What SecOps Teams Can Expect in 2022

Traditionally, most organizations have had siloed departments wherein teams’ activities are highly separated and the objectives within organizational structures are divided. This operational methodology has brought about friction – especially within the IT department, where developers and ITOps lack collaboration.

Digital-First SecOps: A CISO Perspective

Businesses of all types, and across all verticals, have gone digital-first. This shift enables many benefits, such as greater scalability and speed. But it also amplifies the security and compliance challenges that arise from digital systems. For CISOs, this shift amplifies the need to apply the same level of automation, speed, and business-wide accessibility for security that digitization has brought to other aspects of the business. In short, modern businesses need to adopt a digital-first approach to SecOps itself.

SecOps for Safer, More Efficient ITOps

When the Nobel Prize for physics was announced in October 2021, one of the winners was Italian theoretical physicist Giorgio Parisi, whose groundbreaking research helped decode complex physical systems, opening the door for breakthroughs in mathematics, science, and artificial intelligence. Decoding complex physical systems? If the science thing didn’t work out, Parisi could have pursued a career in security operations.

New report: Ransomware continues to rise. Here's how to get ahead of it.

Ransomware experienced a stunning surge in prevalence and sophistication throughout the pandemic. Threat actors capitalized on a frequently shaky transition to a remote, digital business landscape. With so many businesses prioritizing basic functionality over proactive security, vulnerabilities have been unprecedented – and very much exploited.

ScienceLogic Acquires Restorepoint, Expanding Portfolio Into NetOps & SecOps Domains

Hi, my name is Erik Rudin, and I have the privilege of leading our technical alliances and ecosystem team here at ScienceLogic. We are excited to announce that ScienceLogic has acquired the network configuration and change management vendor Restorepoint. With this acquisition, we’re expanding our IT operations business into the Network Operations (NetOps) and Security Operations (SecOps) domains.

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Automated Threat Intelligence: An Overview

SecOps and security teams spend an excessive amount of time sifting through low-value, poorly-contextualized alarm data rather than actively hunting for valid threats. This is because bad actors are constantly looking to steal whatever they can hold onto with the least exposure. Recent ransomware attacks in critical business sectors only serve as reminders that organizations cannot lie dormant. This blog post will unpack strategies to help overcome these challenges and explain why integrating threat intelligence with security orchestration and automation is critical for an effective security operations strategy.

Gartner Report on Central Log Management for Security Operations

For organizations of every size, cybersecurity has become both a challenge and a top priority. Many businesses may not realize they already have some tools in their arsenal to help with the challenge of cybersecurity. In particular, central log management is often overlooked and undervalued when it comes to being a tool that helps with an organization’s threat management and compliance capabilities and requirements.