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5 common travel API integration mistakes to avoid

Travel businesses all around the world heavily rely on APIs in their daily work: they provide real-time inventory data, allow for seamless bookings, and enhance travel websites' functionality in general. APIs have become the backbone of the industry as a whole, which makes integrating them correctly extremely important for almost any travel company.

Boost your reporting in Dynamics 365 Business Central with Power BI

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a comprehensive business management solution that streamlines and automates business processes. It integrates with a wide range of Microsoft services, making it a powerful tool for managing finances, operations, sales, and customer service. However, to make the most of the data it collects, you need robust reporting and analytics capabilities. This is where Microsoft Power BI comes into play. By integrating Power BI with Business Central, you can enhance your reporting capabilities, making data-driven decision-making easier and more effective.

Integration for Microsoft Teams Now Available!

If your team is on Microsoft Teams then it's time to team up with Dead Man's Snitch to bring our alerts out of your inbox and into your team's chat. Adding an alerting integration with Microsoft Teams should take only a minute or two. You can find step by step instructions in our Microsoft Teams documentation. Microsoft Teams joins our growing list of integrations from Slack to Mattermost to Opsgenie and beyond.

ConnectWise PSA Integration

In this video, we will be reviewing the ConnectWise PSA integration along with it's benefits. We'll also walk you through the configuration process to quickly configure the integration. The ConnectWise PSA integration allows for tickets to be automatically created and closed upon Exoprise Alarms being triggered. With tickets being created in ConnectWise PSA, you can begin automatically assigning tickets based on the alarms triggered in Exoprise using workflow rules.

Icinga and NetBox Labs Partner to Automate Network Monitoring

One of the major strengths of Icinga is its capability to integrate with many other tools to automate and scale IT infrastructure monitoring. Today, we’re happy to announce the certification of an integration between Icinga and NetBox. The solution was developed over the past four years by our enterprise partner Sol1 and will be jointly supported by all Icinga, Sol1, and NetBox Labs, the commercial steward of NetBox.

Introducing OnPage's Integration with Microsoft Teams

As OnPage continues to expand its suite of out-of-the-box integrations with popular tools, we are excited to announce the addition of another highly requested application to our arsenal **drumrolls please** Microsoft Teams. This new integration follows our successful launch of OnPage-Slack integration and meets the needs of many eager customers. In this blog post, we will explore the enhanced capabilities and benefits of this integration.

How to Connect the JFrog Platform to Your GitHub Environment to Create a Seamless Integration

The latest JFrog collaboration with GitHub enables you to easily combine your favorite solutions for source code and binaries in a seamless integration. This means you now have a unified comprehensive and secure end-to-end experience that supports your software projects. This integration covers everything from curating open source packages, coding, CI, release management, deployment and production. Including three major improvements to your developer experience.

Bridging the gap: Integrating network and application monitoring for complete visibility

As technology progresses and applications become more intertwined, sticking to the old ways of monitoring networks separately just doesn’t cut it anymore. Network and application teams often work in silos, using different tools and focusing on different goals. This split approach frequently leaves both sides with a piecemeal understanding of issues, making it challenging to pinpoint and fix problems that span both areas.

Grafana OnCall: Use the new bi-directional ServiceNow integration for seamless alert flows

Every moment counts when you’re managing incidents that can affect your services and customers. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new bi-directional integration between Grafana OnCall and ServiceNow, a popular platform many large organizations rely on to help manage their incidents.

How ilert Can Help Enhance Your Monitoring With Its VictoriaMetrics Integration

The ilert team have been working on an integration of VictoriaMetrics as part of their offering, and we’re happy to share this news today via this joint blog post. Please read on to learn more about ilert and how this new integration of VictoriaMetrics can help enhance your monitoring.