Automated Threat Intelligence: An Overview

SecOps and security teams spend an excessive amount of time sifting through low-value, poorly-contextualized alarm data rather than actively hunting for valid threats. This is because bad actors are constantly looking to steal whatever they can hold onto with the least exposure. Recent ransomware attacks in critical business sectors only serve as reminders that organizations cannot lie dormant.


Integrating SOAR and MITRE ATT&CK framework to help SecOps take flight

Old news: The pandemic changed the world. New news: Security operations still need to act as if the crisis continues. Here's why. Prior to the pandemic, organizations around the world were already moving forward with digital transformation. COVID-19 forced enterprises to scale like never before—adding public cloud services, new network devices, remote workers, and software as a service (SaaS) applications.


Threat Stack and Squadcast Integration Streamlines Alerts with Greater Context

This is a guest post collaboration between Squadcast & Threat Stack. The move to the cloud has rapidly expanded the cyber threat surface of modern cloud apps. This blog in partnership with Threat Stack, outlines how you can stay on top of your game with help of context-rich alerting & resolve security incidents rapidly along with few best practices to follow for faster incident response.


A day in the life of cybersecurity. Splunk customer stories of SOC-cess

We have a saying at Splunk. It goes something like “if you’re ever having a bad day, go and talk to a customer”. What organizations around the world are doing with their data and Splunk brings a huge smile and an eyebrow raising, positive “can’t quite believe you’ve done that” very-impressed nod of the head. That’s never more true than with our security customers.


Humio Helps Michigan State University Improve SecOps Observability

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Michigan State University Network Security Engineer David Graff for Episode 46 of our Hoot podcast series. MSU uses Humio for SecOps log management so it was great to get his first-hand perspective on how Humio helps the security team improve visibility and streamline forensics.


Why Midsized SecOps Teams Should Consider Security Log Analytics Instead of Security and Information Event Management

If Ben Franklin lived today, he would add cyber threats to his shortlist of life’s certainties. For decades, bad guys have inflicted malware, theft, espionage, and other forms of digital pain on citizens of the modern world. They seek money, celebrity, and political secrets, and often get them. In 2020, hackers halted trading on the New Zealand stock exchange with a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.