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Top 6 services to Integrate with MetricFire

At MetricFire, we focus on integration with your infrastructure. As one of our business values, MetricFire strives to ensure you can integrate your infrastructure with our Hosted Graphite monitoring service easily. Our engineers are committed to going above and beyond in finding solutions to get our customers the insights they need.


Released: Better Uptime Integration

StatusGator has a wide a variety of use cases: from education to help desk to IT and managed services and DevOps, too. All corners of an organization depend on cloud services and StatusGator gives you visibility into the status of all of your vendors. We’ve heard over and over from our DevOps users that alerts and notifications for their teams are already centralized into a single incident management platform such as OpsGenie, PagerDuty, or FireHydrant.


Integration with Apache Kafka

You can integrate Edge Flow Manager (EFM) with Apache Kafka and forward agent heartbeats to defined Kafka topics. Learn how to perform the integration with Apache Kafka. To integrate EFM with Kafka, you need to configure Kafka and EFM properties. EFM supports the forwarding of agent heartbeats and acknowledges messages exchanged on the C2 protocol between the EFM server and MiNiFi agents.


Fast track video series: Integrate ticketing and messaging tools with BigPanda

With distributed IT Operations becoming the norm, most enterprise teams struggle with communication and collaboration within and across the organization. Without the proper tools, staying on top of incidents can be challenging, quickly resulting in outages taking longer to resolve. The overall effect: increase in downtime-related costs and decrease in performance and availability of services making mean time to resolve (MTTR) worse.


Fast Track series: easily integrate monitoring alert sources

Integrating all of your monitoring alert sources is quite a task. Large enterprises often struggle to aggregate millions of data records from dozens of monitoring, change, and topology tools in real-time. Filtering out the noise and prioritizing the most important alerts are crucial to a team’s success. BigPanda makes it simple to integrate with any monitoring alert sources with Open Integration Hub. Currently, we have more than 50 easy-to-use integrations to choose from.


Honeycomb Announces Major Updates to PagerDuty Integration

Today, we’re announcing major new updates to Honeycomb’s PagerDuty integration. These updates put more of the information you need into PagerDuty notifications and allow for greater configurability. These enhancements are available to all users who leverage Honeycomb Triggers and Burn Alerts to send notifications via PagerDuty.


How to Integrate GitHub with Sentry to Increase Speed to Resolution

Toolchains are complicated these days - developers and engineering managers are working with more tools than they probably care to count. In order to work efficiently in today’s world, it is essential to have smart integrations in place that bridge the gap between your tools to get you what you need, faster.


FastAPI and Starlette Sentry Integrations Have Arrived

FastAPI is known for building REST APIs, middleware services, and simple integration for adding authentications and more. And it’s known for doing all of that…you guessed it, fast. It’s used by tech giants and scientists alike, and according to Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey 2022 more developers are using FastAPI than Ruby on Rails.


Healthchecks + Squadcast Integration: Routing Alerts Made Easy

Healthchecks is a cron job monitoring service which listens to HTTP requests and email messages ("pings") from your cron jobs and scheduled tasks ("checks"). It lets you update your job to send an HTTP request to the ping URL every time the job runs. When your job does not ping Healthchecks.io on time, then you will receive an alert! If you use Healthchecks for your monitoring needs, you can now integrate it with Squadcast to route detailed alerts from Healthchecks to the right users in Squadcast.


Uptime + Squadcast Integration: Routing Alerts Made Easy

Uptime is a site monitoring solution used to reach various endpoints & notify users via push notifications when downtime is detected. It collects and stores downtime & response time data & which is then made available as reports to the users. If you use Uptime for your monitoring needs, you can now integrate it with Squadcast to route detailed alerts from Uptime to the right users in Squadcast. The below steps will help you set up Uptime and Squadcast integration.