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Elevating IT Operations: The Integration of IMACD with Infraon Infinity

Is it possible to transform IT management and elevate operations by integrating IMACD with Infraon Infinity? Does IMACD integration offer the transformative solution needed to adapt, streamline operations, and optimize IT management? This blog will give you insights into the significance and potential impact of merging IMACD with Infraon Infinity, exploring a new era of IT management excellence.

SDK & Integration Updates: Every platform, framework, and tool | Sentry Launch Week | November 2023

Today, we’re announcing new capabilities for emerging web development platforms and frameworks – like Bun, Deno, Next.js, and Remix – as well as improvements to our Mobile project onboarding flow. We’re also expanding our ecosystem reach with new APIs to make it easy to connect Sentry to any tool, key improvements to our existing integrations, and launching four new integrations: Opsgenie, Discord, Cloudflare Workers, and LaunchDarkly.

The Power of Fusion: Enhancing Productivity with Jira Git Integration Insights

If your team has ever struggled with seamlessly integrating Git and Jira, you’re not alone. Managing code repositories, tracking issues, and streamlining workflows can be challenging. Git Integration for Jira combines the power of Git and Jira, enabling development teams to collaborate more efficiently. In this article, we’ll explore the features and benefits of Git Integration for Jira, how it bridges the gap between Git and Jira, and how it can improve your development process.


From Chaos to Actionable Insights with PagerDuty Integrations and Automation

It’s 2023. In today’s world, every company and individual, regardless of their industry, relies on software to increase productivity. Our users expect our technology to be available and reliable at all times. If your software serves businesses within a single country during regular working hours, they expect it to be available throughout that time. Easy, right?


OnPage Releases Healthcare-Focused Slack Integration

In the healthcare realm, the need for communication platforms that meet HIPAA standards is undeniable. Enter Slack, a popular collaboration platform armed with robust security features. However, the real game-changer emerges through the integration with OnPage. This isn’t just an upgrade in collaboration; it’s a transformative shift in critical communication within healthcare—a field where every moment counts.


How to Accelerate Deployment with an ITSM-GitHub Integration

GitHub is one of the most popular version control systems used today, allowing developers to collaborate on projects and quickly deploy their code. However, deploying code through GitHub can also be time-consuming and risky if not done properly. In this blog, we’ll cover how IT teams can reach across the aisle to your colleagues in development to accelerate and protect their GitHub deployment by integrating with the service management software you already use.

Why is application integration so hard - Steef Jan Wiggers

Starting the first session of Day 2 at INTEGRATE, Steef Jan Wiggers explores the intricate world of integration in the session titled "Why is integration so hard". He offers insight into the challenges of connecting diverse systems and technologies, moving from the era dominated by SAP and mainframes to our imminent cloud-forward future. Highlighting pressing topics like the challenges of building in the cloud, the transformative potential of Dapr, and the broad scope of OpenTelemetry (OTel), Steef offers detailed insights.

RapidSpike + Squadcast: Routing Alerts Made Easy

RapidSpike is a website monitoring solution that focuses on all three key aspects of website health: performance, reliability and security in a single dashboard. If you use RapidSpike for your website monitoring requirements, you can integrate it with Squadcast, an end-to-end Incident Response tool, to route alerts from RapidSpike to the right users in Squadcast with ease.