Data Security

WED2B Prevents Disruption from Ransomware Attack Using Rubrik in 24 Hours

It was 11 PM on a Friday in November of 2019. WED2B IT systems administrator Jamie Jeeves started receiving a barrage of email alerts warning that antivirus (AV) clients were crashing in the company’s central office. All prospects for a relaxing weekend vanished when Jeeves logged into the remote system to investigate the AV shutdowns. While checking the network’s file share, Jeeves noticed they were in trouble. Mass encryption of data was underway.

WED2B Prevents Disruption From Ransomware Attack Using Rubrik

WED2B prevented disruption from a ransomware attack in November 2019, restoring critical SQL databases with Active Directory immediately. “With Rubrik, we experienced zero data loss, zero impact to our core business, we paid nothing in ransom fees and were up and running in 24 hours, which is fantastic” Rob Mole, Head of IT & Solutions.

Efficient and Reliable Protection and Recovery of Nutanix AHV

You run many of your business-critical applications on Nutanix AHV. Protecting your data from cyberattacks and being able to quickly restore your applications, so your business can continue as usual. This is why, at Rubrik, we continue to innovate and expand protection for virtual environments, and we are humbled and proud to be a trusted partner when it comes to protecting businesses.

Rubrik Enhanced Performance, Usability, and Scale for Microsoft SQL and Oracle Database

Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database play a critical role in almost every IT environment. That’s why from the beginning, Rubrik has focused on delivering a single platform that converges data protection and data security to ensure you can rapidly and reliably recover when disaster strikes. Our initial release automated the backup of databases with a single SLA policy engine that enabled customers to automatically protect their Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases as they were created.

Protect SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems with Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security

SAP HANA is often a database of choice for large enterprises looking to drive more significant insights and quick decision-making through real-time or advanced analytics. As a result, SAP HANA has become key to driving day-to-day operations for many organizations and must be protected to guarantee maximum availability. However, managing this protection is no easy feat.

Introducing Rubrik SaaS Support for Microsoft Azure SQL

Since January 2020, Microsoft Azure SQL DB has grown nearly 3x in popularity. This rapid growth comes as no surprise as Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings have many benefits in the migration strategy from traditional SQL Server database workloads. The Microsoft PaaS offering, Azure SQL Database, takes care of mundane tasks once performed by Infrastructure Engineers such as patching operating systems and applying SQL Server updates or critical security patches.

Simulating Filesystem Tree with Billions of Files: Part 2

Following up on our Simulating Filesystem Tree with Billions of Files series, let's imagine that we want to create a filesystem with 1 billion inodes in memory. At this scale, every single byte used to represent the inode will use 1GB of memory. Just with the inode numbers, each with 8 bytes, will use at least 8GB of memory. If we consider, conservatively, that each inode will use approximately 50 bytes of space, it will not be feasible to store this information in memory.