evolvement of web development, making it necessary for applications to communicate effectively. To meet the rising demand for communication by modern technology, we have to find the right means through which different technologies can communicate. This is where APIs and Webhooks come into play. APIs and Webhooks play a vital role in enabling the relaying and syncing of data between different applications. That notwithstanding, the two work differently and have been designed to serve different functions.

Is It Possible To Create and Develop Your Own Minecraft Server?

If you're a fan of Minecraft, you may have wondered if it's possible to create your own server. You're not alone - many people want to know how they can set up their own server and invite friends over to play. In this blog post, we'll explain the basics of how to create your own Minecraft server and walk you through the process step by step. So, whether you're just getting started with Minecraft or are looking for a new way to enjoy the game with friends, read on for all the information you need!

New Software Trends in 2022

The delivery of software was never so crucial to the success of businesses across all industries. The process has also become more difficult. With the increasingly complex challenges, what can engineers do to be successful? After studying thousands of workflows from over fifty thousand organizations around the world Here are a few facts about software delivery today.

How to Start a Career in IT

Information technology (or IT) is essential for businesses to stay competitive and offer the best products and service to their customers. There is a growing demand for IT professionals who are skilled and trained. Many people are interested in pursuing a career in IT. This article will discuss the reasons for choosing an IT career, how to get started, and useful tips.

Introducing AppCreator: A low-code app development platform for enterprises

We live in an era where technology accelerates the speed at which almost anything is done. For those in the IT sector, digitization is the best way for organizations to benefit from this acceleration and keep-up with ever-developing customer demands and expectations. ManageEngine has provided organizations with essential solutions for the entire IT landscape, from advanced IT analytics to enterprise service management.


How to use blockchain technology in web development

The world of web development happens to have ceaseless wonders in it. The arena is now reverberating with a fresh buzzword and it is blockchain technology. With an appropriate implementation of blockchain technology you can help a web page track effective databases with more panache and flamboyance.