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Foresight Mental Health is changing mental health care for the better with DLP in mind

Industry: Healthcare Employees: 244 HQ Location: San Diego, CA Keely Strong, Director of Operations Complex problems, like delivering high quality mental health services during a pandemic, require creative thinking. Foresight Mental Health began at the intersection of ingenuity and necessity: changing the way people interact with and think about mental health care by creating accessibility through the use of insurance plans and increasing provider availability.


Remote Work and Data Security: The Human Factor

If you read our earlier blog, you know Egnyte commissioned a study to better understand how COVID-19 has impacted businesses’ ability to maintain data security and governance with a distributed workforce. The results can be found in our inaugural Data Governance Trends Report. The report offers insights into tools that the 400 IT leaders implemented to help weather the abrupt change, but it also explains the human side of data protection and governance in the age of COVID.


4 Emerging SaaS Security Risks to Consider in 2021

Last year, we wrote about the threat landscape we saw on the horizon for 2020 in our SaaS threat landscape post. Focusing on apps like Slack, we honed in on the risks that would matter in 2020. Although our analysis was written well ahead of the COVID-19, some of our concerns were exacerbated as a result of the pandemic. With the pandemic continuing into 2021, we wanted to take the time to review the state of cloud adoption in 2020 and update our threat assessment going into the new year.


Which DLP Tasks to Automate - and Which to Do Manually

Just this week, the news broke that a poorly-secured AWS server exposed over 10 million hotel reservation logs from Cloud Hospitality websites, putting the information of millions of guests at risk. As of June 2020, more than 3.2 million consumer records have been exposed in the ten biggest data breaches this year. Organizations in virtually every industry struggle to get data loss prevention (DLP) right due to one big misconception about this important cybersecurity practice.


3 Ways to Prepare Your Enterprise's Data Security for a Future of Advanced Attacks

One significant negative implication of technology’s continual evolution is proportional advancement in nefarious internet activities, particularly cyber attacks. The past few years have seen a rising sophistication in cyber attacks at levels never experienced before. The worst fact is that attacks will likely only continue to get more advanced. To fight them, enterprises need to be armed with greater security tools. Legacy approaches to cybersecurity no longer cut it.


Parsley Health's innovative patient care includes protecting PHI with Nightfall

Parsley Health launched in 2015 as a new approach to healthcare: a focus on holistic health with a hybrid care model of online and in-office visits. Members pay a flat monthly fee to gain access to doctors and health coaches that help manage chronic health concerns like hormonal imbalances and autoimmune disorders. With medical care including labs and doctor visits combined with lifestyle coaching and nutrition support, people can have flexible tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Protecting PHI in Slack: Nightfall adds DLP (and value) to Perry Health

Pan Chaudhury created Perry Health in 2017 to streamline healthcare delivery. He and his co-founders envisioned a digital health tool to assist healthcare providers in managing chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension by coordinating care and communication. Perry Health supports better healthcare outcomes by monitoring and engaging with patients when they’re not in the doctor’s office.


Top 5 WFH Security Risks - and How to Avoid Them

IT leaders are being kept up at night by one big worry: the increased risk of a data breach due to more employees working remotely. Forty percent say this is their top concern when it comes to remote work. And with good reason. Remote work, especially when accelerated by events like COVID-19 pandemic, compels employees to work on unsanctioned devices, apps, and networks, increasing the attack surface for bad actors, and leaving few checks in place for careless behavior that leads to data leaks.


5 Best Tools for Secure Data Transfer

In 2018, it was estimated that more than 20 million people share files each day across a variety of platforms. Since the rise of remote work, that number has only skyrocketed. Every time your business shares a file internally, with a business partner, or to the public, the risk of that data falling into the wrong hands increases.


The Importance of Data Classification for Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention (DLP) tools and processes help ensure that critical data is not accessed by or tampered with by unauthorized users. The underlying technology that can make or break your success in data loss prevention is data classification. This article explains how data classification affects the success of your data loss prevention measures.