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Virtual CISO Services: A New Revenue Stream for MSPs?

As you look to optimize your MSP’s growing business, it’s going to become more and more important to maintain an acceptable return on your investment. To do this, you’ll need to find services that increase your gross margin on every client engagement. Virtual CISO services can greatly help in this function. While solutions like Auvik already help MSPs have visibility inside of client networks, we want to take this a step further with the addition of vCISO services.

A CISO's Guide to Log Management for Cybersecurity

In today’s highly interconnected worlds, CISOs face a dual challenge: protecting data and reporting to the Board of Directors. Log management has long been a tool in the CISO’s back pocket, helping gain insight into potential security issues. However, the rise of cloud-based infrastructures changes this, making log management increasingly difficult.


As security practitioners, we all have things we want to be able to tell our CISO’s. We need to tell them we need more money, more headcount, we need to be able to tell them their baby (security program) is ugly. Everyone wants the ear of a CISO for the dollars they control. We just want their ear to help them understand what’s really going on in the industry and in their organization.

The New Normal: Organizations Need Security Leaders More Than Ever

The world is changing at a pace not seen in modern history. Security leaders, including chief information security officers (CISOs), face new security challenges as well as opportunities. As COVID-19 drives workers to look for new ways to live and work, organizations must be proactive. The ‘new normal’ may seem scary at first, but savvy CISOs who see beyond tactical changes to the threat landscape can capitalize on opportunities.