Meet Your New CPSO: The Next Generation of Product Security

Over the past ten years, rising security breaches within leading companies have continually reinforced the need for a chief information security officer, or CISO, to protect critical things like IT systems, brand reputation, revenue and even stock prices. As a result, many boards and other invested figures currently demand a higher level of accountability and focus for managing cyber-preparedness, threat prevention and executive reporting, all of which the CISO must provide.


As security practitioners, we all have things we want to be able to tell our CISO’s. We need to tell them we need more money, more headcount, we need to be able to tell them their baby (security program) is ugly. Everyone wants the ear of a CISO for the dollars they control. We just want their ear to help them understand what’s really going on in the industry and in their organization.

CISO Insider S1E1 - "Cybersecurity is a mindset" with Ty Sbano, Part 1

At Nightfall, we believe in the power of learning from those who have done it before. That’s why we created CISO Insider — a podcast interview series that features CISOs and security executives with a broad set of backgrounds, from hyper-growth startups to established enterprises. Through these interviews, we’ll learn how industry experts overcame obstacles, navigated their infosec careers, and created an impact in their organizations.


Under the Hood of Simon Data's World-Class Application Security Program

Are you curious how CISOs with major data platforms handle their application security testing programs? So are we, which is why ZeroNorth asked Robert Wood, CISO from Simon Data to join us for a webinar discussing how he and his teams have leveraged automation, open source scanning tools and orchestration to build a world-class (and fully scalable) application security testing program.


How in the World Can CISOs Unite Security and DevOps?

For most companies today, software is what helps you compete. You have to roll out new products and services to satisfy customers, and you need to do it FAST. While it’s true DevOps has revolutionized development in terms of speed, capability and agility, the truth is security is having trouble keeping up. For CISOs and other security leaders, it’s no small task trying to ensure software development happens securely.


Now Is The Perfect Time For CISOs to Tame the Security Frontier

This is the second installment of a six-part series offering guidance to CISOs who tell us finding success in the world of application security is a lot like trying to survive in the “Wild West.” After listening to their individual concerns and challenges, we’ve decided to share our unique insights on how these digital frontiers can be tamed and what it takes to become an effective security pioneer in this modern age.


Why Secure DevOps is the New Sheriff in Town

We’ve listened to the pain points of CISOs around the country, many of whom say managing an effective application security program often feels like trying to survive in the Wild West. It’s a great metaphor. You’ve got cowboys and gunslingers and outlaws. There are open frontiers and endless opportunities for pioneers.


The New Normal: Organizations Need Security Leaders More Than Ever

The world is changing at a pace not seen in modern history. Security leaders, including chief information security officers (CISOs), face new security challenges as well as opportunities. As COVID-19 drives workers to look for new ways to live and work, organizations must be proactive. The ‘new normal’ may seem scary at first, but savvy CISOs who see beyond tactical changes to the threat landscape can capitalize on opportunities.


Is Your Security Practice Aligned With Business Outcomes ?

Security is now a top priority for businesses worldwide. One of the highlights of my work at Splunk is when I host Splunk’s CISO Customer Advisory Board meetings with security leaders representing Fortune 500 and mid-sized enterprises from all industries. These strategic meetings focus on top of mind issues for CISOs and key market trends.